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Title Screen


Also known as: Time Slaugher
Developer: Bloodlust Software
Publisher: Bloodlust Software
Platform: DOS
Released internationally: April 4, 1996

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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No, this isn't Time Killers. That's a game about killers. Timeslaughter is a game about slaughter... ers.

Bloodlust Software's magnum opus is a one-on-one tournament-style fighting game with over-the-top violence on scale with the RoboCop movies, memorable characters (including a hooker who hates men, a Scottish castaway who just wants to go home, and a lunatic with over 1,000 personalities), and more blood and guts than even Mortal Kombat would dare touch. Also, there's some plot about time travel and a scientist gone mad or something.

Most people just remember it for the "eye scream" scene in the intro, though.

Lost Characters

Within the data of the commercial release are strings relating to three characters:

  • Guillotine ("Guil" in the data), a massive man in a skeleton outfit.
  • Reaper, a fast fighter with razors on his snake-like costume.
  • "Cannibal Ed" Bujone ("Ed" in the data), the... uh... cannibal chef.

All of these characters are from Bloodlust's first game, The Executioners. All that remains are some data strings and names.

(Source: "TimeEdit" by The Joystick Lunatic)

Cheat Mode

Type ts midgetpower at the command line, hit Enter, then use any of the following key combinations to toggle these effects on or off:

Key Combination Message and Effect
Ctrl-Q Offscreen
Allows players to leave the screen or wrap to the other side.
Ctrl-W Tilt
The screen tilts toward where the players are.
Ctrl-E Death Mode
Players can do Slaughter Moves on a dizzy opponent.
Ctrl-R Regions
Shows the collision (blue) and hit (red) boxes of characters.
Ctrl-T Time
Enabled and disables the in-game match timer.
Ctrl-Y Debug Info
Shows player positions, sprite states, and some other debugging info.
Ctrl-U Spin
"Bad Robitussin Trip". Constantly spins the screen.
Ctrl-I Status
Hides or displays health bars and names.
Ctrl-O Strobe
Animations (including background elements) leave afterimages.
Ctrl-P Game Paused
Pauses and unpauses the game.
Ctrl-Q Air Moves
Allows players to perform special moves in the air.
Ctrl-S Super Moves
Allows players to interrupt any move or action with another move or action, even in the air.
Ctrl-D Dark
Hides the background and discarded blood.
Ctrl-F Fatality
"Slaughter Mode". Allows the use of Slaughter Moves at any time.
Ctrl-H Teleport
Characters teleport to a random location every second.
Ctrl-K Kill!!!!
Round ends immediately, Player 1 wins. Allows Player 1 to use a Slaughter Move if used on the last round.
Ctrl-L Heads
Players throw their own head instead of projectiles! Can disable projectiles entirely once 10 heads appear.
Ctrl-W Zoom
Supposedly alters game physics in some way?
Ctrl-X Suction
Supposed to pull characters towards each other, but it doesn't seem to do anything.
Ctrl-V VScroll
Supposed to toggles Vertical background scroll, but seems to do nothing.
Ctrl-B Bloodier
Increases the Blood Level option by one step. Also enables "battle damage" if it was disabled.
Ctrl-N Combo Words
Enables Combo counters with amusing combo names ("Chili Boy Combo", for example).
Ctrl-, Fast P1
Supposedly speeds up Player 1, but seems to have no effect.
Ctrl-; Fast P2
Supposedly speeds up Player 2, but seems to have no effect.
Ctrl-= Shot Taken
Creates a screenshot in file "SHOT###.RAW" in an unknown format.
Ctrl-Keypad * Standard Speed
Normalizes game speed.
Ctrl-Keypad - Slow Down
Decreases game speed.
Ctrl-Keypad + Speed Up
Increases game speed.
(Source: Bloodlust Software, TCRF original research)