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To be used for release data categorization. Hopefully. Note that leading zeroes will show up (e.g., "1986|February|04" will be displayed as "February 04, 1986"), so don't use them.

Only use the "nocat" tag if a game was released in multiple calendar years, and then only for any year(s) past the earliest one (e.g., 1986 in the US and 1987 in Europe; use "nocat" on the latter), otherwise the game will show up in all applicable years' categories (in this case, "Games released in 1986" and "Games released in 1987").

{{date|1986}}             - 1986
{{date|1986|nocat=true}}  - 1986 (no categorization)
{{date|1986|February}}    - February 1986
{{date|1986|February|14}} - February 14, 1986