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Dreamcast version

I'm aware there is a very unfinished version of System Shock 2 for dreamcast somewhere on the net. Could there be anything worth noting in it? -Snakey125 May 26, 2011

Missing Logfile.

    LogText7:"To: All Engineering Staff\n\
    This ship's safety systems are a total mess. I told those idiots...In the event of total failure of the
    reactant coolant systems, you leech the contaminant from the deck by a controlled rapid decompression.
    You can do this by opening the shuttle bay doory. There's a control system in command control that
    controls the shuttle door protocols. You can override these protocols with an systems override chip
    45M/dEX. The chip's stored in auxilary storage 5 in the coolant tubes, keycode: 34760.\n"

This log should definitely be in the game. When you get to that point in the game, there is absolutely no hint as to what part you should use to override the fluidics controls. you have to go into the MFD and pull up the notes section to find out which part you need. Verveblade14 19:34, 5 May 2012 (EDT)