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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Hiccup.

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Notes: advert (web only?) with already seen footage footage shown a few days before 2019/06/12 (at least), e3 2019 game b-roll in direct features already seen footage, new footage and developer commentary in treehouse segment, https://youtube.com/watch?v=WA6itMDdELc, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvPD-XafN4E, jp/us yt channel tv commercials, e3 video log on american yt channel, jp overview trailer

Development Timeline

  • 2019
    • February 2nd - Game announced via trailer during Nintendo Direct. Screenshots and artwork released to press and used on Nintendo of America website game page, but screenshots are just frames from the trailer (albeit from a less-compressed/uncompressed version of it). Game page added to Nintendo of America website.
    • April 25th - Release Date Trailer uploaded to Nintendo UK's and Nintendo AU's YouTube channels, which announces the release date as being the on the 28th of June 2019.
    • April 26th - Investor Relations released by Nintendo Co., Ltd. for financial year ending March 2019 features a new screenshot in addition to screenshots of and frames from the Feb. 2nd Nintendo Direct.
    • April 28th - Photo of poster in Japanese store shared on social media (tweet removed before it could be archived, but direct link to photo is still online). Clearer photos shared the next day. Features new screenshots in addition to the one first seen in the Nintendo investors report.
    • May 1st - New trailer uploaded to Nintendo Co., Ltd.'s Instagram account to celebrate Japan's new era - Reiwa. The game itself was uploaded to the eShop CDN at 23:10:02 GMT on this day.
    • May 15th - Super Mario Maker 2 Direct released. New screenshots and artwork released to press. First GameCenter CX video on the game uploaded to Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel.
    • May 16th - Japanese minisite published. Updated occasionly from this point [more detail on updates?]
    • May 28th - Press preview event in America [src].Story Mode footage and an audio-less version of multiplayer footage from the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct was given out to attendee of this event.[1]. European gaming press were also invited to (a) Nintendo building(s) to play the game [add playlist of example videos]. [around this period someone stated that there was no online multiplayer with friends]
    • May 29th - Second GameCenter CX video on the game uploaded to Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel.
    • May 30th (at the latest[2]) - European game page opened.
    • June 5th Third GameCenter CX video on the game uploaded to Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel.
    • June 6th - Two live video countdowns started on Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel. (人気マリオメーカー実況者が面白コースづくりに挑戦!【1日目】 and 人気マリオメーカー実況者が面白コースづくりに挑戦!【2日目】). The first is set to start on the 29th and the second on the 30th.
    • June 8th - Nintendo World Championships 2019 streamed on Nintendo's American YouTube channel [when was it announced?]
    •  ?? - American minisite opened

(summary of released media: Medromz)
(Source: Original TCRF research)


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