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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Unused Sound Effects

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time has a vast number of unused sound effects. These sounds can be tested by using the Audio Editor in the Debug ROM.

To do:
Add sound files.

Player Bank

No. Filename Identification Used Notes File
0E NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_14 ? File:OoT3D-Player 0E.ogg
1C NA_SE_PL_DUMMY28 ? File:OoT3D-Player 1C.ogg
1E NA_SE_PL_DUMMY30 ? File:OoT3D-Player 1E.ogg
2C NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_44 ? File:OoT3D-Player 2C.ogg
2E NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_46 ? File:OoT3D-Player 2E.ogg
34 NA_SE_PL_TAKE_OUT_SHIELD ✘ Meant for using sword/shield on Epona? File:OoT3D-Player 34.ogg
37 NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_55 ? Land in water? File:OoT3D-Player 37.ogg
38 NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_56 ? Land in water? File:OoT3D-Player 38.ogg
3B NA_SE_PL_BODY_BOUND ? Link running into a bumper? File:OoT3D-Player 3B.ogg
40 NA_SE_PL_SLIP ✘ File:OoT3D-Player 40.ogg
41 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_SAND ✘ File:OoT3D-Player 41.ogg
42 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_CONCRETE ✘ File:OoT3D-Player 42.ogg
43 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_DIRT ✘ File:OoT3D-Player 43.ogg
44 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_WATER0 ✘ Sounds like 0x43 File:OoT3D-Player 44.ogg
45 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_WATER1 ✘ Sounds like 0x43 File:OoT3D-Player 45.ogg
46 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_WATER2 ✘ Sounds like 0x43 File:OoT3D-Player 46.ogg
47 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_MAGMA ✘ Sounds like 0x43 File:OoT3D-Player 47.ogg
48 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_GRASS ✘ File:OoT3D-Player 48.ogg
49 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_IRON ✘ File:OoT3D-Player 49.ogg
4A NA_SE_PL_SLIP_LADDER ✘ File:OoT3D-Player 4A.ogg
4B NA_SE_PL_SLIP_GLASS ✘ Sounds like 0x4A File:OoT3D-Player 4B.ogg
4C NA_SE_PL_DUMMY76 ✘ Water drop? File:OoT3D-Player 4C.ogg
4D NA_SE_PL_SLIP_HEAVYBOOTS ✘ Sounds like 0x4A File:OoT3D-Player 4D.ogg
4E NA_SE_PL_DUMMY78 ✘ File:OoT3D-Player 4E.ogg
4F NA_SE_PL_SLIP_ICE ✘ File:OoT3D-Player 4F.ogg
5C NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_92 ✘ ? File:OoT3D-Player 5C.ogg
5E NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_94 ✘ ? File:OoT3D-Player 5E.ogg
60 NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_96 ✘ Sounds like 0D File:OoT3D-Player 60.ogg
61 NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_97 ✘ Sounds like 1D File:OoT3D-Player 61.ogg
62 NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_98 ✘ Sounds like 2D File:OoT3D-Player 62.ogg
65 NA_SE_PL_MOVE_BUBBLE ✘ Moving while diving has no sound effect File:OoT3D-Player 65.ogg
68 NA_SE_PL_SPARK ? Long sound File:OoT3D-Player 68.ogg
6E NA_SE_PL_FREEZE ✘ File:OoT3D-Player 6E.ogg
70 NA_SE_PL_KNOCK ? Unused boot-tapping noise? File:OoT3D-Player 70.ogg
72 NA_SE_PL_CALM_PAT ? Unused idle anim sound? File:OoT3D-Player 72.ogg
73 NA_SE_PL_SUBMERGE ✘ Used diving noise is an ENVIRONMENT sound File:OoT3D-Player 73.ogg
76 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_ICE_LELEL ? Ice slipping sound File:OoT3D-Player 76.ogg
77 NA_SE_PL_PUT_OUT_ITEM ? Put away item? File:OoT3D-Player 77.ogg
7C NA_SE_PL_MAGIC_SOUL_NORMAL Using Nayru's Love ? Sound effect prints 087C in ScrPrt, but Nayru's Love usage prints 007C File:OoT3D-Player 7C.ogg
7D NA_SE_PL_ARROW_CHARGE_FIRE Charging Fire Arrow ? Sound effect prints 087D in ScrPrt, but fire arrow prints 007D File:OoT3D-Player 7D.ogg
7E NA_SE_PL_ARROW_CHARGE_ICE Charging Ice Arrow ? Sound effect prints 087E in ScrPrt, but ice arrow prints 007E File:OoT3D-Player 7E.ogg
7F NA_SE_PL_ARROW_CHARGE_LIGHT Charging Light Arrow ? Sound effect prints 087F in ScrPrt, but light arrow prints 007F File:OoT3D-Player 7F.ogg
8C NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_140 ✘ Sounds like it could be adult version of 0C, but Adult Link uses 0C too. File:OoT3D-Player 8C.ogg
8D NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_141 ✘ Sounds like 0D File:OoT3D-Player 8D.ogg
8E NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_142 ✘ Sounds like 80 File:OoT3D-Player 8E.ogg
9C NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_156 ✘ Sounds like 80 File:OoT3D-Player 9C.ogg
9D NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_157 ✘ Sounds like 1D File:OoT3D-Player 9D.ogg
9E NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_158 ✘ Sounds like 80 File:OoT3D-Player 9E.ogg
AC NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_172 ✘ Sounds like 80 File:OoT3D-Player AC.ogg
AD NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_173 ✘ Sounds like 2D File:OoT3D-Player AD.ogg
AE NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_174 ✘ Sounds like 80 File:OoT3D-Player AE.ogg
B1 NA_SE_PL_CRAWL_SAND ? Crawling on sand? File:OoT3D-Player B1.ogg
