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Tentama 2: Wins

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Title Screen

Tentama 2: Wins

Developer: KID
Publisher: KID
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: February 26, 2004, August 24, 2006 (2800 Collection)

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Debug Menu

This menu contains various options to view background images, event images, and unlock certain options. It also contains various route select options. To appear in this menu, apply the below code and start a new game.

Replace New Game With Debug Menu
D0B0D20A 00000002
10B0D20A 00000003

Tentama 2 - Debugmenu1.png

Page 1:

Text Translation Notes
次頁 Next page Next page.
★ゲームをはじめる★ Start game Starts a new game.
★あの娘もOK★ That girl is OK Unknown.
クイックスタート Quick start Sends you to the title screen.
ファイル別実行 Run file Event select menu.
システムフラグの設定 System flag setting Presumably finishes character routes when selected.
隠しオプションの設定 Hidden option settings Unknown.
隠しパラメータの設定 Hidden parameter settings Unknown.
セーブして終わる Save then finish Saves the game then returns to the title.
タイトルへ戻る Return to title Returns to the title screen.

Tentama 2 - Debugmenu2.png

Page 2:

Text Translation Notes
次頁 Next page Next page.
メッセージチェック(連続) Message Check (continuous) Displays various text messages.
メッセージチェック(ファイル別) Message Check (by file) Allows you to select messages based on the event files.
フローチェック(MSG+選択肢) Flow check (MSG + choice) It's not clear what's different about this option.
フローチェック(選択肢のみ) Flow check (only choices) Shows story choices only.

Tentama 2 - Debugmenu3.png

Page 3:

Text Translation Notes
次頁 Next page Next page.
イベントCGチェック Event CG check Allows viewing of event images.
背景BGチェック Scenery BG check Allows viewing of background images.
キャラチェック Character check Allows viewing of character images.
BGMチェック BGM check Doesn't work.
SEチェック SE check Doesn't work.
ムービーチェック Movie check Allows you to view the game's movies.
BGフェードチェック BG fade check Tests various screen transition effects.
(Source: Original TCRF research)