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Could ya help out Banjo-Kazooie Wiki or Donkey Kong Wiki? Squirreldroid 11:14, 29 December 2011 (EST)

Hmmm, this message looks familiar... anyway, first of all, I've been much busier than I used to be years ago, so I have very little time to contribute to wikis like these (except for once in a while, as you most likely saw), or do much else on the Internet in general. I also get increasingly busy as time goes on, so it will be even harder for me to find time to do these kinds of things.
Second, ever since November 2010, I've hated Wikia and never turned back. The skin that Wikia crapped out and rushed turned away a lot of users, including me, with its very confusing navigation (half the time it takes me a minute just to find the search bar!), its excessive ads that take up half the page, its consequent lack of room for actual content that matters, and its ugly look in general. Wikia has shown that it doesn't care about users, it just cares about money from their ads. There are better alternatives, including: [1] [2] I know that the first one isn't wholly focused on Banjo-Kazooie, but it still is a good wiki for it, and I'd rather use those than any Wikia wiki.
So, sorry, as much as I'd like to help out, I can't really do it... --Blaziken257 13:15, 29 December 2011 (EST)
There is a Monobook skin option via preferences. Squirreldroid 15:42, 29 December 2011 (EST)
Oh. Try editing The RWPWiki. Its fun. Link: [3]. Squirreldroid 19:38, 30 December 2011 (EST)
1. Even when changing the skin, most of the wikis still look ugly (because they weren't designed for Monobook).
2. I'll probably edit RWPWiki one day, when I have more time to. --Blaziken257 19:22, 1 January 2012 (EST)


Can you please tell me some websites with a lot of Donkey Kong Land information/images? Also, on Photobucket, I see many DKL series images come from it. How can I access your page having all those DKL photos?

P.S. where do you get all these Donkey Kong Land III images/sprites? Squirreldroid 18:48, 1 January 2012 (EST)

I don't really know a lot of good sites with DKL information/images; for starters, you can go to Super Mario Wiki, Donkey Kong Wiki, or a few other sites like GameFAQs or DKC Atlas. I generally rip images myself using an emulator, mainly VisualBoyAdvance (which is also how I get the images/sprites that you were asking about). I had the Photobucket images private, but I set them to public just now, you can see them: [4] [5] There really isn't much there at all though, because I haven't used Photobucket in ages. --Blaziken257 19:22, 1 January 2012 (EST)
Another question: How do I take screenshots via VisualBoyAdvance? Squirreldroid 19:48, 1 January 2012 (EST)
Just hit F12, or go to File -> Screen capture... (note: depending on the version you're using, it might be Tools -> Screen capture...). --Blaziken257 19:59, 1 January 2012 (EST)
Final question: How do I jump in the DKC/DKL emulator games? I a struggling with that... Squirreldroid 20:36, 1 January 2012 (EST)
Press whatever is assigned to the A button. If you don't know what key that is, go to Input -> Set -> Config 1... and look at the key assignments there (you can also change them on this screen). Chances are that it's the Z or X key, though. --Blaziken257 20:41, 1 January 2012 (EST)
I am using VisualBoyAdvance. I don't see an input. Squirreldroid 20:45, 1 January 2012 (EST)
Sorry, all of that should be under Options. --Blaziken257 20:53, 1 January 2012 (EST)
I am sorry for bothering you again, but I really want to know how to take a screenshot of only the sprite on the Visual Boy Advance E.G. like that Bear sprite you just took. I know that I said that the previous question would be the last, but I am urgently wanting to know how to take a screenshot of only a sprite like you did with the Bear sprite yesterday. Thanks.

P.S. I recently uploaded many Game Boy Color photos here. If you want to use the photos, be my guest. You can find them on the Donkey Kong Country, Jungle Hijinxs and the Ropey Rampage articles so far. Thanks for telling me about this Virtual Boy Advance thing. Now it is giving me screenshot success.

P.P.S. Wanna be friends? Squirreldroid 12:30, 2 January 2012 (EST)

To get just sprites, press Ctrl+1 (if you're using VBA) to remove the background layer, so that only sprites appear. You can then take the sprites, then use an image editing program such as Photoshop or GIMP to crop the image and make the image transparent. Then press Ctrl+1 again to make the background layer visible again.
As for the photos, I'll use them eventually when I need to. Thanks. --Blaziken257 13:06, 2 January 2012 (EST)
You are also free to use the SNES, GBA and the other DKC/DKL images I uploaded. Is Donkey Kong Land III your first game you got? Mine is Conker's Pocket Tales. Squirreldroid 13:09, 2 January 2012 (EST)

SNES Emulator questions...

