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Editor Mode

Super Mario Maker went through many changes before it's release.

E3 2014 Final
WiiU MarioMaker 040115 Scrn09.png
The Editor from E3 2014 also had many differences from the final. There are some major ones, like there being an extra block for power ups, and Coursebot's disappearance. The trash can was later replaced with a rocket and the E3 2014 version had the Undo Dog resemble his sprite from Mario Paint. There was originally a button to select the hand and the eraser instead of just the eraser. The eraser's sprite was also meant to replicate the Mario Paint one. This build also could hold fourteen items at the top bar instead of twelve.The ground block was a block you extended instead of placing down the block itself. Extending blocks looked different, and there wasn't a narrator singing the item you just placed.
Game Awards Final
Mario Maker Game Awards Trailer.PNG
WiiU MarioMaker 040115 Scrn09.png
The Game awards looks closer to the final game, but not completely. The Hand button is still here and the Eraser button is still close to it's original design. The closer to final block editor tab is here, but there is an x-hole next to the items instead of a number. The arrow pointing down was different, too.