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Ocarina of Time & Current FA

These are two separate issues, but I would rather deal with both. For the first, the following line appears on the Ocarina of Time description: "It had a development time of three years, and the only limiting factor in its development were the limitations of the Nintendo 64 console, which forced them to cut out lots of things, ranging from a bird over exploding rupees to a functional Arwing enemy." While there is an Arwing programmed in, the article says it is just for testing while the description makes it seem like it was intended to appear in the game as a real enemy. The second issue is that the Featured Random page tells me that the current article should be Lufia II despite it being SaGa Frontier. Is the discrepancy between the two just me or is the system potentially off by one? --Sgv Sth (talk) 23:11, 8 February 2015 (EST)