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A template that prints out all relevant information for a Bubble Symphony map. This is used to document maps that were present in the prototype but were deleted before the game was finalized.

Example use:

|stage=     000
|name=      Opera House
|enemy1=    00
|enemy1pos= 255,255
|enemy2=    00
|enemy2pos= 255,255
|enemy3=    00
|enemy3pos= 255,255
|point=     112,88
|special=   208,88
|note=      152,88
|stagetime= 30
|skeltime=  5
|capture=   16
|speedmod=  +0
|bubspeed=  30
|fire=      25.00
|water=     25.00
Stage 000: Opera House
Stage Map Enemies
Stage Data Special Bubbles
Point Item Spawn112,88 Special Item Spawn208,88 Musical Note Spawn152,88 Fire Bubble25.00%Water Bubble25.00%
Stage Timer30 sec. Skel-Monsta Timer5 sec. Bubble Timer16 sec.
Enemy Speed Modifier+0 Bubble Speed30