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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess/Unused Actors

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

To do:
• Add actor replacement codes for Action Replay and Dolphin so people can test these.
• Remove false positives that are loaded by another actor.
• Test each actor in-game and write a description for it.

The following files are not referenced in the actor list of any room file, which means that, unless they are loaded by another actor, they are unlikely to be used.

# Filename Translation Address Identification Rel. Ref.
0000 Deleted
0001 Deleted
0002 Deleted
0003 Deleted
0004 Deleted
0005 Deleted
0006 Deleted
0007 Deleted
0008 Deleted
0009 Deleted
000A Deleted
000B 803A65C8 EndCode End Code
000C Deleted
000D Deleted
000E Deleted
000F Deleted
0010 Deleted
0011 Deleted
0012 Deleted
0013 Deleted
0015 Deleted
0016 803A4120 KbotaC K Button C obj_swpush
0016 803A412C Swpush Switch Push obj_swpush
0017 803A4144 Ksw00_C K Switch 00 - C obj_swpush2
001A 803A59BC noChgRm No Change Room
001A 803A59C8 readRm Read Room
001D 803A3D60 Lv4blk2 Level 4 Block 2 obj_movebox
0022 803A42DC Tag_grA Tag - Goron A tag_gra
0023 803A42E8 TagYami Tag Twilight tag_yami
0024 803A4084 Mhsg6 M Ladder 6 obj_ladder
0024 803A4090 Mhsg9 M Ladder 9 obj_ladder
0024 803A409C Mhsg12 M Ladder 12 obj_ladder
0024 803A40A8 Mhsg15 M Ladder 15 obj_ladder
0024 803A40B4 Mhsg4h M Ladder 4 H obj_ladder
0024 803A40C0 Mhsg3 M Ladder 3 obj_ladder
0025 Deleted obj_brakeeff
0027 803A4F00 Obj_lb Object - L Box obj_lbox
0031 803A4DF8 TreeSh Tree (Conifer) obj_treesh
0032 803A5B24 STDoa Steel Door obj_zdoor
0036 803A5CE0 Mbrid9 M Bridge 9 obj_rotBridge
0054 Deleted obj_testcube
0055 803A5680 L3Bdoor Level 3 Boss Door obj_kshutter
0057 803A4480 TheB Telma B npc_theB
0058 Deleted coach_fire
0059 Deleted coach_2D
005A Deleted balloon_2D
005B Deleted skip_2D
005D 803A3DCC UHDoor Stable Door obj_cowdoor
0063 803A6484 ClearB Clear Board obj_cboard
006E 803A4D74 Thashi T Pillar obj_thashi
0071 803A4264 CrvWood Caravan Wood obj_crvhahen
0073 803A65B0 CRVLH_U Caravan Lookout Hut - Up obj_crvlh_up
007C Deleted obj_myogan
007E Deleted obj_cblock
008B Deleted obj_graWall
008D 803A3EE0 lv6bm Level 6 Beamos obj_lv6bemos
00A3 803A60D0 kkiTrap Barrier Trap obj_lv8KekkaiTrap
00BF 803A3C04 pdoor Push Door door_push
00C3 803A3F10 TagSpin Tag Spinner tag_spinner
00C4 803A4174 buraA2 Dangle A2 obj_swhang
00C4 803A418C bura7A Dangle 7A obj_swhang
00D1 803A5EC0 klift00 K Lift 00 obj_klift00
00D2 Deleted b_oh
00DC 803A6514 burnBox Burn Box obj_burnbox
00E5 803A4750 zrD Zora (D) npc_zra
00E8 803A3B8C door Door door_shutter
00E8 803A3BBC ndoor Normal Door door_shutter
00E8 803A3BC8 tadoor Darknut Door door_shutter
00E8 803A3BD4 yodoor Blizzetta Door door_shutter
00E8 803A3BE0 nadoor Argorok Door door_shutter
00E8 803A3BEC l9door Level 9 Door door_shutter
00E8 803A3BF8 l7door Level 7 Door door_shutter
00E8 803A3C10 bigdoor Big Door door_shutter
