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Title Screen


Developer: Arcade Moon
Publisher: Destineer
Platform: Wii
Released in US: March 21, 2008

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

A dog-fighting game that takes place in World War II.

Unused Graphics

Wwiiaces loading.png

loading.tpl is an image of an unused loading screen with part of the logo of the PC Game Air Conflicts: Air Battles of World War II.

Wwiiaces logo.png

logo.tpl is the Air Conflicts logo itself.

Now running on Windows 98.

cursor.tpl is a yellow Windows cursor.

They really pop out!

3dpeople.tpl is the logo for 3D People, the developers of the PC "Air Conflicts" game. "Arcade Moon" appears to have been their short-lived Wii games label.

Wwiiaces wiings.png

wiings.tpl is, once again, an early logo for the game, where the game is called "Wings Over Europe", and WWII Aces is just a subtitle.

Wwiiaces test.png

test.tpl is a large black box with white arrows around the edges.

Wwiiaces nintendo.pngPikachu joins the airforceWwiiaces pikacar.png

Wiisdk yoshi1.pngWiisdk yoshi2.pngWiisdk yoshi3.pngWiisdk yoshi4.pngWiisdk wii.png

tg-02.tpl, yoshi.tpl, and wii.tpl are leftovers from the GameCube SDK.