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Panel de Pon/Tetris Attack-styled message boxes.


| textcol  = Defines the default color for the text (defaults to #103aef)
| bordercol  = Defines the color of the box's border (defaults to #1084ce)
| content  = Contents of the message box


Basic Usage

Now, let's go play, together...
Together under the clearest of blue skies.
{{PdPBox|content=Now, let's go play, together...<br>Together under the clearest of blue skies.}}

Colored text

Demonstrates the use of the {{color}} template to color the text.

Japanese English
だいまおう クッパ
I am THE King!
I am Bowser.
{{PdPBox|content=わがはいは<br>だいまおう {{color|color=#de0800|content=クッパ}}}}
{{PdPBox|content={{color|color=#6308d6|content=I am}} THE King!<br>{{color|color=#6308d6|content=I am}} {{color|color=#de0800|content=Bowser.}}}}

Another example.

あしもとにも およば
ない つよさをほこる
さいきょうの てき!

でも かのじょには
|content={{color|color=#1039EF|content=サナトス}}{{color|color=#6308D6|content=でさえ<br>あしもとにも およば<br>ない つよさをほこる<br>さいきょうの てき!<br><br>でも かのじょには<br>じゅうだいな}} {{color|color=#8C7300|content=ひみつ}}{{color|color=#6308D6|content=が……}}

Panel de Pon Main Menu

Shows the colors of the text and border being changed to match the ones used in the main menu for Panel de Pon.

くわしくは せつめい
しょを みてね!
{{PdPBox|textcol=#f80070|bordercol=#b060f8|content=くわしくは せつめい<br>しょを みてね!}}