00EB 803A57F4 AJnot AJ Not tag_ajnot
00EC 803A57E8 Hstop Horse Stop tag_hstop
00F2 803A64CC Spinner Spinner spinner
00F8 803A5524 B_zntm Boss - Zant (Mobile) b_zant_mobile
00FA Deleted b_zant_magic
00FB 803A55C0 tboxA0 Treasure Chest A0 tbox
00FB 803A55CC tboxA1 Treasure Chest A1 tbox
00FB 803A55D8 tboxA2 Treasure Chest A2 tbox
00FB 803A55E4 tboxB0 Treasure Chest B0 tbox
00FB 803A55F0 tboxB1 Treasure Chest B1 tbox
00FB 803A55FC tboxB2 Treasure Chest B2 tbox
00FB 803A5608 tboxJ0 Treasure Chest J0 tbox
00FB 803A5614 tboxP0 Treasure Chest P0 tbox
00FB 803A5620 tboxB00 Treasure Chest B00 tbox
00FB 803A562C tboxB01 Treasure Chest B01 tbox
00FB 803A5638 tboxW0 Treasure Chest W0 tbox
00FC 803A5644 tboxEL0 Treasure Chest EL0 tbox2
00FC 803A5650 tboxEL1 Treasure Chest EL1 tbox2
00FE 803A649C Boom Boomerang boomerang
0104 Deleted hitobj
010B Deleted npc_sq
010E 803A4C54 Npc_tr NPC - Trout npc_tr
0111 803A4C24 Obj_ki Object - Tree obj_ki
0114 803A5398 Obj_kyh Object - Keyhole obj_keyhole
0115 Deleted obj_Lv5Key
0117 Deleted obj_tatigi
0118 Deleted obj_rock
0119 Deleted obj_wflag
0120 803A4CA8 SSDRINK SS DRINK obj_ss_drink
0121 803A4C9C SSITEM SS Item obj_ss_item
0124 803A4CCC lv5soup Level 5 Soup
0133 803A5410 Sekizo Stone Statue obj_sekizo
0135 803A4C48 Tr Trout npc_fish
0137 Deleted mg_fshop
0139 Deleted disappear
013A 803A6580 O_Mato Object - Target obj_mato
013B 803A658C O_Flag Object - Flag obj_flag
013C 803A6598 O_Flag2 Object - Flag 2 obj_flag2
013D 803A65A4 O_Flag3 Object - Flag 3 obj_flag3
014F Deleted obj_kznkarm
0154 Deleted obj_sakuita
0155 Deleted obj_laundry
0156 Deleted warp_bug
0157 803A3C34 IzmGate Spring Gate izumi_gate
015B 803A3DA8 cylwind Cyclone Wind obj_tornado
015C 803A3DB4 TagTrnd Tag Tornado obj_tornado2
015D 803A3E50 fpillar Fire Pillar obj_firepillar
0161 803A3E20 mhole Magnet Hole obj_mhole
0161 803A3E2C mhole2 Magnet Hole 2 obj_mhole
0163 803A3E44 P_Warp P - Warp obj_bosswarp
0167 803A3EA4 geyser Geyser obj_geyser
0168 803A5D70 ktFire Kt Fire obj_ktonfire
0171 803A6520 stnMark Stone Mark obj_stonemark
0175 Deleted obj_damCps
0177 803A3FA0 wfall Waterfall obj_waterfall
0179 803A6058 pofire Poe Fire
017C 803A3D0C TagLite Tag Light tag_lightball
017D 803A5908 SwLBall Switch L Ball swLBall
017E 803A5914 SwBall Switch Ball swBall
0181 803A4240 kagoFal Basket Fall tag_kago_fall
0188 Deleted obj_zrTuraraRock
0189 803A61A8 RetTag Return Tag tag_ret_room
018B 803A61C0 HwlWara Howl Warashibe tag_wara_howl
018F 803A6208 snwEfTg Snow Effect Tag obj_snowEffTag
0190 803A62B0 cstaSw Copy Statue Switch tag_cstasw
0191 803A62BC l6cstSw Level 6 Copy Statue Switch tag_lv6CstaSw
0192 803A622C awaPlar Bubble Pillar obj_bubblePilar
0199 803A5C2C ballSw Ball Switch obj_swBallA
019A 803A5C38 lballSw L Ball Switch obj_swBallB
01A1 803A5BC0 swTime Switch (Time) swTime
01A7 803A59B0 scnChg2 Scene Change 2 scene_exit2
01AA 803A5AF4 atkItem Attack Item tag_attack_item
01AB 803A62D4 RmbitSw Room Bit Switch tag_rmbit_sw
01AD 803A400C spring Spring tag_spring
01C0 Deleted e_st_line
