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Talk:Ristar (Game Gear)

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Can't play it right now to verify, but late in the game on Planet Automaton, there's a fire-breathing enemy resembling an islander stereotype (dark skin, red lips, grass skirt...). It fits poorly with the machine theme of the stage, but the second stage Planet Terra has a decidedly oceanic/nautical theme up until you fight the boss. Through educated guessing, it's possible that the "missing" stage of this world featured the islander enemy, and Sega tried to cover it up by simply dummying the stage out. Either they didn't know or didn't care that the enemy would be reused in a later stage.
I held off on adding it to the article because I want to know for certain if this is the case, but it seems likely enough. N. Onymous (talk) 02:58, 25 June 2015 (EDT)