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Birthplace: Ohio

Located in: United States

Discord: SirYodaJedi#5818
GitHub: SirYodaJedi
Reddit: r/SirYodaJedi
Steam: SirYodaJedi
Twitter: @Sir_Yoda_Jedi
YouTube: SirYodaJedi
Also known in other places as: Yui

Personal Website: Traveler's Tales Lego Game Modding Wiki

Focused on filling out the pages for the Lego games by Traveller's Tales (often confused with their parent, Tt Games) and sister studio Tt Fusion. Is a active member in the Tt Lego Game modding community and "maintains" the wikia site at ttmodding.fandom.com.
Is a trusted editor of the PCGamingWiki, and is a bit more active there than here.

Also goes by Yui.