01C4 Deleted e_cr_egg
01C6 803A655C E_db_lf Enemy - Deku Baba - Leaf e_db_leaf
01CA 803A6568 E_hb_lf Enemy - Serpent Baba - Leaf e_hb_leaf
01CE 803A6550 E_yd_lf Enemy - Shadow Deku - Leaf e_yd_leaf
01D2 Deleted e_tk_ball
01DB Deleted e_mb
01E3 803A5200 E_zm2 Enemy - Zant Mask 2 e_zm
01EE 803A5044 E_is Enemy - Stone Soldier Armos Titan e_is
01FF Deleted e_ot
0205 Deleted L7op_demo_dr
020F 803A5308 B_go Boss - Goron Goron Golem b_go
0210 Deleted b_oh2
0212 Deleted b_yo_ice
0215 Deleted b_dre
0219 803A5C8C itemKey Item Key obj_smallkey
021A 803A5C98 kantera Lantern obj_kantera
021D 803A65BC DemoItm Cutscene Item demo_item
021E 803A6544 ShopItm Shop Item shop_item
021F 803A3D90 Drop Drop obj_drop
0221 803A64A8 Nbomb Normal Bomb nbomb
0223 803A5F2C Qs Qs tag_qs
0225 803A58F0 SwAreaC Switch Area C swc00
0225 803A58FC SwAreaS Switch Area S swc00
0226 803A3B98 kdoor Knob Door door_knob00
0227 803A3BA4 ddoor Double Door door_dbdoor00
0228 803A3BB0 bdoor Boss Door door_boss
0229 803A5668 L1Bdoor Level 1 Boss Door door_bossl1
0229 803A5674 L2Bdoor Level 2 Boss Door door_bossl1
0229 803A568C L4Bdoor Level 4 Boss Door door_bossl1
0229 803A56A4 L6Bdoor Level 6 Boss Door door_bossl1
0229 803A56B0 L7Bdoor Level 7 Boss Door door_bossl1
0229 803A56BC L8Bdoor Level 8 Boss Door door_bossl1
0229 803A56C8 L9Bdoor Level 9 Boss Door door_bossl1
022A 803A56D4 L1Mdoor Level 1 Miniboss Door door_mbossL1
022A 803A56E0 L2Mdoor Level 2 Miniboss Door door_mbossL1
022A 803A56EC L3Mdoor Level 3 Miniboss Door door_mbossL1
022A 803A56F8 L4Mdoor Level 4 Miniboss Door door_mbossL1
022A 803A5704 L5Mdoor Level 5 Miniboss Door door_mbossL1
022A 803A5710 L6Mdoor Level 6 Miniboss Door door_mbossL1
022A 803A571C L7Mdoor Level 7 Miniboss Door door_mbossL1
022A 803A5728 L8Mdoor Level 8 Miniboss Door door_mbossL1
022A 803A5734 L7door Level 7 Door door_mbossL1
022A 803A5740 L5door Level 5 Door door_mbossL1
022B 803A5698 L5Bdoor Level 5 Boss Door door_bossL5
022C 803A59D4 Tetd Iron D dshutter
022D Deleted door_spiral
022E 803A5D1C RMback1 Room Back 1 tag_chgrestart
022F 803A5D10 RMback0 Room Back 0 tag_setrestart
0233 803A42B8 Gnd Ganondorf npc_gnd
024C 803A448C TgArena Tag Arena tag_arena
0256 803A5560 Henna0 Hena 0 Hena (Unused) npc_henna0
025B 803A4528 KnBlt Knight Bullet obj_knBullet
026C 803A460C sMaro Shop Malo npc_shop_maro
026D 803A4618 solA Soldier A npc_sola
0272 803A4654 TagPati Tag Slingshot tag_pachi
0275 803A4678 Tks Sky Dweller (Small) npc_tks
0277 803A4684 ObjTks Object Sky Dweller (Small) obj_tks
027E 803A46F0 Zant Zant npc_zant
0287 803A47EC myn2tag Myna 2 Tag tag_myna2
0288 803A4888 MAN_b2 Man (Adult) Normal - B2 npc_cdn3
0288 803A4894 MAN_c2 Man (Adult) Normal - C2 npc_cdn3
0288 803A48A0 MAS_a2 Man (Adult) Short - A2 npc_cdn3
0288 803A48E8 WON_a Woman (Old) Normal - A npc_cdn3
0290 803A6538 Passer2 Passerby 2 npc_passer2
0293 803A4A44 fmtionL Formation (Low) formation_mng
0294 Deleted npc_fguard
0297 Deleted npc_guard
02A7 803A49FC Shop0 Shop 0 npc_shop0
02A8 803A4A68 Mk Monkey npc_mk
