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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Curious Collision

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Miscellaneous Collision Oddities

Hyrule Field

Gerudo Valley Entrance

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Forest Temple

Room 01 - Entrance (1F)

Forgotten Doorway Collision


A section of the collision above the doorway to the Skulltula hallway in the Forest Temple is set to a wood surface. Using the Moon Jump code to hit it with the sword generates a wooden collision effect.

Treetop Collision Oddity


There is a rectangular collision barrier atop the tree trunk where the treasure chest appears. It does not correlate to anything used in the final game.

Thieves' Hideout

Room 00 - Wooden Beam Room

OOT Thieves' Hideout Missing Collision.png

There are two instances where collision for the logs here is positioned outside of the room itself. This, along with the fact that this place contains a Gerudo guard that fails to spawn because it is placed outside the map boundaries suggests that these aspects may be remnants from an older layout that underwent a redesign.

Ganon's Castle

Room 0E - Fire Trial (Lava Room)

OoT-ganons castle fire medallion .png

An invisible collision object resembling a window exists on one of the walls.

Spirit Temple

Room 1

OoT spirit col 0.png

There is a small piece of leftover collision, right behind the wall to the left inside the passage that leads to room 2. The polygon type attributed to this piece is regularly used for the ground or walls.

Temple of Time Exterior

The collision data includes several parts pointing to earlier versions of the background render. Most notable are the dirt paths leading to both sides and the trees in front of the Temple of Time.

OoT ToT Collision 1.png

Out-of-Place Hookshot Collision

Water Temple

Room 0D - Dark Link Mini-Boss Room (3F)

The bottom edge of each door to Dark Link's arena can be targeted with the Hookshot.

OoT WT Hidden HS 4.png
OoT WT Hidden HS 5.png

Room 13 - Square Tektite Room (3F)

OoT WT Hidden HS 3.png

This room once held two Hookshot targets. Now, only the collision remains.

Room 14 - Multilevel Corridor

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OoT WT Hidden HS 1.png

This unused Hookshot target is to the left of a used one. The used target is part of a timed puzzle that requires the Longshot to get past a gate.

OoT WT Hidden HS 2.png

Facing another target in the same room above.

Spirit Temple

Room 05 - Goddess Statue Room (2F)

OoT ST Hidden HS.png

In an brave effort to subvert society's concept of programming as the domain of sexually-frustrated nerds packed into cubicles, an unnamed-but-heroic martyr cast his very professional reputation on the line to... ensure the goddess statue's nipples were Hookshot-able?

Shadow Temple

Room 09 - Cavernous Room (B3)

OoT SwT Hidden HS.png

Despite not differing in appearance from the other gargoyle perches in this area, one of the wooden posts here can be used as a Hookshot target.

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Rooms 08 to 0C - Various (1F) & Room 02 - Pit Room (1F)

OoT JJ Hidden HS.png

The walls of the tentacle rooms, Dungeon Map room, and Boomerang room in Jabu-Jabu's Belly should be viable Hookshot targets. However, because the collision type used by Jabu-Jabu's walls contains an additional effect that cancels out this property, they are not.

In addition, were Adult Link capable of accessing the dungeon, and were it not for the effect mentioned above, he would be able to avoid the vortexes in the pit room where one first meets Ruto by aiming his Hookshot at the back wall.

Barinade's Lair

OoT JJB Hidden HS.png

The walls of Barinade's Lair suffer the same fate as the rooms described above.

Fire Temple

Volvagia's Lair

OoT FT Hidden HS.png

The borders of Volvagia's island can be used as a Hookshot target, which may be a side effect of the fact that one can climb them.

Ganon's Tower

Ganondorf's Lair

OoT GR Hidden HS.png

Link can use the ceiling and stained glass windows of Ganondorf's tower room to Tarzan his way across the arena. The climbable walls of the central pillar are also target fodder, as is Ganondorf himself, when he has collapsed to the pillar's surface after finding himself on the business end of a strike from his own ball of lightning.

Kakariko Graveyard

Room 01 - Main Graveyard Area

OoT KG Hidden HS.png

While it makes sense for the wooden fence to be targetable, the reason that Link's Hookshot can grab onto one polygon that makes up the stone contraption outside of Dampé's Shack is more unclear.

Gerudo Training Ground

Room 02 - Flame Wall Maze

OoT GTG Hidden HS.png

In this room, Link must avoid the proximity-activated flame walls and collect Silver Rupees in order to progress. In the top corner of the room is a wall out of which large stone boulders roll. It can be targeted with the Hookshot.

Ganon's Castle Exterior

OoT GC Hidden HS.png

The side of the pillar next to the entrance to Ganon's Castle can be hookshotted. Because the castle wall itself lacks collision in this area, this allows players to walk through the seemingly solid stone and fall into the lava below when they reach the end of the ground collision.

Shooting Gallery

OoT SG Hidden HS.png

The top of the gate that leads from behind the counter to the target range can be targeted with the Hookshot. As this location is considered a building interior, it is not possible for Link to use items outside of the target practice game.

Blocked Areas of Epona

There are several areas in Hyrule where Epona's object is loaded, although it's not possible to enter these areas with her in the final version of Ocarina of Time, like Ganon's Castle exterior, the market, and Zora's River.

These areas still utilize collision polygons, colored in red, where Epona cannot walk further: on the staircases to the Temple of Time from the Market, the giant hole and the entrance to Ganon's Castle bridge, and the first fence of Zora's River.