I recently got SNES9XW and how do I take screenshots on it? It isn't simple like VIsualBoy Advance. Squirreldroid 17:53, 2 January 2012 (EST)

File -> Save Other -> Save Screenshot --BMF54123 18:10, 2 January 2012 (EST)
I don't see a Save other" thing on the SNES9XW of FIle..... Squirreldroid 18:17, 2 January 2012 (EST)
What version of Snes9x are you running? It's there in the latest one (1.53). If you're running an old version, I can't help you. --BMF54123 18:20, 2 January 2012 (EST)
Darn. I have 1.43. Anyways, I don't need to reload another version (doesn't work...) Its ok. I have Visual Boy Advance and its enough to work. Squirreldroid 18:42, 2 January 2012 (EST)

I need some help...

See, I recently downloaded your color hack DKL3 GBC thing and I was wondering how to run it... When I try usiung Visual Boy Advance to run it, it won't, due to it being a .ips file. When I convert it to .gbc, it still doesn't work. P.S. can you tell me where to find hundreds of Donkey Kong Land III screenshots? Thanks. Squirreldroid 17:07, 29 January 2012 (EST)

DKL3 Patch

Hey, I really don't mind having a link to your patch in the article. I was kinda interested in trying it out myself. If you personally don't want it re-added, though, I understand. BMF54123 16:46, 24 October 2012 (EDT)

I don't mind having the link there either. I removed it because I thought it would be a problem, but as long as it doesn't break any rules, then it's fine if it's added back. And I'm glad you're interested in the patch! --Blaziken257 13:53, 25 October 2012 (EDT)

Donkey Kong Land Metasprite Rips

I've managed to rip most of the metasprites from Donkey Kong Land, but since I'm not especially familiar with the game I can't tell what's unused and what isn't. If you'd like to, you can look through them and add whatever you find to the wiki.

You can find the ripped metasprites here: File:Donkey Kong Land - Ripped Metasprites.zip

These metasprites look suspect, at least to me:

  • 6-28686-30: An animation of a Chomps Jr. dying. I don't think those can ever be killed, though.
  • 6-29682-16: A 1up icon.
  • 6-29542-27: Two small rocks. This is the default metasprite for most invisible objects (warp points, boulder spawners, etc.).

Also, there might be a few invalid metasprites hiding out in there since the heuristic I used to locate most of them is far from perfect.

--Shiny (talk) 15:44, 27 December 2014 (EST)

