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The Blackout Club

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Title Screen

The Blackout Club

Developer: Question
Publisher: Question
Platforms: Windows
Released internationally: July 30, 2019

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

A group of children investigate the strange happenings around and below their town in the middle of a radio deadzone, following the disappearance of their friend who was on the cusp. The kids have strange powers, and I swear this is not Stranger Things.

Unused 'Useful Tips'

While waiting for the game to load, the game displays 'Useful Tips'. Included in the repository for these Useful Tips (in pakchunk3-WindowsNoEditor.pak) are the following references to Hacking.

Hacking Minigame: Connect the dots using the glyphs below. Fail too many times and alarm will sound.
PC Controls: Aim the crosshair using the mouse and click with Left Mouse.
Gamepad Controls: Use (RS) to aim the crosshair where you want to click (for now). Press [RT] or (A) to confirm. Press (B) to Exit.
Desktop Terminal. Try the various features of each Terminal you hack and see if you can find useful info.

No Hacking Minigame exists in this game (as of yet) and the developer has not responded to questions regarding this find specifically. Although the Minor Power for Stamina (seen in the Perk Deck) also references hacking (in the context that Stamina can rush this process). It also refers to using stamina to rush Lockpicking. And while lockpicking is a valid form of intrusion, it cannot be rushed in this way.