We just released a Feb. 5 '89 prototype of DuckTales for the NES!
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From The Cutting Room Floor
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A man of 18 digging up your yards for graphics, tunes, bad translations, and sounds.


  • Destroy aliens
  • Finding a Streets of Rage 1 prototype (let me know in my talk page if you found something)
  • Finding a video of all the stages of the Streets of Rage 1 beta featured in the prerelease shots
  • Documenting Doommaster1994’s SNES The Simpsons: Bart’s Nightmare prototype if it’s ever dumped

I am “winner”, and "being the wise and 'courageour' knight I am I "feel strongth welling. in my body.” Please “conglaturate” my “grate” work in “‘prooving’ our" gaming "culture”! I am always "making rapid progres". “GO AND REST OUR HEROES!”

(And that extra space in the first line of the second passage was purposeful).