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Pile of stuff


Advent Rising

=== Weapons ==

== Bartha Blaster == 

Used by a boss in the game, but can be spawned via console. Normally, you cannot pick these up. Uses an enlarged H.A.Z.E model, working first-person animations, and complete with a glitched ammo count. 

== Robosaption Weapon ==

A weapon that was originally used by a cut enemy! This weapon has no model and uses the H.A.Z.E animations.  Can be spawned via console and works sometimes.

== Seeker Disruptor == 

Seeker Elites carry this on their backs and never use it during gameplay. Can be spawn via console and has a unqiue first-person model, but does not fire.  The firing effects is left in the game as well.

== seekershocktrooper_wep == 

Code seems to suggest you were originally able to get the shocktrooper's weapon. Can be spawn via console and will overload the game if used too much.

=== Vehicles === 

== Warhammer == 

A large vehicle that was actually promoted along with other ground vehicles at the time of development. The Warhammer was designed to carry two vehicles in the back and equipped with two turrets.  This was supposed to be used in Chapter 2, but It was cut in the final version of the game.  It can, however, be spawned by using the code "Summon Vehicles.Warhammer_S" in a pretty broken state and only the turrets partily works with a working first-person model. 

== Aurelian Dropship ==

Normally seen in cutscenes or outside of gameplay areas, The Aurelian Dropship strangely is listed under vehicles and implies it was going to be use by the player at one point in development

== Human Diplomatic Shuttle == 

In the final version of the game, This little shuttle is flown in a cutscene and never used by the player. Coding and audio seems to suggest that you were originally supposed to fly it to the mothership yourself instead of the cutscene.

== Seeker Speeder == 

A ground / air vehicle once again shown in early footage and cut before release! Can be spawn but will often crash the game and you cannot exit it like the Warhammer.

== Stranger == 

While the model IS used in a cutscene, GlyphX originally had the idea for the cutscene to  be real-time and ditched it at the last second.  His placeholder voices are actually STILL in the game.

 == Demo Mesh == 

(todo) There is a very poor quality video this from 2010.  Look to see if this can be ripped from game files instead (todo)

Leftover from the E3 demo. 

=== Oddities ===

== Seeker Dropship == 

The real kicker is  decreasing the size of this enemy allows you to pilot the craft yourself in a very very broken manner.

== Beam Pyramid == 

This is a story element that has some unused coding regarding a sword referred as "swordcontainer" that was meant to be used in the final battle and a supposed plot point in a sequel.  Complete with a unused mesh that was supposed to be used in the final chapter. 

Serious Sam 3

Unused Super Armor: Sounds exist for picking up this item. Can it be placed within a map?

GDC Textures(?)

Xbox Cross Texture: Possible test texture from Xbox 360 version that is still in development (Leftover)


(Is it possbile to mod SOME of these back in? I know a bit about modding in M&B.)

MB1.PNG Unused "Black Knights" Armor.

Undead Faction: Undeadbody undead_walker undead_horseman undead_nomad undead hell_knight A questline was cut based on them

Lord Pelagnar: Cut Lord from Swadia Ghouls: Face texture and Code.

Black Knights Faction: Cut due to difficulty. Armor was one of the best in the game and the faction pretty much dominated the whole game.

Zender: City that was cut in development and still in code.

Robber Knights: Only a name is left.

Portal 2

Cut Gel: Reflection Gel.

Unused Turrets: Hover Turret. Used Personality Cores at one point in development. Rocket Turret.

Unused Core Textures (Three)

Bomb has Personality Core animation.

Unused Sound Scripts:


npc_sounds_zombie_aperture Chicken



TF2 Style Aperture Science Capture point Icon?



1) Slowly makes the game unplayable? (CONFIRMED)

2) Text fades in the middle of the screen slowly "This version is a Pirated Copy" (CONFIRMED)

3) Player is turned into an animal randomly (CONFIRMED) Randomly cycles between Cows to SEAGULLS!

4) Aiming is thrown off center (CONFIRMED)

5) Logo plays with trumpet sound then displays a watery effect after loading ingame (CONFIRMED)

Unused M4 models in "WEAPON_E" M4A3_ACOG_EP1 M4A3_EP1 (CRASHES ON LOAD)


Testing cells (Only smoketest is listed on the wiki)


Den som vill ha rosor tål taggiga stjälkar. (Found in an empty text file)

Translation: Anyone who wants roses resistant thorny stems

Red Fraction Guerrilla

Unused Vehicle: Bulldozer. Vehicle is coded, However the code is unfinished so the vehicle is very weak to small arms fire and randomly explodes on impact when rammed into objects. Textures are 90% finished. Can be swapped around with a vehicle that spawn at safe houses.

Crysis 2


game was 80% finished. This beta had a pile of testing maps. Placeholder Credits.

Editor still has tools for converting maps for consoles. The editor was in the early stages and is VERY buggy

DEVELOPER MAPS: GraphicsTest: A series of 4 room

CW2_Rooftop_Gardens_destructable_Test: The same multiplayer map....With trees added....

Placeholder Posters/Textures

Crysis2placeholder1.PNG Crysis2Placeholder2.PNG Crysis2Placeholder3.PNG Crysis2Placeholder4.PNG Crysis2Placeholder5.PNG Crysis2Placeholder6.PNG

Temp Icons:

Crysis2Temp1.PNG Crysis2Temp2.PNG

Deus Ex Human Revolution Reviewer Build

(I no longer have a copy of this. But anyone who does is welcome to give a go at re enabling the debug menu.)

Lightning effects might have been toned down.


Unused Voices of the Narrator

" This Microphone Smells Funny" " I realize I haven't eaten in weeks" " Uh, I dropped the Page" "Damnnation What am I suppose to say?" "You find a pair of socks? Plant it." " We didn't get this far yet" " Gotta say something" "I get the feeling like I'm suppose to say something." "You found boot? Plant it." "Blah Blah" "You find a Milly Mille tape? Plant it" "You find a unopened Marval Legend Spider-Man" (What.)

Universe at War: Earth Assault

Human Faction was cut late in development and it seems there is some unused units left over.

Dragoon MTRV

(Credits: Blindzeopowerkick for his video on the human faction aka Deckard.)

Stalker CoP

- Debug Menu (Disabled. Can be enabled with editing.)

Carrier Command (Remake)

- Anti-Piracy (Fade)

Borderlands 2

(Having trouble with UModel. Will try to get these later)

- A package called "Test_Carl"

- Packages dealing with a Test map


Unused Ships

Nexus The Jupiter Incident

- Test missions (How to get these working is beyond me, Possibly replacing the first mission?)

-Test Skirmish

- Early Demo (Game was entirely under a different name and gameplay.)

MidTown Madness

- Monster Truck

Postal 1

- Unused Sounds

Postal 2

- A fan-mod actually uses several pre-release models. - Demo has slightly altered map. - Unused day title (says "demo version but the demo did not use this" - Map changes.

Postal 3

- Unused Voice acting (Used in P2)

Splinter Cell Conviction

- "Video Not Found" clip. Defaults to this when a cutscene is missing to avoid crashing the game. (Guessing)

Splinter Cell Blacklist

- Video not Found" clip....AGAIN!

- E3 trailers

- "SE_IMAGE" (nothing at all.)

- "GPA" clip (Nothing at all.)

Planetside 1

- Beta Crosshair - Beta Sancs (redesigned before retail) - MAX Factory (believed to be a precursor to Planetside 2)