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User:MalaBG/Oculus Quest Datamining

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There are two easy methods to getting OBBs of Quest games, These being Oculus Downgrader and QuestAPKVersionSwitcher

Method 1 (Oculus Downgrader)


- A Meta account that owns the game you are trying to download.

- A PC.

- Oculus Downgrader


1. Open OculusDowngrader.exe, and complete the setup steps. 2. Press 8, type Quest, Press Enter


1. In OculusDowngrader, Press 2 and input the password you gave the program, and then type the name of your app 2. Download your build, Cross-check dates if your looking for pre-release things 3. Rename the OBB File that gets downloaded to ".zip" and then extract the files


For Unity-based games, nothing further than exporting the OBB should be required to get the game files.

For Unreal-based games, there will sometimes be a png file, after renaming that to ZIP, you now have the folder structure for the game.

Method 2 (QuestAPKVersionSwitcher)

For the sake of not typing that whole name, from this point on it will be referred to as QAVS


1. Just like OculusDowngrader, upon boot it will walk you through set up, unlike OculusDowngrader, This tool automatically gets your Oculus Account (because of Quest License Verfication stuff) 2. Setup your download location if you need to, it by default gets located in your Quest's root, in a folder named QuestApkVersionSwitcher


1. Click "Downgrade Game" and then search up the title of your game 2. Downloadable depots are labelled with, well, "Download", any depots that aren't publically available are labelled with "Developers Only" and typically are things like test branches, or beta branches, if you do have access to these, you can download them (granted you know their appid)