B3 NA_SE_PL_CRAWL_DIRT ? Crawling in Jabu-Jabu? File:OoT3D-Player B3.ogg
B4 NA_SE_PL_CRAWL_WATER0 ? Crawling in shallow water? File:OoT3D-Player B4.ogg
B5 NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_181 ? Crawling in deep water? File:OoT3D-Player B5.ogg
B6 NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_182 ? Crawling in tall grass? File:OoT3D-Player B6.ogg
B7 NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_183 ? Crawling in magma? File:OoT3D-Player B7.ogg
B9 NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_185 ? Crawling on carpet? File:OoT3D-Player B9.ogg
BB NA_SE_PL_CRAWL_WOOD ? Crawling on wood bridge? File:OoT3D-Player BB.ogg
BC NA_SE_PL_CRAWL_ICE ? Mismatched filename? (Sounds like 00) File:OoT3D-Player BC.ogg
BD NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_189 ? Sounds like 00 File:OoT3D-Player BD.ogg
BE NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_190 ? Sounds like 00 File:OoT3D-Player BE.ogg
BF NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_191 ? Crawling on ice? File:OoT3D-Player BF.ogg
C0 NA_SE_PL_MAGIC_SOUL_FLASH Nayru's Love Ending ? ScrPrt prints 08C0 for this effect, but 00C0 when using Nayru's Love File:OoT3D-Player C0.ogg
C1 NA_SE_PL_ROLL_DUST Dust Clouds when Rolling ? ScrPrt prints 08C1 for this effect, but 00C1 when rolling. File:OoT3D-Player C1.ogg
C2 NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_192 ✘ File:OoT3D-Player C2.ogg
C3 NA_SE_PL_MAGIC_SOUL_BALL Casting Nayru's Love ? ScrPrt prints 08C3 for this effect, but 00C3 when casting Nayru's Love File:OoT3D-Player C3.ogg
C5 NA_SE_PL_BOUND_NOWEAPON ? Rebounding with no sword/shield? File:OoT3D-Player C5.ogg
C6 NA_SE_PL_PLANT_GROW_UP Planting Magic Bean Plant ? ScrPrt shows 08C6 for this effect, but 00C6 when planting. File:OoT3D-Player C6.ogg
C7 NA_SE_PL_PLANT_TALLER ✘ Magic bean plant growing? (Appears fully grown as adult) File:OoT3D-Player C7.ogg
C9 NA_SE_PL_HOBBERBOOTS_LV Hovering with Hover Boots ? ScrPrt shows 08C9 for this effect, but 00C9 when hover boots are used File:OoT3D-Player C9.ogg
CA NA_SE_PL_PLANT_MOVE Magic Bean Plant Moving ? ScrPrt shows 08CA for this effect, but 00CA when the plant moves. File:OoT3D-Player CA.ogg
CB NA_SE_EV_WALL_MOVE_SP ? File:OoT3D-Player CB.ogg
CC NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_204 ✘ Sounds like 00 File:OoT3D-Player CC.ogg
CD NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_205 ✘ Sounds like 00 File:OoT3D-Player CD.ogg
CE NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_206 ✘ Sounds like 00 File:OoT3D-Player CE.ogg
CF NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_207 ✘ Sounds like 00 File:OoT3D-Player CF.ogg
D0 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_LEVEL Slipping on Floor ? ScrPrt shows 08D0 for this effect, but 00D0 when slipping around. File:OoT3D-Player D0.ogg
D1 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_SAND_LEVEL ✘ File:OoT3D-Player D1.ogg
D3 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_DIRT_LEVEL ✘ File:OoT3D-Player D3.ogg
D4 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_WATER0_LEVEL ✘ Sounds like D3 File:OoT3D-Player D4.ogg
D5 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_WATER1_LEVEL ✘ Sounds like D3 File:OoT3D-Player D5.ogg
D6 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_WATER2_LEVEL ✘ Sounds like D3 File:OoT3D-Player D6.ogg
D7 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_MAGMA_LEVEL ✘ Sounds like D3 File:OoT3D-Player D7.ogg
D8 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_GRASS_LEVEL ✘ File:OoT3D-Player D8.ogg
D9 NA_SE_PL_SLIP_IRON_LEVEL ✘ File:OoT3D-Player D9.ogg
DC NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_220 ✘ Sounds like walking in water File:OoT3D-Player DC.ogg
DD NA_SE_PL_DUMMY_221 ✘ File:OoT3D-Player DD.ogg
DF NA_SE_PL_SLIP_ICE_LEVEL ✘ End of PLAYER bank sounds? File:OoT3D-Player DF.ogg
E0 NA_SE_PL_JUMP_METAL ✘ Silence File:OoT3D-Player E0.ogg
E1 NA_SE_PL_LAND_METAL ✘ Silence File:OoT3D-Player E1.ogg
E2 NA_SE_PL_WALK_RUNNINGMAN ✘ Silence (OoT3D Only?) File:OoT3D-Player E2.ogg
E3 NA_SE_PL_WALK_ZELDA_DEMO ✘ Silence (OoT3D Only?) File:OoT3D-Player E3.ogg
E4 NA_SE_PL_YOBI_DATA02 ✘ Silence (OoT3D Only?) File:OoT3D-Player E4.ogg
E5 NA_SE_PL_YOBI_DATA03 ✘ Silence (OoT3D Only?) File:OoT3D-Player E5.ogg
E6 NA_SE_PL_YOBI_DATA04 ✘ Silence (OoT3D Only?) File:OoT3D-Player E6.ogg
E7 NA_SE_PL_YOBI_DATA05 ✘ Silence (OoT3D Only?) File:OoT3D-Player E7.ogg
E8 NA_SE_PL_YOBI_DATA06 ✘ Silence (OoT3D Only?) File:OoT3D-Player E8.ogg
E9 NA_SE_PL_YOBI_DATA07 ✘ Silence (OoT3D Only?) File:OoT3D-Player E9.ogg
EA NA_SE_PL_YOBI_DATA08 ✘ Silence (OoT3D Only?) File:OoT3D-Player EA.ogg
EB NA_SE_PL_YOBI_DATA09 ✘ Silence (OoT3D Only?) File:OoT3D-Player EB.ogg
EC NA_SE_PL_YOBI_DATA10 ✘ Silence (OoT3D Only?) File:OoT3D-Player EC.ogg
ED NA_SE_PL_YOBI_DATA11 ✘ Silence (OoT3D Only?) File:OoT3D-Player ED.ogg
EE NA_SE_PL_YOBI_DATA12 ✘ Silence (OoT3D Only?) File:OoT3D-Player EE.ogg
EF NA_SE_PL_YOBI_DATA13 ✘ Silence (OoT3D Only?) File:OoT3D-Player EF.ogg
F0 NA_SE_PL_YOBI_DATA14 ✘ Silence (OoT3D Only?) File:OoT3D-Player F0.ogg

