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Talk:Reversi (Microsoft, Windows, 1985)

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Windows 3.1 version?

On further investigation, I'm not sure the Windows 3.0 icon shown here is indeed the Windows 3.0 icon. The version I took it from has animation (and options for its speed), and uses the Windows 3.1 about box rather than its own. At first I thought the icon difference was due to my system's display settings, but it's the same in VGA mode (where on another machine it looks different in VGA mode (white squares, not grey)). Is the version I got the icon from a hacked version, or is it a Windows 3.1 version? (I didn't know one existed) I believe I got it from something that adds Windows 3.0 files to 3.1. Update: this appears to be what I'm talking about. AdamP (talk) 19:00, 20 February 2018 (EST)