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This is the talk page for User:Earnirplaygames.
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Hej, zauważyłam, że jesteś z Polski, jeśli znasz również polski, możesz dodać pole babel do swojej strony użytkownika, aby wskazać innym użytkownikom, że znasz język! W takim przypadku prawdopodobnie chciałbyś dodać „pl” i „en” na dowolnym poziomie, który Twoim zdaniem najlepiej opisuje Twoją wiedzę. (Jeśli nie znasz języka polskiego, do przeczytania tej wiadomości użyjesz tłumacza i możesz odrzucić moją wcześniejszą sugestię) -- Luna (talk) 05:29, 24 February 2022 (UTC)

A Few Things Noticed on your FC pages

I do want to say Howdy, and welcome to the wiki! I was looking through your new pages on Far Cry 5 and it's expansion(?)/whatever ND is, and I just wanted to make note of a few things that would help the pages work more stylistically with the rest of the wiki, plus a few other suggestions:

  • When adding mboxes like {{wip}} or {{todo}} at the top of a page, it's preferred if they go underneath the Bob in the editor, but above the intro paragraph. This makes the boxes sit in such a way that the bob shortens them down horizontally, and this is how most pages (that have these boxes) add them. I made these changes to your two Far Cry pages already so you don't have to go do them.
  • You don't need to add a {{clear}} tag after every section of the page. Most of the time items will fit themselves on a page just fine without them, and it's preferred if they're used only when necessary to make the text and other things flow properly.
  • For future images you upload to use on pages, please try and put the game name, either in full or abbreviated somewhere in the filename, as it really helps out in future cleanup efforts on pages to be able to quickly reference by filename what an image is about and from.
  • Speaking of images, I see most of your screenshots are in fact PNG but I did spot one or two JPEGs. Please try to refrain from using JPEGs, even as a temporary stopgap (eg. if you're too lazy to get the PNG capture at the moment but plan to do it later). It creates more files for Mods and Admins to have to clean up later, if/when they get replaced with PNG captures.
  • Speaking again of images, please tag your images appropriately, either when uploading them, or after the fact by editing the page with the correct tag.

Just a few things to help everyone stay organized and happy. Welcome to the Wiki either way, hope to see you continue to edit! -- Luna (talk) 06:19, 24 February 2022 (UTC)