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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Oddities

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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  • The entrance of Dampé's Grave has Gerudo symbols on top of the structure with pillars holding it, N64 only. Get a screenshot.

Hyrule Field

Map Centerpoint

There, near the top.

In Ocarina of Time, the entrance to the Market is at the northernmost end of Hyrule Field, while most other Zelda games place it near the center of the world. In contrast, the center point of Hyrule Field's model is located inside the Market area, past the entrance. All other map models have their centers located at their middles, or near their entrances.

Assets from the 2020 iQue leak indicate that Hyrule Castle Town was once located at the center of Hyrule Field, and thus at the center of the world.

Stretched Ground

ZeldaOoT stretchedground.png

To the right of the exit from the Market into Hyrule Field, following the flowing water, there is a section of ground next to the moat that has been lowered, allowing Link to climb out of the water.

Fence and Path

OOT Hyrule Field No Fence Pre-release.png
OOT Hyrule Field Fence Final.png
OOT Hyrule Field Fence Final2.png

To the south of Lon Lon Ranch, the marked path goes through a fence once you become Adult Link. The actual break in the fence is some distance away. This fence and path not aligning properly could be because the developers added the fence very late and didn't notice the misalignment.

Goron City


Present in the ceiling of Darunia's room is a rectangular shaft. It serves no purpose, but is nonetheless still present in Ocarina of Time 3D.

Dodongo's Cavern

OoT - dodongo cave plataform.png

On the second floor is a platform that has been stretched so it juts out a little further, making it easier for Child Link to jump across the gap. As with the ground near the Castle Town moat, the texture here is stretched.

King Dodongo's Lair

OOT DC Boss Room Overdump.png
OOT DC Boss Room Final.png
OoT-King Dodongo's Lair2 Oct97.png

Both the overdump and final version of the Dodongo's Cavern boss room have this geometry oddity which is visible when taking a closer inspection at the modeling work. This oddity has to do with how only one of the walls have the vertices drawn in this way. At one point in development this very same wall used to have a Triforce decal which aligns up with the location of these vertices. Currently it's unknown what this would've been there for.

Zora's Domain

You get nothing!

Under the water is an alcove in the cave wall below and to the left of the square platform. It is inaccessible via normal means, as Child Link cannot dive far enough to reach it (even with the Golden Scale) and Adult Link cannot access it due to the layer of ice that covers the water.

Though it is built in a way to suggest it had some purpose, it is not the right depth or shape to be an exit, and it contains nothing in either era. Despite this, it is still present in the 3DS remake.

Chamber of the Sages

The medallion platform is surrounded by invisible walls, making it impossible for Link to fall off. However, as this location can only be accessed during cutscenes, Link is never able to walk around here anyway.

Gerudo Training Ground

ZeldaOoT HiddenMagicJar.png

Landing on or simply hovering over the top of the four-eyed statue in the rotating statue room will net Link a large magic jar, though it doesn't actually replenish any magic. This is the only instance of a hidden magic jar in the game.

It was removed from the 3DS version.

Fire Temple

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In the room with the firewall that chases you, there is one triangle on the lava floor next to the door that leads to the firewall maze that is not marked as lava, so you can stand on it without taking damage.

Shadow Temple

Careful, you'll lose an eye.
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Though the Shadow Temple is an interior location, the sun orbits its skybox. While the sun is not visible from the Temple's interior due to Link being surrounded by walls from start to finish, in certain emulators it is possible to see a very faint lens flare when looking in its direction.

This is also present in the 3DS version.