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User:Hiccup/Super Mario Maker 2

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To do:
  • Unused portions of tutorial levels (source: Skelux)
  • Check for:
    • Unused editor functionality or object settings (esp. for Story Mode exclusive stuff like the Stone, kidnapped Toad, and the final level's Toadette in a cage)
    • Unused sounds for Stone in SMB theme
    • Unused sounds for kidnapped toads in non-NSMBU themes
    • Unused object behaviour triggered by editing EnemyDB_game.byml and EditDB_common.bym
    • Everything in SMM1/SMM3DS
    • See what happens if a course has a clear condition + checkpoint
  • Document Nintendo-made levels in review and production server and in pre-release materials
  • Investigate Event files
    • Courses that can't be loaded in coursebot have unused metadata in the form of the date field
  • Possibly unused:
    • QstNPC_zNPC.msbt
    • GrammarArticle.msbt (maybe just in English)
  • Stone seems to have unused non-default params set in its EnemyDB_game.byml and EditDB_common.byml entries.
  • Check for unused objects and unused EnemyDB_game.byml/EditDB_common.byml values in code
  • Duplicate sounds (spoken object names, NSMBU ground pound sfx in SMW - source for latter)
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiEG5s99_O4 (12:38) first story mode level was apparently made in earlier version of the editor (which can be seen in prerelease footage) in which slopes didn't remove decorations from ground it attatches too. it could be possible to batch-check for oddities like this in the game and the original and 3ds games by creating scripts that automatically recreate a level using the editor interface and comparing the result with the actual levels.
Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: The following may be results of unused code:
  • Animations when spawning Bullies or Meowser from block in SM3DW theme (source: Skelux)
  • Dying in a tutorial restarts the tutorial (source: Skelux)