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The American Girls Dress Designer

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Title Screen

American Girls Dress Designer

Developer: Mattel Interactive
Publisher: Mattel Interactive
Platform: Windows
Released in US: 1999

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.

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Because some girls feel like their already-expensive doll collection just doesn't cut it, American Girl decided to make things a little, um, cyber...

The American Girls Dress Designer is an educational game/application developed and released by Mattel Interactive for Windows in 1999. This was essentially an interactive version of the paper doll sets American Girl sold featuring their Historical Characters roster, from colonial era Felicity Merriman to WWII-era Molly McIntire. The game allows players to create and edit period clothes for the historical characters. Users can choose between different patterns, styles, designs and trim for each character, and they can also build and print out a fashion portfolio.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Uncompiled Scripts

Script files going by the filename intf.sjr can be found in the game's Bundles folder, both on the CD and on the installation folder. A snippet from one of them can be found below:

-- American Girls Dress Designer Director Source File -- 
 -- Gregory Cosmo Haun -- July 27, 1999 -- revision 33 -- 
 --on mouseenter 
 --  global gCursorHot 
 --  if not gCursorHot then 
 --    cursor [member "arrow" of castlib 1] 
 --  end if 
 --on cursor myparam 
 --  put myparam 
 on startMovie 
   -- put "startMovie called" 
   cursor [member "arrow" of castlib 1] 
   -- put "calling set globals at: " & the ticks 
   -- put "SetGlobals finished at: " & the ticks 
 on BAMFquitrequest 
   global gExitDialogOpen 
   -- put "BAMFquitrequest received" 
   if not gExitDialogOpen then 
     OpenDialog ("Exit" , rect(-1,0,287,180)) 
     set gExitDialogOpen = 1 
   end if 

Windowed Mode

A seemingly undocumented parameter called fsenabled (fullscreen enabled) can be found in Dress Designer.ini. By default this is set to 1, but editing it to 0 allows the game to be played in a window.