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The Thing

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Title Screen

The Thing

Developer: Computer Artworks
Publishers: Black Label Games (Windows), Konami (Xbox/PS2)
Platforms: Windows, Xbox, PlayStation 2
Released in US: August 20, 2002 (Windows), September 3, 2002 (Xbox), September 10, 2002 (PS2)
Released in EU: September 20, 2002 (Windows/Xbox/PS2)

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

The Thing is an attempt at mixing squad-based and horror gameplay in a sequel to the original film.

The game is probably most notable for its promotion hyping up a dynamic infection system for squad members. While this system is present in the final product, it's severely undercut due to scripted infections or immunities, thanks to how levels would need to get rid of squad members (you can only have four members at most in your squad) or prevent squad members mandatory for progression from getting infected.

To do:
  • Check for which dialogue is used and unused.
  • The Thing Fan-wiki also lists some unused characters at least.

Unused Credits Speech

Present in "mainui.pak" when extracted, then the sound folder, there's an unused creditspeech.ogg file. It's a long gag reel of various characters congratulating Blake, including impersonations of US Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Also present is a stereotypical action movie actor threatening Blake to not have any movies made about his adventure.

Notably, the credits have a line of text saying "All personalties' voices are impersonated", which may be referring to the impressions of Clinton and Bush from this file.

Unused Dialogue

Present in english.pak.

Blake has several unused lines for needing an enginner, which the game only uses one generic line for, as well as unused lines for encountering "basic" fuseboxes that he can do on his own. (In the final game, Blake is silent when approaching fuseboxes he can fix himself.)

Notably, a large chunk of these voice lines are quite vulgar, with more swearing and sexual innuendo. The final game has none of the latter and has more restrained swearing.

In the level "Weapons Lab" Blake finds himself with two enginners pointing pistols at each other, Stolls and Ryan, and the player must unmask which of them is a Thing imitator; this is always Ryan and if the player mistakenly blows away Stolls, then Ryan will automatically transform and fail the mission soon afterwards (as the player needs an enginner to progress for a puzzle).

Oddly, if the player messes up the puzzle in this level, a voice line for Ryan is used "L09ISRYAN01.ogg", despite the fact it's impossible to reach this point with Ryan, only with Stolls. Stolls has an unused more vulgar line for the player messing up the puzzle called "L09ISSTOLLS01.ogg":

The cutscene after this puzzle also only has scripting for Stolls, indicating that if this puzzle was at some point passable with Ryan (either through his transformation being delayed for longer or if the Thing imitator was determined at random) it was cut early.

Ryan (and possibly other squad members who transform quickly) also has a full set of dialogue for being a squadmate, including situations that cannot normally occur to him like freezing to death or calling out when other squadmates die. It's possible these are just a copy-paste, given that Ryan's voice actor also plays the medic Weldon.