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Located in: USA

GitHub: cglmrfreeman
Twitter: biggestsonicfan
Also known in other places as: BSF
d'aww This user loves adorable kittens.
Everybody makes mistakes. And if the past decade-plus of Wiki editing has taught me anything, I'm no exception. This user has some knowledge of the Wiki markup, but will probably make mistakes and apologizes in advance.


A Namco PS2 title about, you guessed it, traps
Sandbox/Prerelease:Dragon's Lair (Arcade)
Now with 100% more animation cells!
Sandbox/Sonic Championship (Rework)
With a proper debug mode, this needs a huge makeover


Since co-discovering Honey the Cat in late 2005 I have been obsessed with the cut content in Sonic Championship. I had always been entranced by secret content in video games, but something about the plain-text data I was seeing within Sonic the Fighters binary made me curious, and I wanted to know what it was all about. Little did I know at the time that the game would have so much unused content. After finding and documenting and publishing what I could by the beginning of 2006, it wouldn't be until 2012 that I would make my next advancements in understanding how the game worked. With nothing more than a hex editor and newfound knowledge of endianness, by analyzing what looked like the beginning of opcodes for service menus within the game, I found an array of pointers which gave me an arrayed list of the game's Test Menu. Not long after that I unraveled how certain parts of the game worked without so much as glancing at an assembly user's guide. Slowly but surely, in early 2015, I had my first glimpse of a debug mode menu. In early 2018, it turns out someone else by the name of SteveBlockhead had accidentally enabled the debug menu in a roundabout way. SteveBlockhead was not able to reproduce enabling debug mode, but because he recorded himself using debug mode with Cheat Engine, I was able to identify which bytes in memory needed to be manipulated to activate it. Then in late 2018, the proper debug mode flags were found by SuddenDesu. Initially I was upset by this, because after I saw the address used, it should have been painfully obvious and I should have found it much sooner. I had just about given up hope on the game but I pressed on and teamed up with SuddenDesu and in December of 2019, we finally found it. The set of inputs, or code, to enable debug mode in the retail game. I had confirmed this on hardware as well. My long journey for debug mode had finally come to a close, and my path to documenting everything had just begun.