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Hello there! If you've read my userpage, then you'll find things of interest for me. This page is more or less a to-do list.

I'm going to be working on/writing the following articles:

  • Donkey Kong 64 prerelease information, such as magazine scans and videos
  • Earthbound 64/Mother 3 early sceenshots, videos, and such.
  • Digging out unused content in various N64 titles.

Donkey Kong 64 prerelease information

Achieved by Retro Gaming Australia, they have what appears to be a magazine advert of sort. Image scan is not that good, but every screenshot shows signs of the game being changed at some point. Here's a list of differences, top to bottom. (image has been cropped to only include gameplay screenshots)

Flargy filler Dk64 mag advert scancrop.png
  • Gongs in Aztec are still present when the tower has been raised
  • More enemy present is in Aztec, notable with Kritters.
  • The texture and model of the rocks Chunky holds are more primitive.
  • No Klumps are here in the final game
  • Funky's store was moved entirely to a different location here.

I'll need to find and document E3 footage later, maybe.

DK64 Kiosk

  • Find out how to get levels working, and see if map data is present.
  • Find out how to repair map data to load if it's present, maybe through a patch.

Earthbound 64/Mother 3

  • Find magazine scans of the N64 game (Starmen net might be a decent place to start)
  • Find any early screenshots/articles of the GBA game.
  • Find out how to translate the Japanese decently.