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Urban Chaos

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Title Screen

Urban Chaos

Developer: Mucky Foot Productions
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: 1999
Released in US: November 30, 1999
Released in EU: December 10, 1999

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
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To do:
Debug Mode stuff.

Urban Chaos is an action-adventure game, developed by a studio formed by ex-Bullfrog developers. The game has some decent ideas, but unfortunately none of them were polished enough to make the game popular.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Enemies

The game always loads models for two enemies which never actually appear anywhere: Bat (anim001.all) and Gargoyle (anim002.all).

The Bat cannot be spawned in the final build for some reason, though it can be spawned in the demo version. It didn't keep its native textures, but it has AI. It attacks by flying into the player.

The Gargoyle can be spawned in both the demo and final builds, and it has its own textures and AI. It attacks by throwing a fireball.

There is yet another version of Gargoyle - a lot bigger one and in black (gargoyle.all). Gargoyle1.all is the same as anim002.all.

Uc gargoyle1.png Uc gargoyle2.png Uc bat.png

Unused Levels

Urban Chaos has a lot of unused levels inside the /level folder. Some of them are simple engine tests, while others are first versions of final levels. There are also some particular unique missions.

You can easily access most of them (some old levels crash the game, likely because of bugged old locations they use) by changing file names.


A finished level with its own graphics, it also has its own sounds and voice lines for characters. Description written by developers:

According to Gordanskys' intel, this is the last launch site.
It seems we got here before they expected - they ain't even finished building it yet.
Seems most of the workers here are experts - given to Bane by his mysterious benefactors
- so don't think you have to treat them any better than scum.
At this stage Stern, we ain't got no more strategies - we're fighting for the very survival of our city!
From here on in, forget about being a cop - just STOP THOSE WILDCATS!

Uc jung3 1.png Uc jung3 2.png


A quite hard level featuring three Baalrogs (in the final release there is only one in the penultimate level). Can be finished.

cutstest.ucm / moo.ucm

This level can't be finished, though it provides an early version of various game cutscenes. There are only three here. Trigger points of cutscenes are situated near the player's spawn and not indicated by any text.

Uc cutscenes 1.png Uc cutscenes 2.png Uc cutscenes 3.png


It seems to be an interactive way of credits. This level cannot be finished, its only point is to wander around the developers' building and learn their names. This level doesn't have its own texture pack (as many others as well), so it looks quite chaotic.

Uc creds 1.png Uc creds 2.png

Unused Vehicles

There are several models of a bike. This vehicle was shown at one pre-release footage. However, it is currently unknown (impossible?) how to revive this vehicle. Notably, nprim238 seems to be banned from being used in the executable.

Unused Graphics

A texture pack of jung3.ucm level is still present in /clumps folder. Also, the game has two big portraits of pedestrians from npc traffic, which are never used. A skull is situated in the HUD section of every level texture pack, however, its purpose is unknown. An old version of the game logo is still present in .txc files.

Uc tex1427.png Uc tex1473.png Uc tex1460.png

Also, there are several unused pictures inside /data folder, .tga format: e3title, e3miss, e3loadB (final build uses e3load when loading a level).

Uc e3title.png Uc e3miss.png Uc e3loadB.png

Unused Modes

Several traces of multiplayer remain in the game. First of all, there is a split-screen option that can be toggled in-game (either by hex editing with 2nd player being spawned or close-to-spectate mode, where the 2nd half of screen shows NPC). Also, several multiplayer levels can be accessed. And there is also a huge chunk of code, related to the multiplayer as well as some default (placeholder?) names for players.

Unused Objects

The game contains a lot of unused objects, among them are: plane, tank, gargoyles again, etc. Objects are situated in /server/prims. Those which are named primXXX are mostly not used in the final release. Native textures of most of the unused objects are missing. The more interesting ones are shown below. Prim137 and 140 are probably parts of the same entity (motorbike).