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Lovely page of me jumping to conclusions. (If sentences get barely readable it means I'm writing my thoughts down)

General stuff

To get the game to run, currently using Wine 1.9 on Linux, the entire video thing seems broken and even more when you install Indeo(so skip that) next you need to do this.

00474E01 C746 28 A03F44>MOV DWORD PTR DS:[ESI+28],legoland.00443E30

00443E30 becomes 00443FA0 so it just skips the video part but still gets some random data.


ILIKETOTRAVEL - It's actually ILIKETOTRAVELxx, where xx is 01 up to 10. If entered you will see the level select screen with the level you picked flashing even if you still need to finish the tutorials.

DIGGER - Fixes bridges that are broken in a level.


WINDEBUG - Displays "LEGOLAND cannot initialize your graphics hardware.", gets used when it really can't run or when it has noticed you tempered with it (?). If it's fine with everything and it finds the WINDEBUG parameter it sets 00667D6C to 1

BLT - Probably something to do with the videos, needs more poking.

Lls files,_the_32-bit_Incremental_Linker

Delphi (?) TBitmap, a scanline version of a bitmap, got no idea how to convert them for now.

Partial LLS loading added.

File format

16-bit compressed(?) bit-field bitmap, size for a 9x9 bitmap is smaller in lls than a normal one as it discards a lot of data compared to one saved with GIMP. Even as a bitfield are R5,G5,B5 and then gets converted to a R5,G6,B5 when loaded.

Location Comment
0x00 Just says COMP
0x04 Image Height
0x08 Image Width
0x0C bits so most files just say 16
0x10 Something thats always 1
0x14 Something thats always 0
0x18 First bitfield pixel

Compared to the GIMP settings that create a comparable result it loses half its pixel data and is more than half the size. The almost stupid amount of minimalism in the header is something I like. Someone probably smarter with file formats than I can easily write a converter to normal bitmaps probably.

The images might include frames.

Unused dialog

Crashes when selecting something and hitting ok.