Item Bank

No. Filename Identification Used Notes File
00 NA_SE_IT_SWORD_IMPACT ? Used as the cursor noise in Map Select. File:OoT3D-Item 00.ogg
09 NA_SE_IT_ARROW_STICK_HRAD Arrow Sticks in Hard Surface ✘ Sounds like 15 File:OoT3D-Item 09.ogg
0B NA_SE_IT_HOOKSHOT_CHAIN Hookshot Chain Unravels ? ScrPrt shows 180B for this effect, but 100B when using hookshot File:OoT3D-Item 0B.ogg
0D NA_SE_IT_BOMB_IGNIT Bomb is Lit ? ScrPrt shows 180D for this effect, but 100D when using bomb File:OoT3D-Item 0D.ogg
10 NA_SE_IT_BOOMERANG_FLY Boomerang Flies ? ScrPrt shows 1810 for this effect, but 1010 when using boomerang File:OoT3D-Item 10.ogg
16 NA_SE_IT_DUMMY ✘ File:OoT3D-Item 16.ogg
17 NA_SE_IT_DUMMY2 ✘ File:OoT3D-Item 17.ogg
19 NA_SE_IT_DUMMY3 ✘ File:OoT3D-Item 19.ogg
1C NA_SE_IT_STONE_HIT Sword Bounces off Stone ? File:OoT3D-Item 1C.ogg
22 NA_SE_IT_SWORD_CHARGE Charging Spin Attack ? ScrPrt shows 1822 for this effect, but 1022 when charging sword File:OoT3D-Item 22.ogg
24 NA_SE_IT_SWORD_STRIKE_HARD ? File:OoT3D-Item 24.ogg
28 NA_SE_IT_HOOKSHOT_RECEIVE ? File:OoT3D-Item 28.ogg
2A NA_SE_IT_SWORD_REFLECT_MG Reflect Magic With Sword ✘ Meant for Twinrova? File:OoT3D-Item 2A.ogg
2C NA_SE_IT_WALL_HIT_BUYO ? File:OoT3D-Item 2C.ogg
31 NA_SE_IT_BOMBCHU_MOVE Set Bombchu Free ? ScrPrt shows 1831 for this effect, but 1031 when dropping Bombchu File:OoT3D-Item 31.ogg
32 NA_SE_IT_SHIELD_CHARGE_LV1 Charge Mirror Shield (Level 1) ? ScrPrt shows 1832 for this effect, but 1032 while battling Twinrova File:OoT3D-Item 32.ogg
33 NA_SE_IT_SHIELD_CHARGE_LV2 Charge Mirror Shield (Level 2) ? ScrPrt shows 1833 for this effect, but 1033 while battling Twinrova File:OoT3D-Item 33.ogg
34 NA_SE_IT_SHIELD_CHARGE_LV3 Charge Mirror Shield (Level 3) ? ScrPrt shows 1834 for this effect, but 1034 while battling Twinrova File:OoT3D-Item 34.ogg
36 NA_SE_IT_SWORD_STICK_STN ? File:OoT3D-Item 36.ogg
38 NA_SE_IT_SHIELD_REFLECT_MG2 Shield Reflects Magic (2) ✘ Meant for Twinrova? File:OoT3D-Item 38.ogg
3D NA_SE_IT_FISHING_REEL_SLOW Reel In Fishing Rod Slowly ? ScrPrt shows 183D for this effect, but 103D when reeling. File:OoT3D-Item 3D.ogg
3E NA_SE_IT_FISHING_REEL_HIGH Reel In Fishing Rod Quickly ? ScrPrt shows 183E for this effect, but 103E when reeling. File:OoT3D-Item 3E.ogg
3F NA_SE_IT_PULL_FISHING_ROD Pull Back on Fishing Rod ✘ File:OoT3D-Item 3F.ogg
43 NA_SE_IT_DM_RING_GATHER ✘ Cutscene File:OoT3D-Item 43.ogg
44 NA_SE_IT_INGO_HORSE_NEIGH Horse Neigh ✘ Used sound is an ENVIRONMENT sound File:OoT3D-Item 44.ogg
45 NA_SE_IT_EARTHQUAKE ? File:OoT3D-Item 45.ogg
46 NA_SE_IT_DUMMY4 ✘ File:OoT3D-Item 46.ogg
48 NA_SE_IT_FLAME ? File:OoT3D-Item 48.ogg
49 NA_SE_IT_SHIELD_BEAM ✘ Meant for Twinrova? File:OoT3D-Item 49.ogg
4A NA_SE_IT_FISHING_HIT ✘ File:OoT3D-Item 4A.ogg
4B NA_SE_IT_GOODS_APPEAR ? File:OoT3D-Item 4B.ogg
4D NA_SE_IT_HAND_CLAP ? Not that? File:OoT3D-Item 4D.ogg
4F NA_SE_IT_DUMMY5 ✘ File:OoT3D-Item 4F.ogg
50 NA_SE_IT_YOBI19 ✘ Blank File:OoT3D-Item 50.ogg
51 NA_SE_FISHING_REEL_SLOW2 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 51.ogg
52 NA_SE_IT_SPIDERNET_HIT1 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 52.ogg
53 NA_SE_IT_LURE_LAND1 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 53.ogg
54 NA_SE_IT_HOOKSHOT_STICK_OBJ_WATER ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 54.ogg
55 NA_SE_IT_SWORD_PICKOUT_GANON ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 55.ogg
56 NA_SE_IT_BOMB_IGNIT_DODO_M ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 56.ogg
57 NA_SE_IT_YOBI05 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 57.ogg
58 NA_SE_IT_YOBI06 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 58.ogg
59 NA_SE_IT_YOBI07 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 59.ogg
5A NA_SE_IT_YOBI08 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 5A.ogg
5B NA_SE_IT_YOBI09 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 5B.ogg
5C NA_SE_IT_YOBI10 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 5C.ogg
5D NA_SE_IT_YOBI11 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 5D.ogg
5E NA_SE_IT_YOBI12 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 5E.ogg
5F NA_SE_IT_YOBI13 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 5F.ogg
60 NA_SE_IT_YOBI14 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 60.ogg
61 NA_SE_IT_YOBI15 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 61.ogg
62 NA_SE_IT_YOBI16 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 62.ogg
63 NA_SE_IT_YOBI17 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 63.ogg
64 NA_SE_IT_YOBI18 ✘ OoT 3D Only? File:OoT3D-Item 64.ogg

