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User:Hiccup/Donkey Kong Country Returns

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To do:
  • Unused stuff/revisional/regional differences in PAK files
  • Differences between PAL attract mode video 1 in USA original and USA rev 1
  • Placeholder video unique to Japan version

Build Info

To do:
wii u vc
Version Text
USA 2010/10/14 00:29 Build v74844
USA Revision 1 2010/10/22 21:39 Build v75001
Europe 2010/10/16 18:49 Build v74887
Japan 2010/11/15 18:37 Build v75508

The boot.dol contains some build info. Each string is prefixed with !#$MetroidBuildInfo!#$, like in the main Metroid Prime games and the Trilogy, which were also developed by Retro Studios and share an engine with this game.

(Source: Aruki)