Hello! Nice job ripping all the DKL sprites. I took a quick look at them and have the following comments on them:
  • I don't think the Chomps. Jr death sprite is used at all, because there's no way to kill anything underwater in DKL. It's possible that Enguarde was meant to be playable in this game? It's the only explanation I can think of. (Curiously, DKL is Rare's only Donkey Kong game which doesn't have Enguarde at all!)
  • The 1-Up icon is used in the Kong token bonus stages. Here's a screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/CAeZN9u.png
    Additionally, I set a read breakpoint at 6:73F2 in BGB, and the game does read from this value repeatedly whenever I'm in a bonus stage. (Though the game also reads from this address whenever a regular Kong token is on-screen in a normal level... hmm.)
  • I don't think the two small rocks are used either, and it's odd that they're grouped together with the Slippa jar sprite. I can't think of any place where they could have been used... they don't look like the blockades on the first two world maps, either.
I'll take a more thorough look at the other sprites when I have more time (including the possibility of more unused sprites). Also, I will mention this... you may have noticed that I found unused sprites for both DKL2 and DKL3. While I was the one who found them, your explanation of how the metasprites are structured paved the way for me to be able to do this. (And I'll give you the ZIP file for every sprite that I found once I get that organized, mainly from the way I name the files.) So thank you for that!
And before I forget to mention this... maybe it's just me, but your sprite rips seem rather bright. Most sprites in DKL use palette 0, and this register (FF48) has the value 0x2F. This has the binary value of 0b00101111. This means that the sprites have the following colors:
  • Color 0: White
  • Color 1: Dark gray
  • Color 2: Black
  • Color 3: Transparent
In your sprite rips, color 1 appears to be light gray and color 2 appears to be dark gray, which is brighter than it should be.
(And if you're curious, in DKL2 and DKL3, sprite palette 0 has the value of 0x6C on a Game Boy (or 0x93 on a Super Game Boy, which is every bit flipped), where the result is that color 0 is light gray instead of white.) --Blaziken257 22:11, 27 December 2014 (EST)
Oops! I uploaded a new version with corrected palettes. If you want specific palette colors then I can do that as well.
I did see that you had found unused sprites in the other DKL games- that's why I chose to contact you about these. If I had known you were interested in that stuff I would have given you metasprite rips from DKL2-3 as well. And, if you hadn't guessed it, it won't be necessary to give me metasprite rips from DKL2-3 because I already have them.
  • Regarding the "small rocks" metasprite: it isn't necessarily grouped together with the slippa jar. While metasprites in DKL are grouped together like in DKL2-3, the format differs in that there's no accurate way to determine where one group ends and another starts. Due to that, I had to make quite a few (automated) guesses.
  • Regarding the "1up" metasprite: 6:73F2 is a pointer to the first in a set of metasprites, the one used by kong tokens. Due to the reasons stated above, my automated metasprite ripper blindly assumed that the 1up is part of the same metasprite set. To find the metasprite info for the 1up you need to offset to the correct metasprite in the set. Each metasprite definition is 4 bytes and we want frame 0x10, therefore its location is at 6:7432.
And lastly, Donkey Kong Land's metasprite format is now documented over at DataCrystal. However, ripping them is a lot more involved than for DKL2-3. The boss metasprites are particularly troublesome because of how their graphics get loaded to RAM. However, I'll soon be documenting how that's done as well.
--Shiny (talk) 00:16, 28 December 2014 (EST)
As it turns out, I had been ripping some metasprites twice. That has been fixed and a new version has been uploaded.--Shiny (talk) 02:32, 28 December 2014 (EST)
Hello again... sorry for taking weeks to reply, but now I have finally gotten around to it.
As for both of us ripping the sprites for DKL2 and DKL3, I don't feel too bad about reinventing the wheel since I wanted to know how the structure worked, and the ripping only took me a few hours to do anyway after reading the information that you posted.
Given the metasprite structure, there have been other things that I wanted to do besides find unused sprites as well. First, I plan on finding level differences between English/Japanese versions of all three games (including the multiple English GB versions of DKL3), and knowing how metasprites work certainly helps with this (though as I mentioned before, I found differences in some levels in DKL2/3 even without knowing the metasprite structure).
And second, I plan on helping with this site. I won't go into too much detail as it's not completely related to TCRF, but you can have an idea as to what I mean by looking at several of the DKC trilogy maps there (the site also has maps for the first DKL, which aren't linked to from the main page). This thread also explains what I'm trying to do here.
Now as for the DKL metasprites... I did see your documentation on Data Crystal, and unsurprisingly, the format is much more complicated than the other two games. DKL in general is much more confusing to reverse engineer than DKL2 or 3, and this is just one example of this. I'm surprised you had the patience for all of that... but it's nice that you did!
I realize I haven't yet uploaded the unused sprites that you mentioned, but hopefully I'll have time to do it tomorrow. Do the unused sprites have palette 0 or 1? --Blaziken257 23:32, 17 January 2015 (EST)
Those metasprites were ripped using palette 0 except vines which use palette 1. The intended palette for unused sprites is undetermined, but since almost every sprite in the game uses palette 0 they're probably no different.
Regarding the animated maps over at DKC Atlas, I think there's an impressive amount of detail there, down to including object movement patterns. It would be interesting to see something similar for the DKL games.
As for DKL vs DKL2-3 technicalities, I agree that DKL is the most complicated of the trilogy. Figuring out the object layout data was particularly difficult. If you have any questions about it or the technical side of DKL in general then you can ask me I'll try to answer them. However, if you ask through DataCrystal I might not notice immediately since it has no option to email when a watched page has been edited.
Also, I won't be expanding the DKL article over at DataCrystal much more since I've already finished mapping it and that was my primary motive. However, most of what I know is already documented there. Meanwhile, I'll be trying to rip maps from GBA games (surprisingly easier than GB/GBC, so far).
--Shiny (talk) 04:47, 18 January 2015 (EST)


Do you recognize the name "36cheese36"? I used to talk to you A LONG time ago on YT. It's nice, yet very surprising, to run into you. How are you man? 2B-20-43-48-52-49-53-54-20-2B (talk) 22:14, 12 October 2020 (UTC)