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Tetris (NES, Nice Code)

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Title Screen


Also known as: Magic Bubble, Bubbles, Strange Pop Pop, Strange, Triple, Russia
Developer: Nice Code
Platforms: Unlicensed NES, VT03

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Just your average Tetris game. This version is usually found on Famiclones with VT02 and VT03 hardware.

Unused Graphics

Tetris (NES, VT03)-gameoverfull.png

A partially unused game over graphic. The word OVER is displayed under the NEW button after losing, but the word GAME is never displayed.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Revisional Differences

To do:
  • Add the other three versions' sprites and speed adjuster menus.
Revision 1 Revision 2

The first revision of the game (commonly known as "Strange Pop Pop" or just "Strange") features some nice, long music in the background, which was also used in Nice Code's Mini Movies. All later versions use an incredibly repetitive eight-second loop of different music, which also appears in Nice Code's Octopus and Twin Fish.

Revision 1 Revision 2
Tetris (NES, VT03)-bubbles.pngTetris (NES, VT03)-bubbles-orig.png Tetris (NES, VT03)-bubbles.pngTetris (NES, VT03)-bubbles.png

The first revision also had a different sprite to differentiate the placed bubbles from the falling ones, but the second revision did not.

VT02 (original) VT02 (Triple) VT02 (Russia) VT03 (Bubbles) VT03 (Triple) VT03 (Waixing)
Tetris (NES, VT03)-title.png Triple-main.png Russia-main.png Bubbles-main.png Triple-vt03-main.png Tetris (NES, VT03)-vt03title.png

Five different variants with major graphic overhauls (and one variant with a not-so-major overhaul) were produced, three of which are VT03. Aside from having different colors, the playfields were completely changed, along with the font used on the NEW button and the scoring labels. In Waixing's versions (save for Triple), the NEW button was changed to say GAME. Waixing's releases also have greatly improved controls, making the game much easier (and much more tolerable) to play.

VT03 (Bubbles) VT03 (Triple)
Bubbles-title.png Triple-vt03-title.png

Bubbles and Triple (VT03) are the only ones that have an actual title screen, which features Sanrio's Cinnamoroll (with eyebrowsǃ).

VT02 (original) VT03 (Waixing)
Tetris (NES, VT03)-speedmenu.png Tetris (NES, VT03)-vt03speedmenu.png

The colors were appropriately altered on the SPEED menu, including the border being changed to black.

VT02 (original) VT03 (Waixing)
Tetris (NES, VT03)-bubbles.png Tetris (NES, VT03)-bricks.png

The orange and green bubbles were changed to green bricks.

(Source: Original TCRF research)