02A9 803A4294 P2a P 2 A npc_p2
02A9 803A42A0 P2b P 2 B npc_p2
02A9 803A42AC P2c P 2 C npc_p2
02AA 803A4F54 ky_tag0 K Twilight - Tag 0 kytag00
02AB 803A4F60 ky_tag1 K Twilight - Tag 1 kytag01
02AB 803A4F78 ky_tag3 K Twilight - Tag 3 kytag01
02AB 803A4FD8 WC_tag WC - Tag kytag01
02B0 803A4FA8 KY_chg K Twilight - Change kytag06
02B1 803A4FB4 Plight P Light kytag07
02B6 803A4FFC Drkmst Dark Mist kytag12
02B7 803A5008 Blsnow Blizzard Snow kytag13
02BF 803A58D8 Bombf Bomb Flower Bomb Flower obj_bombf
02C1 803A5794 Mhint Midna Hint tag_mhint
02C2 803A57A0 Mmsg Midna Message tag_mmsg
02C3 803A57AC Mwait Midna Wait tag_mwait
02C4 803A57B8 Mstop Midna Stop tag_mstop
02C4 803A57C4 MstopE Midna Stop End tag_mstop
02C5 803A5818 Stream Stream tag_stream
02C8 803A5830 TgTGate Tag Twilight Gate tag_TWgate
02C9 803A583C Lv6Gate Level 6 Gate tag_Lv6Gate
02CA 803A5848 Lv7Gate Level 7 Gate tag_Lv7Gate
02CB 803A5854 Lv8Gate Level 8 Gate tag_Lv8Gate
02CC 803A5860 TgTHint Tag Telma Hint tag_theB_hint
02CD 803A586C TagAsst Tag Assistance tag_assistance
02CF 803A5AAC CamChg Camera Change tag_camera
02CF 803A5AB8 CamArea Camera Area tag_camera
02CF 803A5AC4 CamAreC Camera Area C tag_camera
02D0 803A5AD0 ChkPntS Check Point S tag_chkpoint
02D0 803A5ADC ChkPntC Check Point C tag_chkpoint
02D1 803A5A10 TagEv Tag Event tag_event
02D1 803A5A1C TagEvC Tag Event C tag_event
02D2 803A5A28 TagEvt Tag Event tag_evt
02D2 803A5A34 TagEvt1 Tag Event 1 tag_evt
02D4 803A5A40 TagHowl Tag Howl tag_howl
02D5 803A5A4C Tag_ms Tag - Message tag_evtmsg
02D6 803A5A58 LntnTag Lantern Tag tag_lantern
02D7 803A5D28 Mist Mist tag_mist
02DA 803A64F0 Vrbox VR Box vrbox
02DB 803A64FC Vrbox2 VR Box 2 vrbox2
02DC 803A6490 Bg Background bg
02DE 803A6508 mvbg_a Moving Background - A bg_obj
02DF 803A5F38 mirror Mirror mirror
02E0 Deleted movie_player
02E1 803A6478 TLogo Title Logo title
02E4 Deleted mg_rod
02E5 803A64C0 E_Arrow Enemy - Arrow e_arrow
02E6 Deleted bullet
02E8 Deleted e_th_ball
02E9 803A5A64 EvtArea Event Area tag_evtarea
02EA 803A5A7C EvtMsg Event Message
02EB 803A5A88 KMsg K Message tag_kmsg
02EC 803A5A94 Push Push tag_push
02ED Deleted e_mk_bo
02EE Deleted e_mm_mt
02F1 Deleted b_gos
02F2 Deleted obj_ystone
02F3 Deleted mant
02F4 803A64D8 Crod Copy Rod crod
02F6 803A4D20 KBacket K Bucket obj_kbacket
02FB 803A4D44 Obj_kg Object - Basket obj_kago
02FC 803A3CA0 carry06 Carry 06 obj_carry
02FE 803A52E4 Obj_hb Object - Serpent Baba obj_hb
02FF Deleted npc_inko
0301 Deleted obj_eff
0302 Deleted
0303 Deleted
0305 803A6574 E_bi_lf Enemy - Bomb Insect - Leaf e_bi_leaf
0307 Deleted npc_df
0308 803A64B4 Arrow Arrow arrow
0309 Deleted path_line
030C 803A59A4 scnChg Scene Change scene_exit
030D 803A3C40 NoneCam None Camera
030D 803A3C4C NormCam Normal Camera
030E Deleted
030F 803A58E4 hider Hider suspend
0310 803A3B2C kusax1 Grass x1 Grass (1) grass
0310 803A3B38 kusax7 Grass x7 Grass (7) grass
0310 803A3B44 kusax21 Grass x21 Grass (21) grass

(Source: bkirch - Actor Addresses, GlitterBerri - Translations)