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The Adventures of Bayou Billy

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Title Screen

The Adventures of Bayou Billy

Also known as: Mad City (JP)
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Platform: NES
Released in JP: August 12, 1988
Released in US: June 1989
Released in EU: January 24, 1991
Released in AU: 1991

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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The Adventures of Bayou Billy is a TRIPLE HARD ACTION GAME starring a Crocodile Dundee-wannabee who must save his Daisy Dukes-wearing girlfriend from a New Orleans mobster. It features beat-'em-up, gun shooting (with optional Zapper support) and vehicular combat stages in an attempt to mix-in a bit of every arcade genre that was popular at the time. It's best remembered for its funky theme music and somewhat absurd difficulty level. Watch the crocs!


BayouBilly ohgodframe.png
Regional Differences

Unused Graphics

Annabelle kiss.png

A frame of Annabelle leaning in to kiss Billy intended for the ending sequence. In the actual game she just closes her eyes as Billy approaches her and it cuts to both of them already making out.

Unused Text

Version Offset Text
Mad City 0x17AD0 ダン グールド
The Adventures of Bayou Billy 0x16283 DAN GOULD

A name that is unused in both versions of the game. It appears among the names for all the enemy characters listed during the ending cast roll. This was likely the name intended for the Diver Man/Frogman enemy character, who is simply credited as Diver Man in the Japanese version, the same text string used for his role, presumably a mistake due to a coding oversight. The Frogman enemy was renamed "Jacque Killstow" in the English version, which uses an additional text string that was added to the game's code at offset 0x166B2 right after Michael Maezawa's name.

Version Offset Text
Mad City 0x17D22 ニュー オリンズ
The Adventures of Bayou Billy 0x1652B NEW ORINZU

This string appears among the text used for the ending staff roll, between "TITLE DESIGN" and "Mt. FUJIO" (DAMIAN FUJIO in the Japanese version). New Orinzu is, of course, a reference to the city of New Orleans where the game takes place, although this was more likely intended to be a nickname for someone in the game's staff than an actual acknowledgement of the city.

Version Offset Text
Mad City 0x17BB0 キャスト
The Adventures of Bayou Billy 0x163FC KI UTO

キャスト means "cast". This text string was likely meant to appear just before the ending cast roll, but in the final game it just goes straight to showing the names of the characters without any setup. The English version of the ROM just replaces it with semi-gibberish (it almost looks like it was going to be transliterated as "kiasuto" until someone realized that it was going to be unused text anyway).

Version Offset Text
Mad City 0x13DF0 NEW ORLEANS
The Adventures of Bayou Billy 0x13C08 new orleans

Another unused text string referencing New Orleans, this appears just before the text string that spells out the game's title that is used just before the opening cutscene. Presumably this was meant to be setup text or even a working title for the game. In the English ROM, the text appears entirely in lowercase letters due to how its different character set are arranged.

Curiously, the instructions which tells the player which input device to use on each stage can be found in the Japanese ROM at offsets 0x13D4B (for the regular controller) and 0x13D71 (for the Zapper), even though they were not used in Mad City.

Ending Song in Sound Test

Select dem sounds, stranger.

By use of the Game Genie code NYAZZK you can select the Ending song in the Sound Test.

Build Dates

At the 0x1DBB3 location of the PRG ROM is an ID with a date that version of the game was compiled:


A similar ID is found in many other Konami games.