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Title Screen


Developer: Bear & Boar
Platform: Windows

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

This game was stuffed away in a cardboard box and found 30 years later in a garage
This game was never completed and/or given a public release.
As a result of this, keep in mind that the developers might have used or deleted some of the content featured here, had the game actually been released.

TreasureBear is the casualty of a bad Kickstarter campaign as well as a prime example of lost media in the modern age. At least two public prototypes have been completely lost, despite one being featured on a Kickstarter. The only things left from the project are some promotional graphics, a few pieces of music, and a Flash demo that predates the Kickstarter demo by seven months, but is slightly later than the other lost prototype.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Unused Music

  • 151_scripts.MyAssets_r203_scripts.MyAssets_r203.mp3

A happy jingle.

  • 161_scripts.MyAssets_r349_scripts.MyAssets_r349.mp3

A faster, more panicked version of 160_scripts.MyAssets_r348_scripts.MyAssets_r348.

  • 163_scripts.MyAssets_r344_scripts.MyAssets_r344.mp3
  • 166_scripts.MyAssets_r341_scripts.MyAssets_r341.mp3

A Jollier version of 162_scripts.MyAssets_r340_scripts.MyAssets_r340

Unused Graphics

To do:
  • There's end graphics for ranks other than A, but they never seem to load at the end no matter how bad I do. Need to confirm.
  • Some levelsets contain unused chunks.
  • Unused Grads
  • A set of scores that the game doesn't use, as beating the game will only give you an A regardless of how well you did.

    • TEMP

    Treasurebear 214 scripts.MyAssets r306 0.png
    An unused duplicate of a cutscene graphic.

    • Mary Crate and Ash Lee

    Treasurebear 206 scripts.MyAssets r67 0.png
    According to the Kickstarter, these two were meant to be TreasureBear's rivals, and one of the game's bosses. At this stage only a single frame is present.

    • Slime carrying totem Pole

    Treasurebear 208 scripts.MyAssets r65 0.png

    • Farmer Blob

    Treasurebear 271 scripts.MyAssets r14 0.png

    • Scarecrow Slime

    Treasurebear 373 scripts.MyAssets r19 0.png

    • Speech Bubbles

    Treasurebear 226 scripts.MyAssets r259 1.png Treasurebear 228 scripts.MyAssets r259 2.png Treasurebear 421 scripts.MyAssets r119 0.png
    The few bits of dialogue in this build don't use ANY of these.

    • Unused Tilesets
    Treasurebear 248 scripts.MyAssets r201.png

    Treasurebear 250 scripts.MyAssets r200.png

    First appears to be a fog test of some sort, while the second is a fall themed area, likely related to the unused farmer and scarecrow sprites.

    Newgrounds Leftovers

    For some reason, loads of Newgrounds graphics exist in Flash file despite being found on the website Stencyl. Most of which appear to be related to leaderboards and achievements.

    Unused Areas

    To do:
    • I'm not 100% sure how many of the 23 areas get used.
    • Find a way to get these running.

    194_scripts.MyAssets_SceneList.bin details a list of all the game's areas, they are as follows:

        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="0" name="LEVEL zero"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="1" name="TESTZONE"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="2" name="cookingpot test"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="3" name="Cooking pot battle scene"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="4" name="inrto"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="5" name="Title card"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="6" name="Intro dock 2"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="7" name="intro jail"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="8" name="intro jail B"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="9" name="outside jail"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="10" name="ffuse"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="11" name="prince room B"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="12" name="prince room C"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="13" name="slime chest room"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="14" name="castleA"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="15" name="castleB"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="17" name="castleD"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="16" name="castleC"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="19" name="castleF"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="18" name="castleE"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="21" name="Slime pot death"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="20" name="castleG"/>
        <scene desc="" format="1.0" id="22" name="END screen"/>

    Of these "LEVEL zero", and "TESTZONE" appear to be unused. All of which contain uncompressed data that gives an idea of what the level is like:

