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Virtua Racing (Genesis)

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Title Screen

Virtua Racing

Developer: Sega AM2
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: March 18, 1994
Released in US: March 14, 1994
Released in EU: March 16, 1994

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The Genesis Virtua Racing is a unique port of the classic racing game using a chip known as the Sega Virtua Processor, which makes polygon drawing plausible on the humble Genesis. Unfortunately, just eight months later Sega released an enhanced version for the 32X, an addon which was far better than what the SVP had to offer. As a result, no other game uses said chip, though prototypes of a handful of 32X games indicate they were going to. The chip is also notoriously incompatible with the 32X and a slimmed-down model marketed by Majesco.


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Prerelease Info

Debug Mode

In any part of the game that gameplay is shown, setting RAM address 0xFFD86D to 0 (it's normally set to 1 at the start of a game mode) will enable the game's debug mode. All opponents will be halted and debugging info will be shown at the top.

SVP Test Mode

Game Genie code REAT-E61A or Pro Action Replay code 0201E0:4E71 will force the game to boot into a test mode. If the game does not detect the SVP chip, it will spit out a communication error. Otherwise, it will check the integrity of the SVP and make sure everything is working.

No SVP Chip Detected SVP Chip Detected
Virtuaracing-genesis-testmode1.png Virtuaracing-genesis-testmode2.png
(Source: Nemesis)