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General Shite

14 year old mostly interested in MKDS and DKC things. Banned on the Jul board for being a kind of child. Anyway I like the DKC character Dixie Kong, Rare are the ones who can make strong female characters in a game. :)

And by the word shite you can tell I am from the UK.

System Specs

Packard Bell iMedia s3210 AMD Athlon 7450 (Dual-Core) processor - x64 2.00GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce graphics Windows Vista SP1


NES: FCEUX SNES: Snes9x N64: Mupen64++ GBx: GEST GBA: VisualBoyAdvance DS: DeSmuME

This is the ones I play most, not the ones I ever made or nothing... I will be making an NES or Game Boy emulator some time though.


I don't go on ABXDs, AcmlmBoards and such anymore except Board 2. I go on mostly emulation/tech/gaming boards now. (Termingamer2-JD or DixieKongJD)