Environment Bank

No. Filename Identification Used Notes File
00 NA_SE_EV_DOOR_OPEN Open Door ✘ Used sound is an OCARINA sound File:OoT3D-Environment 00.ogg
02 NA_SE_EV_EXPLOSION ? File:OoT3D-Environment 02.ogg
0B NA_SE_EV_MAGMA_LEVEL Magma Bubbles ✘ Used version is 32 File:OoT3D-Environment 0B.ogg
21 NA_SE_SY_TIMER Timer Ticks ? The filename indicates that this is meant to be a System file. Looping sound. File:OoT3D-Environment 21.ogg
27 NA_SE_EV_PILLAR_SINK ? Looping sound File:OoT3D-Environment 27.ogg
29 NA_SE_EV_RIVER_STREAM_S ? Looping sound File:OoT3D-Environment 29.ogg
2A NA_SE_EV_RIVER_STREAM_F ? Looping sound File:OoT3D-Environment 2A.ogg
2D NA_SE_EV_DUMMY45 ✘ Sounds like electricity? File:OoT3D-Environment 2D.ogg
36 NA_SE_EV_METALDOOR_SLIDE ? Looping sound File:OoT3D-Environment 36.ogg
37 NA_SE_EV_METALDOOR_STOP ? File:OoT3D-Environment 37.ogg
3A NA_SE_EV_HAMMER_SWITCH ✘ File:OoT3D-Environment 3A.ogg
3B NA_SE_EV_MAGMA_LEVEL_L Magma Bubbles ✘ File:OoT3D-Environment 3B.ogg
42 NA_SE_EV_KID_HORSE_WALK Child Epona Walks ? File:OoT3D-Environment 42.ogg
43 NA_SE_EV_KID_HORSE_RUN Child Epona Runs ? File:OoT3D-Environment 43.ogg
48 NA_SE_EV_TREE_CUT ✘ Early cutting bush? File:OoT3D-Environment 48.ogg
4D NA_SE_EV_CHINETRAP_DOWN Chain Trap Lowers ? Looping sound File:OoT3D-Environment 4D.ogg
50 NA_SE_EV_FLUTTER_FLAG Flag Flaps in Wind ? Looping sound File:OoT3D-Environment 50.ogg
51 NA_SE_EV_TRAP_BOUND ? File:OoT3D-Environment 51.ogg
54 NA_SE_EV_FANTOM_WARP_L2 ✘? Looping version of 53 File:OoT3D-Environment 54.ogg
55 NA_SE_EV_COFFIN_CAP_OPEN Coffin Lid Opens ? File:OoT3D-Environment 55.ogg
56 NA_SE_EV_COFFIN_CAP_BOUND ? File:OoT3D-Environment 56.ogg
5A NA_SE_EV_METALDOOR_CLOSE ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment 5A.ogg
5B NA_SE_EV_BURN_OUT ✘? Looping sound File:OoT3D-Environment 5B.ogg
63 NA_SE_EV_ROLL_STAND ? Looping sound File:OoT3D-Environment 63.ogg
66 NA_SE_EV_WOODDOOR_OPEN ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment 66.ogg
73 NA_SE_EV_WOOD_HIT ? File:OoT3D-Environment 73.ogg
74 NA_SE_EV_SCOOPUP_WATER ? Not that? Looping sound File:OoT3D-Environment 74.ogg
75 NA_SE_EV_DROP_FALL ✘? Water Droplets File:OoT3D-Environment 75.ogg
79 NA_SE_EV_ELEVATOR_MOVE2 ✘? Looping sound File:OoT3D-Environment 79.ogg
7A NA_SE_EV_ELEVATOR_STOP ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment 7A.ogg
7E NA_SE_EV_HEALING ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment 7E.ogg
81 NA_SE_EV_RED_EYE ✘? Early Lens of Truth sound? File:OoT3D-Environment 81.ogg
82 NA_SE_EV_ROLL_STAND_2 ? Not that? File:OoT3D-Environment 82.ogg
83 NA_SE_EV_WALL_SLIDE ? File:OoT3D-Environment 83.ogg
86 NA_SE_EV_GOTO_HEAVEN ? File:OoT3D-Environment 86.ogg
88 NA_SE_PL_PUT_DOWN_POT ✘ Can't put down pots File:OoT3D-Environment 88.ogg
94 NA_SE_EV_S_STONE_REVIVAL ✘ Power returning to spiritual stones? File:OoT3D-Environment 94.ogg
96 NA_SE_EV_HUMAN_BOUND ? File:OoT3D-Environment 96.ogg
9B NA_SE_EV_RUN_AROUND ✘? Dupe of 9C? File:OoT3D-Environment 9B.ogg
A1 NA_SE_EV_JUMP_CONC ? Sounds like PLAYER sound 3C File:OoT3D-Environment A1.ogg
A4 NA_SE_EV_BLOCK_RISING ? File:OoT3D-Environment A4.ogg
A5 NA_SE_EV_NABALL_VANISH ✘? ? File:OoT3D-Environment A5.ogg
AD NA_SE_EV_FLOOR_ROLLING ? File:OoT3D-Environment AD.ogg
AF NA_SE_EV_JABJAB_HICCUP ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment AF.ogg
B0 NA_SE_EV_NALE_MAGIC Not that? Sounds like bottle swipe. File:OoT3D-Environment B0.ogg
B2 NA_SE_EV_ICE_FREEZE ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment B2.ogg
B4 NA_SE_EV_WOODPLATE_BOUND ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment B4.ogg
B5 NA_SE_EV_GORON_WATER_DROP ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment B5.ogg
B9 NA_SE_EV_ELEVATOR_MOVE3 ? File:OoT3D-Environment B9.ogg
BD NA_SE_EV_FLYING_AIR ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment BD.ogg
BE NA_SE_EV_PASS_AIR ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment BE.ogg
C4 NA_SE_EV_POT_MOVE_START Picking up Pot ✘ Used sound is a PLAYER sound File:OoT3D-Environment C4.ogg
C6 NA_SE_EV_OUT_OF_WATER_L ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment C6.ogg
C8 NA_SE_EV_DIG_UP ? File:OoT3D-Environment C8.ogg
C9 NA_SE_EV_WOOD_BOUND ? File:OoT3D-Environment C9.ogg
CB NA_SE_EV_ICE_BROKEN ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment CB.ogg
CD NA_SE_EV_WATER_CONVECTION ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment CD.ogg
CE NA_SE_EV_GROUND_GATE_OPEN ? File:OoT3D-Environment CE.ogg
CF NA_SE_EV_FACE_BREAKDOWN ? File:OoT3D-Environment CF.ogg
