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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker/Unused Items

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Enemy Weapon Icons

boko_stick.bti hatchet.bti iron_club.bti longsword.bti spear.bti
The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker - Boko stick.png The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker - Hatchet.png The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker - Iron club.png The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker - Boko stick.png The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker - Boko stick.png

It was originally intended that picking up an enemy weapon switched your sword icon to one of these. This can be seen in early screenshots, but it's not used in the final. The Boko Stick icon is used as a placeholder for the icons called longsword and spear internally, which most likely correspond to a Darknut's sword and a Moblin's spear, respectively.

The branches in the button-image code to display these icons still exists, but they are never used because the value for the "Swing" image is always loaded regardless of the enemy weapon type. The Action Replay codes below will replace the "Swing" icon with one of the other icons when you're holding an enemy's weapon.

Loaded Icon Code (NTSC)
Boko Stick 003CA7D6 00000037
Hatchet 003CA7D6 00000038
Iron Club 003CA7D6 00000039
Placeholder Boko Stick (Longsword) 003CA7D6 0000003A
Placeholder Boko Stick (Spear) 003CA7D6 0000003B

Water Boots

The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker - Boots 01.png
Texture Translation
boots_01.bti Boots - 01

The icon spells out the English words "Water Boots" in hiragana (oddly, since foreign words are almost always written in katakana). Trying to use it makes Link jump as if you were switching his boots as shown in the video below.

The following codes can be used in game to replace the 4th Bottle on the inventory screen with the Water Boots.

Version Code
Japan 003B8155 0000002B
US 003C4C55 0000002B
UK 003CC57D 0000002B

Wind Waker Stone

The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker - Baton stone.png
Texture Translation
baton_stone.bti Baton - Stone

Internally, the Wind Waker is called baton, so this is the "Wind Waker Stone". It isn't clear how this item was intended to be used. Unlike the previous item which can be equipped through hacking, the only thing that exists of this item is its icon.

These three symbols were probably supposed to appear in some text in relation to this stone.

Hitomozi_00.bti Hitomozi_01.bti Hitomozi_02.bti
TLoZTWW Hitomozi 00.bti.png TLoZTWW Hitomozi 01.bti.png TLoZTWW Hitomozi 02.bti.png

Extra Sail Icons

sail_00.bti sail_01.bti sail_02.bti
TLoZTWW Wind Waker Sail.png TLoZTWW Wind Waker Sail.png TLoZTWW Wind Waker Sail.png

Within the folder where the previous icons were found, there are three icons dedicated to sails. They are found within sail_00.bti, sail_01.bti and sail_02.bti. Besides their names, they all use the same image and are also identical bitwise. While the icon itself is used, you only get one sail in the final version of the game. This begs the question of why there are two copies of the same icon to begin with. An answer to this can be found within the framework.map file in the ISO. There are three sails listed called the normal sail, the zora sail and the tincle sail (anything to do with Tingle is called tincle internally). There is no Zora or Tingle sail in the final version of the game so the two extra icons are most likely placeholder icons for these sails. It isn't known how these two sails would differ from the normal sail but perhaps they had special abilities. For example, the Zora sail might have made you sail through water faster, not unlike in Wind Waker HD.

Extra Power Bracelet Icon

TLoZTWW Wind Waker Power Bracelet.png
Texture Translation
gloves_01.bti Gloves - 01

Similar to the extra sail icons, there is also one extra power bracelet icon stored in gloves_01.bti which is identical to gloves_00.bti in every way except in name. Again, the icon itself is used but you only get the power bracelets once in game. This extra icon could be a placeholder graphic for what was to be an upgraded version of the power bracelets.

Temporary Icon

TWWMap Icon.png
Texture Translation
f_item_tkmap.bti F - Item - ? Map

A dungeon map with Japanese kanji on it - "仮" (kari/ka/ke), which translates to "temporary".

(Source: JayTheHam, Dark Linkaël)