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  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo's unused assets (me and felineki were working on it, but thanks to Rage Quitter 87 for the Permission. UPDATE: This page is put on hold for now)
  • Tekken's Secret Character named Wild Card
  • Tekken 3's raw/cut character (Jun and Sake)
  • Tekken Tag Tournament's Unused Sound in the Sound Test about the cut character
  • Virtua Cop's unused conversation with Rage and Smarty (possibly the removed intermission cutscene)
  • Scud Race/Sega Super GT's Super Beginner Course and unused sounds (thanks to lum225jp for findings inside the game's RAM and made Super Beginner Course from Plus Version accessible in the original game)
  • Daytona USA 2 Battle On The Edge's Hornet Classic and plenty of unused library of sounds in the sound test (thanks to lum225jp for hidden car accessible in the game)
  • Battlefield 3 (PC)
  • PS2 Medal of Honor Games it uses Allied Assault's engine
  • More Tokusatsu games to cover like Kamen Rider for Super Famicom, Choji Sentai Jetman and Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger for NES (aka MMPR)