D0 NA_SE_EV_FACE_EXPLOSION ? File:OoT3D-Environment D0.ogg
D1 NA_SE_EV_FACE_CRUMBLE_SLOW ? File:OoT3D-Environment D1.ogg
D2 NA_SE_EV_ROUND_TRAP_MOVE ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment D2.ogg
D3 NA_SE_EV_HIT_SOUND ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment D3.ogg
D4 NA_SE_EV_ICE_SWING ? Not that? File:OoT3D-Environment D4.ogg
D5 NA_SE_EV_DOWN_TO_GROUND ✘? Descend from warp File:OoT3D-Environment D5.ogg
DA NA_SE_EV_RAIN ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment DA.ogg
E0 NA_SE_EV_METAL_BOX_BOUND ✘? File:OoT3D-Environment E0.ogg
F2 NA_SE_EV_ERUPTION_CLOUD ✘ Duplicate of E2 File:OoT3D-Environment F2.ogg
F3 NA_SE_EV_LINK_WARP_OUT_LV ✘ Duplicate of E3 File:OoT3D-Environment F3.ogg
F4 NA_SE_EV_LINK_WARP_IN ✘ Duplicate of E4 File:OoT3D-Environment F4.ogg
F5 NA_SE_EV_OCARINA_BMELO_0 ✘ Duplicate of E5 File:OoT3D-Environment F5.ogg
F6 NA_SE_EV_OCARINA_BMELO_1 ✘ Duplicate of E6 File:OoT3D-Environment F6.ogg
F7 NA_SE_EV_EXPLOSION_FOR_RENZOKU ✘ Duplicate of E7 File:OoT3D-Environment F7.ogg
F8 NA_SE_EV_ELEVATOR_MOVE_KABE1 ✘ Nothing, freezes game File:OoT3D-Environment F8.ogg
F9 NA_SE_EV_RIVER_STREAM_F_IDO ✘ Nothing File:OoT3D-Environment F9.ogg
FA NA_SE_EV_GUILLOTINE_BOUND_copyOrigin ✘ OoT3D Only? (Nothing) File:OoT3D-Environment FA.ogg
FB NA_SE_EV_HEALING_TOU ✘ OoT3D Only? (Nothing) File:OoT3D-Environment FB.ogg
FC NA_SE_EV_RUMUBLE_KEMURI ✘ OoT3D Only? (Nothing) File:OoT3D-Environment FC.ogg
FD NA_SE_EV_GANON_HADOU ✘ OoT3D Only? (Freezes) File:OoT3D-Environment FD.ogg
FE NA_SE_EV_KANOKE_OPEN ✘ OoT3D Only? (Nothing) File:OoT3D-Environment FE.ogg
FF NA_SE_EV_KANOKE_CLOSE ✘ OoT3D Only? (Nothing) File:OoT3D-Environment FF.ogg
100 NA_SE_EV_SEEK_CLOTH1 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 00) File:OoT3D-Environment 100.ogg
101 NA_SE_EV_SEEK_CLOTH2 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 01) File:OoT3D-Environment 101.ogg
102 NA_SE_EV_BOTTLE_CAP_CLOSE ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 02) File:OoT3D-Environment 102.ogg
103 NA_SE_EV_ELEVATOR_MOVE_KABE2 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 03) File:OoT3D-Environment 103.ogg
104 NA_SE_EV_WATER_LEVEL_DOWN_STOP ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 04) File:OoT3D-Environment 104.ogg
105 NA_SE_EV_DAIKU_CLOTH1 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 05) File:OoT3D-Environment 105.ogg
106 NA_SE_EV_DEMO_EPONA_LAND ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 06) File:OoT3D-Environment 106.ogg
107 NA_SE_EV_DIVE_INTO_WATER_BLOCK ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 07) File:OoT3D-Environment 107.ogg
108 NA_SE_EV_TORCH2 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 08) File:OoT3D-Environment 108.ogg
109 NA_SE_EV_TORCH3 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 09) File:OoT3D-Environment 109.ogg
10A NA_SE_EV_TORCH4 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 0A) File:OoT3D-Environment 10A.ogg
10B NA_SE_EV_TORCH5 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 0B) File:OoT3D-Environment 10B.ogg
10C NA_SE_EV_EARTHQUAKE_LAST ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 0C) File:OoT3D-Environment 10C.ogg
10D NA_SE_EV_YAMI_TRAP_CHAIN ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 0D) File:OoT3D-Environment 10D.ogg
10E NA_SE_EV_FLAME_IGNITION_GANON ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 0E) File:OoT3D-Environment 10E.ogg
10F NA_SE_EV_MGANON_DOWN2 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 0F) File:OoT3D-Environment 10F.ogg
110 NA_SE_EV_EXPLOSION_HOUKAI ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 10) File:OoT3D-Environment 110.ogg
111 NA_SE_EV_BLOCKSINK_GANON ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 11) File:OoT3D-Environment 111.ogg
112 NA_SE_EV_DOG_WALK ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 12) File:OoT3D-Environment 112.ogg
113 NA_SE_EV_GANON_HOUKAI_KEMURI1 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 13) File:OoT3D-Environment 113.ogg
114 NA_SE_EV_YOBI21 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 14) File:OoT3D-Environment 114.ogg
115 NA_SE_EV_YOBI22 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 15) File:OoT3D-Environment 115.ogg
116 NA_SE_EV_YOBI23 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 16) File:OoT3D-Environment 116.ogg
117 NA_SE_EV_YOBI24 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 17) File:OoT3D-Environment 117.ogg
118 NA_SE_EV_YOBI25 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Duplicate of 18) File:OoT3D-Environment 118.ogg

