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To be used for release data categorization. Hopefully. Note that leading zeroes will show up (e.g., "1986|February|04" will be displayed as "February 04, 1986"), so don't use them.

Only use the "nocat" tag if a game was released in multiple calendar years, and then only for any year(s) past the earliest one (e.g., 1986 in the US and 1987 in Europe; use "nocat" on the latter), otherwise the game will show up in all applicable years' categories (in this case, "Games released in 1986" and "Games released in 1987").

Dates should have a reference tag attached inside a "ref" argument to give some idea where this date was obtained from.

{{date|1986}}                                               - 1986
{{date|1986|nocat=true}}                                    - 1986 (no categorization)
{{date|1986|February}}                                      - February 1986
{{date|1986|February|14}}                                   - February 14, 1986
{{date|1986|February|14|ref=<ref>Shown on main menu</ref>}} - February 14, 1986[1]