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Developer: Namco
Publishers: Namco (JP)
Platform: Arcade (Namco System 2)
Released in JP: August 8, 1992

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Bubble Trouble: Golly! Ghost! 2 is the sequel to the lightgun shooter Golly! Ghost! (who could tell?), where instead of blasting ghosts in a haunted house you're instead shooting fish and crabs in a search of sunken treasure.

Unused graphics


Tuna sashimi. A few taunt sprites for the Tuna enemy go unused. While the Tuna does have a taunt animation in the final game, it's different than the one here.

Ghost Pirate

"Yar har fiddle dee dee!" The ghost pirate boss from Scene 1 has a number of odd unused sprites hidden away in the graphics bank. While their usage is known, its placement with the other graphics implies it was an early death animation. In the final game, defeating it simply causes it to fly away with no specific animation.

Version differences

YOO-HOO! HERE! BYE-BYE! Translations for speech bubbles! These go unused in the Japanese ROM, but the unreleased "World" version actually uses these.