Enemy Bank

No. Filename Identification Used Notes File
28 NA_SE_EN_RIZA_ONGND Lizalfos β€” xxx ✘? Similar to 2E File:OoT3D-Enemy 28.ogg
2C NA_SE_EN_RIZA_WARAU Lizalfos - xxx ✘ Laughing File:OoT3D-Enemy 2C.ogg
36 NA_SE_EN_LIGHT_ARROW_HIT ? File:OoT3D-Enemy 36.ogg
5B NA_SE_EN_DODO_J_EAT Dodongo β€” Eats Bomb ? Can dodongos eat bombs? File:OoT3D-Enemy 5B.ogg
A5 NA_SE_EN_FANTOM_MASIC1 Phantom Ganon β€” xxx ✘? Magic 1 File:OoT3D-Enemy A5.ogg
A9 NA_SE_EN_FANTOM_ATTACK Phantom Ganon β€” xxx ✘? File:OoT3D-Enemy A9.ogg
B3 NA_SE_EN_KAICHO_DAMAGE Guay β€” Hurt by Link ✘ Guays can't be hurt non-fatally. File:OoT3D-Enemy B3.ogg
DC NA_SE_EN_BARI_DAMAGE Bari β€” xxx ? File:OoT3D-Enemy DC.ogg
ED NA_SE_EN_PO_CRY Poe β€” Cries ✘? File:OoT3D-Enemy ED.ogg
FB NA_SE_EN_MOFER_CORE_FLY Morpha β€” xxx ✘? File:OoT3D-Enemy FB.ogg
FE NA_SE_EN_CHICKEN_FLUTTER Cucco β€” xxx ✘ Blank? File:OoT3D-Enemy FE.ogg
110 NA_SE_EN_TWINROBA_POWERUP Twinrova β€” xxx ? File:OoT3D-Enemy 110.ogg
11C NA_SE_EN_GOLON_EYE_BIG Biggoron β€” xxx ? File:OoT3D-Enemy 11C.ogg
11D NA_SE_EN_GOLON_GOOD_BIG Biggoron β€” xxx ? File:OoT3D-Enemy 11D.ogg
176 NA_SE_EN_BUBLEWALK_REVERSE Torch Slug β€” xxx ? File:OoT3D-Enemy 176.ogg
1B2 NA_SE_EN_DUMMY434 ✘ Twinrova shrieking? File:OoT3D-Enemy 1B2.ogg
1B6 NA_SE_EN_DUMMY438 ✘ Twinrova shrieking? File:OoT3D-Enemy 1B6.ogg
1BA NA_SE_EN_DUMMY442 ✘ Twinrova shrieking? File:OoT3D-Enemy 1BA.ogg
1BC NA_SE_EN_DUMMY444 ✘ Duplicate of 139? File:OoT3D-Enemy 1BC.ogg
1BD NA_SE_EN_DUMMY445 ✘ Grunt from 129? File:OoT3D-Enemy 1BD.ogg
1C3 NA_SE_EN_DUMMY451 ✘ duplicate of 198 (NA_SE_EN_GERUDOFT_ATTACK) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1C3.ogg
1C4 NA_SE_EN_DUMMY452 ✘ duplicate of 199 (GERUDOFT_DAMAGE) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1C4.ogg
1C5 NA_SE_EN_DUMMY453 ✘ duplicate of 19A (GERUDOFT_DEAD) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1C5.ogg
1DF NA_SE_EN_MGANON_SWDIMP Ganon β€” xxx ✘? Bell sound? Sword ? File:OoT3D-Enemy 1DF.ogg
1E2 NA_SE_EN_DUMMY482 ✘ Something coming out of the ground? File:OoT3D-Enemy 1E2.ogg
1EA NA_SE_EN_STALGOLD_UP_CRY Gold Skulltula β€” xxx ✘? File:OoT3D-Enemy 1EA.ogg
1EB NA_SE_EN_GOLON_CRY Goron β€” xxx ✘ Goron Crying File:OoT3D-Enemy 1EB.ogg
1F1 NA_SE_EN_MIMICK_BREATH ✘ Duplicate of 1A4? File:OoT3D-Enemy 1F1.ogg
1F3 NA_SE_EN_TWINROBA_TRANSFORM2 Twinrova β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1F3.ogg
1F4 NA_SE_EN_KAICHO_PIYORI Guay β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1F4.ogg
1F5 NA_SE_EN_DODO_K_WALK_APPEAR King Dodongo β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1F5.ogg
1F6 NA_SE_EN_DODO_K_STOP King Dodongo β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1F6.ogg
1F7 NA_SE_EN_TEKU_GND993 Tektite β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1F7.ogg
1F8 NA_SE_EN_TEKU_JUMP993 Tektite β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1F8.ogg
1F9 NA_SE_EN_MORIBLIN_DEMO Moblin β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1F9.ogg
1FA NA_SE_EN_LEADED_WHITE Redead β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1FA.ogg
1FB NA_SE_EN_RIVA_HIDE_NEW Leever β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1FB.ogg
1FC NA_SE_EN_STALBABY_HIDE_NEW Stalchild β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1FC.ogg
1FD NA_SE_EN_STAL_REBORN ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1FD.ogg
1FE NA_SE_EN_DAIKU_FOOT Carpenter β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1FE.ogg
1FF NA_SE_EN_STALKID_DAMAGE_NEW Skullkid β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Enemy 1FF.ogg
NA_SE_EN_STALKID_DOWN_NEW Skullkid β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_BALINADE_ARM_LAND Barinade β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_BALINADE_ARM_DEAD Barinade β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_READED_WALK Redead β€” xxx ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI14 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI15 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI16 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI17 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI18 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI19 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI20 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI21 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI22 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI23 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI24 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI25 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI26 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI27 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI28 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI29 ✘ OoT3D Only
NA_SE_EN_YOBI30 ✘ OoT3D Only

