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Hey there guy. If I seem at all farmiliar to you, it's not that unexpected. I'm all over the damn web at this point.

Yoshines fullbabyyoshi.pngyeehaw

BubbleBobbleArcPopZenchanEarly.gifaw yiss

Jimmy Neutron GC - Tex1 64x64 8ef7c61f283d8500 74d8cd85e087915e 9.pngboy gennyoos

My contributions

  • I did pretty much all of Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou, and I plan to continue being the main man behind the page.
  • A lot of Cookie Clicker stuff. I plan to do a lot of the to-do stuff AND the proto, but I keep procrastinating. It's annoying me too, don't worry.
  • I fix a lot of descriptions that aren't accurate.

To do list

  • Some more major to-dos on Cookie Clicker, and of course, the "Classic" Cookie Clicker Prototype.
  • Document the early pod graphics, the nag screens, and more on the obscure PC game Platypus.
    • Maybe the sequel, Platypus II, has some stuff?
  • Megaman Sprite Game may have some Unused stuff, but the secrets page's download for the graphics may just be pulling my leg. Of course, I could probably open that .rpg file thingy...
  • Torture whoever thinks to remove the bonus videos from the Eastern Mind page by making them watch Dinosaur Adventures (Undecided)