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Located in: Pufftop

Reddit: BirdGutss

Hello, I'm BirdGuts. [No relation to the game BirdGut.]

I mostly dig through Nintendo DS, 3DS, and Wii games, but hope to further expand that horizon to things like PC and Switch games in the future. I'm also trying my best to learn more of the Japanese language to help with things like regional differences and translations.


Past & Current Contributions
What I've added since joining (to help me keep track).
Future Contributions
Pages I want to either make or contribute more to in the future.
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18 This user is 18.
Child-friendly animal fighting since 1996! This user likes Pokémon.
My favorite game is Miracle Mask, even though I keep neglecting its page in favor of Azran Legacy and Millionaires' Conspiracy... This user likes Professor Layton.
Funny little flyers with their funny little feathers. This user thinks birds are just swell.
my brain no work good This user is very prone to making mistakes, so please don't be too hard on them.
Prince Sidon, is that you? Nah, just kidding. It's Garchomp! This user's favorite kind of unused content is prototype content.

To-Do (For Now)

  • Finish up the prototype page for Last Specter.
  • Dig through the rest of the graphic files for Azran Legacy's story puzzles.
  • Get recordings of all those AL tests in action, and the test map (if I can).
  • Start digging deeper into Miracle Mask and Mystery Room.
  • Document MM's kiosk demo.
  • Create prerelease articles for all the Layton games here.
  • Start the regional differences for the puzzles on the MM and LMJ pages.
  • Help document those unused vsAA puzzles.
  • Add things to the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (3DS) page, since I now know how to access the main archive.
  • Start the pages for Trauma Center: New Blood and Trauma Team.