System Bank

No. Filename Identification Used Notes File
05 NA_SE_SY_MESSAGE_MAN ✘ Duplicate of ERROR. The filename indicates that this may have been used for dialogue by male NPCs. It seems to have been overwritten. File:OoT3D-System 05.ogg
0A NA_SE_SY_CANCEL Cancel Pause Menu Selection ✘ File:OoT3D-System 0A.ogg
0D NA_SE_SY_DUMMY_13 ✘ File:OoT3D-System 0D.ogg
0E NA_SE_SY_DUMMY_14 ✘ Duplicate of ITEM sound 00? File:OoT3D-System 0E.ogg
11 NA_SE_SY_DUMMY_17 ✘ Duplicate of 0D (DUMMY_13). File:OoT3D-System 11.ogg
12 NA_SE_SY_DUMMY_18 ✘ Sounds like opposite of 0D. File:OoT3D-System 12.ogg
15 NA_SE_SY_DUMMY_21 ✘ Duplicate of 13 (CAMERA_ZOOM_UP). File:OoT3D-System 15.ogg
16 NA_SE_SY_DUMMY_22 ✘ Duplicate of 13 (CAMERA_ZOOM_UP). File:OoT3D-System 16.ogg
17 NA_SE_SY_ATTENTION_ON_OLD Z-Target Enemy (Early) ✘ The filename indicates that this is an older version of ATTENTION_ON. File:OoT3D-System 17.ogg
1C NA_SE_SY_DUMMY_28 ✘ Duplicate of DEMO_CUT. File:OoT3D-System 1C.ogg
1D NA_SE_SY_DEMO_CUT ? File:OoT3D-System 1D.ogg
1E NA_SE_SY_NAVY_CALL Navi Button (Early) ✘ The filename indicates that this may be the noise that played when Link selected the Navi button. File:OoT3D-System 1E.ogg
20 NA_SE_SY_DUMMY_32 ✘ Sounds like some sort of targeting sound, perhaps? File:OoT3D-System 20.ogg
21 NA_SE_SY_DUMMY_33 ✘ Blank File:OoT3D-System 21.ogg
22 NA_SE_SY_DUMMY_34 ✘ Blank File:OoT3D-System 22.ogg
28 NA_SE_SY_CAMERA_ZOOM_UP_2 Sound Effect - Enter First-Person View (Alternate) ✘ The filename indicates that this is another version of CAMERA_ZOOM_UP. File:OoT3D-System 28.ogg
29 NA_SE_SY_CAMERA_ZOOM_DOWN_2 Sound Effect - Exit First-Person View (Alternate) ✘ The filename indicates that this is another version of CAMERA_ZOOM_DOWN. File:OoT3D-System 29.ogg
2D NA_SE_SY_HIT_SOUND ✘ ? File:OoT3D-System 2D.ogg
32 NA_SE_SY_WHITE_OUT_L ✘? Long File:OoT3D-System 32.ogg
3D NA_SE_SY_FSEL_ERROR File Select β€” Error ? File:OoT3D-System 3D.ogg
44 NA_SE_SY_FIVE_COUNT_LUPY Sound Effect - Get Silver Rupee ✘ Used version is ENVIRONMENT sound E8 File:OoT3D-System 44.ogg
46 NA_SE_EV_FAIVE_LUPY_COUNT ? Duplicate of 36 (METRONOME) or 42 (METRONOME_2)? File:OoT3D-System 46.ogg
47 NA_SE_SY_DUMMY_71 ✘ Duplicate of 37 (ATTENTION_URGENCY). File:OoT3D-System 47.ogg
48 NA_SE_SY_KANADE_ISHI ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 48.ogg
49 NA_SE_SY_NA_HELLO_2 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 49.ogg
4A NA_SE_SY_MAGIC_SOUL_NORMAL ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 4A.ogg
4B NA_SE_SY_MAGIC_SOUL_FLASH ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 4B.ogg
4C NA_SE_SY_CANCEL_CHALLENGE ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 4C.ogg
4D NA_SE_SY_DECIDE_CHALLENGE ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 4D.ogg
4E NA_SE_SY_YOBI05 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 4E.ogg
4F NA_SE_SY_YOBI06 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 4F.ogg
50 NA_SE_SY_YOBI07 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 50.ogg
51 NA_SE_SY_YOBI08 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 51.ogg
52 NA_SE_SY_YOBI09 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 52.ogg
53 NA_SE_SY_YOBI10 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 53.ogg
54 NA_SE_SY_YOBI11 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 54.ogg
55 NA_SE_SY_YOBI12 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 55.ogg
56 NA_SE_SY_YOBI13 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 56.ogg
57 NA_SE_SY_YOBI14 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 57.ogg
58 NA_SE_SY_YOBI15 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 58.ogg
59 NA_SE_SY_YOBI16 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 59.ogg
5A NA_SE_SY_YOBI17 ✘ OoT3D Only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-System 5A.ogg