    • LEVEL zero
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
    <scene depth="3" desc="" eventsnippetid="1" extheight="1024" extwidth="4864" extx="-32" exty="-32" format="2.1" gravx="-0.0" gravy="300.0" height="960" id="0" name="LEVEL zero" revision="" savecount="0" tiled="1" tileh="32" tilew="32" type="standard" width="4800">
            <layer color="0,0,255" id="1" name="Front" order="0"/>
            <layer color="100,168,234" id="0" name="character" order="1"/>
            <layer color="0,255,0" id="2" name="behind" order="2"/>
        <grad-bg b1="255" b2="255" g1="102" g2="204" r1="51" r2="0"/>
            <ref id="43"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="20" c="false" group="3" id="9" name="HUD 20" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="16" y="17" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="23" c="false" group="4" id="191" name="slime spore 23" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="297" y="285" z="1"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="22" c="false" group="4" id="266" name="slime light guard 22" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="369" y="215" z="1"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="9" c="false" group="0" id="6" name="Bear2 9" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="41" y="106" z="0"/>
            <p pts="4,1120.0,0.0,1120.0,32.0,0.0,32.0,0.0,0.0" x="0.0" y="384.0"/>
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
    <scene depth="7" desc="" eventsnippetid="32" extheight="1344" extwidth="2304" extx="-32" exty="-32" format="2.1" gravx="-0.0" gravy="300.0" height="1280" id="1" name="TESTZONE" revision="" savecount="0" tiled="1" tileh="32" tilew="32" type="standard" width="2240">
            <layer color="255,0,255" id="7" name="Laychatboxer 7" order="1"/>
            <layer color="0,0,255" id="6" name="Front" order="2"/>
            <layer color="255,0,0" id="0" name="forgorund" order="3"/>
            <layer color="255,255,0" id="5" name="FOGB" order="4"/>
            <layer color="64,64,64" id="4" name="FOG" order="5"/>
            <layer color="255,200,0" id="3" name="background 2" order="6"/>
            <layer color="0,255,0" id="2" name="backgroudn" order="7"/>
        <grad-bg b1="204" b2="255" g1="153" g2="204" r1="0" r2="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="1" c="false" group="3" id="9" name="HUD 1" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="0" y="1" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="2" c="false" group="0" id="6" name="Bear2 2" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="72" y="57" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="4" c="false" group="12" id="91" name="Food fries 4" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="344" y="964" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="5" c="false" group="12" id="111" name="Food taco 5" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="180" y="974" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="6" c="false" group="12" id="89" name="Food Cake 6" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="377" y="963" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="7" c="false" group="13" id="115" name="Food Glass flying 7" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="257" y="972" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="8" c="false" group="13" id="115" name="Food Glass flying 8" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="405" y="972" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="9" c="false" group="12" id="107" name="Food steak 9" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="208" y="984" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="10" c="false" group="12" id="87" name="Food Bread 10" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="250" y="979" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="11" c="false" group="12" id="97" name="Food  Meatballs 11" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="404" y="963" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="12" c="false" group="12" id="107" name="Food steak 12" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="1403" y="1144" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="13" c="false" group="12" id="103" name="Food Plates 13" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="1371" y="1134" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="14" c="false" group="12" id="103" name="Food Plates 14" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="1460" y="1166" z="6"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="15" c="false" group="12" id="103" name="Food Plates 15" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="933" y="1134" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="17" c="false" group="12" id="93" name="Food Glass 17" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="947" y="1115" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="16" c="false" group="12" id="93" name="Food Glass 16" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="925" y="1132" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="18" c="false" group="13" id="85" name="Food basket 18" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="1495" y="1079" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="21" c="false" group="12" id="93" name="Food Glass 21" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="201" y="972" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="20" c="false" group="12" id="107" name="Food steak 20" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="315" y="984" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="23" c="false" group="12" id="101" name="Food_placesetting 23" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="1185" y="1132" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="22" c="false" group="12" id="93" name="Food Glass 22" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="336" y="972" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="25" c="false" group="12" id="69" name="food big meat 25" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="272" y="968" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="27" c="false" group="4" id="13" name="Little Green 27" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="55" y="971" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="26" c="false" group="10" id="54" name="Slimecat 26" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="1010" y="1137" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="28" c="false" group="4" id="191" name="slime spore 28" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="1709" y="1024" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="31" c="false" group="3" id="125" name="tree leaf spawner 31" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="224" y="256" z="2"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="34" c="false" group="4" id="219" name="Slime picker 34" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="2048" y="992" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="35" c="false" group="4" id="219" name="Slime picker 35" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="512" y="96" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="32" c="false" group="4" id="161" name="Slime Shooter LEFT 32" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="401" y="960" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="33" c="false" group="4" id="127" name="slime ninja 33" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="865" y="1061" z="0"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="36" c="false" group="3" id="226" name="JrGem1 36" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="405" y="154" z="7"/>
            <actor a="0.0" aid="37" c="false" group="0" id="237" name="Bear1 37" sx="1.0" sy="1.0" x="128" y="170" z="7"/>
            <p pts="3,32.0,32.0,0.0,32.0,0.0,0.0" x="704.0" y="1056.0"/>
            <p pts="20,1344.0,448.0,1344.0,480.0,1312.0,480.0,1312.0,928.0,800.0,928.0,800.0,1024.0,448.0,1024.0,448.0,992.0,480.0,992.0,480.0,960.0,448.0,960.0,448.0,800.0,0.0,800.0,0.0,288.0,448.0,288.0,448.0,0.0,480.0,0.0,480.0,288.0,1888.0,288.0,1888.0,448.0" x="352.0" y="0.0"/>
            <p pts="12,1408.0,64.0,1408.0,96.0,1600.0,96.0,1600.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,288.0,992.0,288.0,992.0,256.0,1024.0,256.0,1024.0,96.0,1312.0,96.0,1312.0,64.0" x="608.0" y="320.0"/>
            <p pts="37,0.0,992.0,0.0,0.0,256.0,0.0,256.0,512.0,32.0,512.0,32.0,736.0,160.0,736.0,160.0,704.0,448.0,704.0,448.0,736.0,672.0,736.0,704.0,768.0,640.0,768.0,640.0,832.0,704.0,832.0,704.0,896.0,800.0,896.0,800.0,864.0,832.0,896.0,896.0,896.0,896.0,864.0,960.0,864.0,960.0,896.0,1088.0,896.0,1088.0,864.0,1440.0,864.0,1440.0,896.0,1504.0,896.0,1504.0,800.0,1568.0,800.0,1568.0,896.0,1728.0,896.0,1728.0,832.0,1792.0,832.0,1792.0,896.0,2240.0,896.0,2240.0,992.0" x="0.0" y="288.0"/>
            <p pts="3,32.0,32.0,0.0,32.0,0.0,0.0" x="768.0" y="1120.0"/>
            <p pts="3,32.0,32.0,0.0,32.0,0.0,0.0" x="736.0" y="1088.0"/>