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Surname: NOT NULL

Birthdate: Sometime
Birthplace: Somewhere

Located in: The Belpaese

Discord: WaluigiBSOD#8730
GitHub: WaluigiBSOD
Pastebin: /u/WaluigiBSOD
Twitter: @WaluigiBSOD

Personal Website: On GitHub Pages

Babel user information
it-N Questo utente può contribuire con un livello madrelingua in italiano.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
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I'm just an Italian guy who likes playing video games and finding unused things in them.

I love both Nintendo DS and Super Mario games, but I also like to dig for random stuff in random video games, especially for uncompiled source code and development-related text. I also like to dig into Nintendo data leaks, but I'm not obsessed with them.

I'm also the main curator of the Italian translation of the wiki, so feel free to discuss with me about it.

Random Wiki Statistics

Everything in this section is automatically updated every hour, when the wiki re-caches the page.

  • All the wiki pages are approximately 77.78% files and only 5.03% articles, the remaining 17.19% is everything else like redirects.
    • On average every article makes use of 16 files.
    • Only 0.63% of the articles and only 0.11% of the files are featured.
    • 4.97% of all the articles are a disambiguation page.
  • On average every user makes 79 edits, uploads 23 files and creates only 1 article (29 considering all wiki pages).
    • Only 2.11% of all the users are active (performed an action in the last 30 days)
    • 0.09% of all the users are administrators, and 57.14% of all the administrators are bureaucrats.


Are made under the hypothesis that all the parameters considered grow linearly over the time. Each entry is automatically updated with a new milestone when the current one will be reached. The closest ones are highlighted in yellow.

  • The 500,000th wiki page in general will be created sometime in June 2023.
    • The wiki will reach 25,000 articles sometime in May 2023.
  • There will be a total of 20,000 registered users sometime in September 2025.
    • The 2,000,000th edit will be made sometime in January 2030.
    • The total file upload count will reach 400,000 files sometime in October 2023.
(Last update: Thu, 18 Aug 2022 01:49:33 +0000)



Gwgal4 waluigitwinkle.gif
Small ones are excluded (e.g. typo fixes, game name in other languages, ...).
BloonsMonkeyCity QuestIconWrenchMagnifyingGlass.png
A list of externally hosted tools I wrote for the wiki, just to keep track of them without using Special:LinkSearch. Also may include some additional documentation.
MP3-Unused MP2 Lang Select Italian Flag.png
From English to Italian, oppure viceversa.


WIP articles and other incomplete stuff meant for the wiki, if I'll ever need to publish any of them.


Test Pages

ACWW dummy floor.png
Italian Templates Test Page
A quick test page for almost all the templates translated in Italian.

Actual Templates

Here all my personal use templates hosted in my userspace, to quickly find them when I have the need to.

A template that puts a notice on a talk page that links to its yearly archives.
A daily reminder that the amount of pages in the to-do list keeps growing.