Voice Bank

No. Filename Identification Used Notes File
12 NA_SE_VO_LI_SWORD_PUTAWAY Adult Link β€” xxx ✘? Sounds like one of the possible 00 sounds File:OoT3D-Voice 12.ogg
13 NA_SE_VO_LI_GROAN Adult Link β€” xxx ✘? Sounds like Child Link shivering File:OoT3D-Voice 13.ogg
19 NA_SE_VO_LI_HOOKSHOT_HANG Adult Link β€” xxx ✘? Sounds similar to 18. File:OoT3D-Voice 19.ogg
1B NA_SE_VO_LI_NULL_0x1b Adult Link β€” xxx ✘? File:OoT3D-Voice 1B.ogg
1D NA_SE_VO_BL_DOWN Adult Link β€” xxx ✘? Sounds like 08. File:OoT3D-Voice 1D.ogg
1E NA_SE_VO_LI_DEMO_DAMAGE Adult Link β€” xxx ? File:OoT3D-Voice 1E.ogg
1F NA_SE_VO_LI_ELECTRIC_SHOCK_LV Adult Link β€” xxx ✘? Sounds like 00 File:OoT3D-Voice 1F.ogg
22 NA_SE_VO_LI_LASH_KID Child Link β€” xxx ✘ Can't ride horse as child (sounds like Adult Link) File:OoT3D-Voice 22.ogg
32 NA_SE_VO_LI_SWORD_PUTAWAY_KID Child Link β€” xxx ✘? Sounds like of the possible 20 sounds File:OoT3D-Voice 32.ogg
33 NA_SE_VO_LI_GROAN_KID Child Link β€” xxx ✘? Sounds like Child Link shivering File:OoT3D-Voice 33.ogg
39 NA_SE_VO_LI_HOOKSHOT_HANG_KID Child Link β€” xxx ✘? File:OoT3D-Voice 39.ogg
3B NA_SE_VO_LI_NULL_0x1b_KID Child Link β€” xxx ✘? File:OoT3D-Voice 3B.ogg
3D NA_SE_VO_BL_DOWN_KID Child Link β€” xxx ✘? Sounds like 28 File:OoT3D-Voice 3D.ogg
3E NA_SE_VO_LI_DEMO_DAMAGE_KID Child Link β€” xxx ✘? Sounds like 28 File:OoT3D-Voice 3E.ogg
3F NA_SE_VO_LI_ELECTRIC_SHOCK_LV_KID Child Link β€” xxx ✘? Sounds like Adult Link attacking File:OoT3D-Voice 3F.ogg
45 NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x45 ✘ Duplicate of 43? File:OoT3D-Voice 45.ogg
46 NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x46 ✘ Duplicate of 43? File:OoT3D-Voice 46.ogg
47 NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x47 ✘ Duplicate of 43? File:OoT3D-Voice 47.ogg
48 NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x48 ✘ Duplicate of 43? File:OoT3D-Voice 48.ogg
49 NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x49 ✘ Duplicate of 43? File:OoT3D-Voice 49.ogg
4A NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x4a ✘ Duplicate of 43? File:OoT3D-Voice 4A.ogg
4B NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x4b ✘ Duplicate of 43? File:OoT3D-Voice 4B.ogg
4C NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x4c ✘ Duplicate of 43? File:OoT3D-Voice 4C.ogg
4D NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x4d ✘ Duplicate of 43? File:OoT3D-Voice 4D.ogg
4E NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x4e ✘ Duplicate of 43? File:OoT3D-Voice 4E.ogg
4F NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x4f ✘ Duplicate of 43? File:OoT3D-Voice 4F.ogg
5D NA_SE_VO_NA_HELLO_0 Navi β€” xxx ? Watch out! (2 pitches) File:OoT3D-Voice 5D.ogg
5E NA_SE_VO_NA_HELLO_1 Navi β€” xxx ? Look! (2 pitches) File:OoT3D-Voice 5E.ogg
66 NA_SE_VO_RT_UNBALLANCE Ruto β€” xxx ? File:OoT3D-Voice 66.ogg
67 NA_SE_VO_ST_DAMAGE ? Cursed Skulltula men? File:OoT3D-Voice 67.ogg
68 NA_SE_VO_ST_ATTACK ? Cursed Skulltula men? File:OoT3D-Voice 68.ogg
70 NA_SE_VO_SK_CRY_0 Sheik β€” xxx ✘? File:OoT3D-Voice 70.ogg
7B NA_SE_VO_NB_LAUGH Nabooru β€” xxx ✘? Not that? (Navi saying "H'lo!") OoT3D only? File:OoT3D-Voice 7B.ogg
7C NA_SE_VO_IN_LAUGH Ingo β€” xxx ✘? OoT3D only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Voice 7C.ogg
7D NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x7d ✘ OoT3D only? (Similar to 2B? Multiple sound effects?) File:OoT3D-Voice 7D.ogg
7E NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x7e ✘ OoT3D only? (Similar to 2F? Multiple sound effects?) File:OoT3D-Voice 7E.ogg
7F NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x7f ✘ OoT3D only? (Multiple sound effects?) File:OoT3D-Voice 7F.ogg
80 NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x80 ✘ OoT3D only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Voice 80.ogg
81 NA_SE_VO_LI_AUTO_JUMP_DARKLINK ✘ OoT3D only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Voice 81.ogg
82 NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x82_YOBI ✘ OoT3D only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Voice 82.ogg
83 NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x83_YOBI ✘ OoT3D only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Voice 83.ogg
84 NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x84_YOBI ✘ OoT3D only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Voice 84.ogg
85 NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x85_YOBI ✘ OoT3D only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Voice 85.ogg
86 NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x86_YOBI ✘ OoT3D only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Voice 86.ogg
87 NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x87_YOBI ✘ OoT3D only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Voice 87.ogg
88 NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x88_YOBI ✘ OoT3D only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Voice 88.ogg
89 NA_SE_VO_DUMMY_0x89_YOBI ✘ OoT3D only? (Blank) File:OoT3D-Voice 89.ogg


This sound is generated by an unused object.

0x03 Warping sound?

0x04 Warping sound?

0x1B Possibly a Dark Link voice grunt.

0x12: Maybe used somewhere in the pause menu, opening something.

0x17: A second sound option used to advance in the message box.

0x1C:Thunder sound, early version that can be found in this video.

0x1E:Sounds of birds

0x28:Increasing sound unknown, this sound appears during the conversation of Koume and Kotake in the early video.

0x29:Decreasing sound unknown.

At 800DA02C in RAM (version 1.0) is code that plays a sound effect every time a character of text is drawn. However, it plays sound effect 0, i.e. no sound. Presumably this was originally intended for an effect similar to that used in A Link to the Past. No sound effect ID that would be appropriate for this has been found.

Enable the code below before the N64 logo appears on 1.0 (J) to enable the text sound.

810D8CF0 2404
810D8CF2 4004
(Source: fkualol)