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Title Screen


Developer: lol_rust
Publisher: lol_rust
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: February 15, 2009

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

.flow is one of the first fangames inspired by Yume Nikki, featuring the same dream premise with a darker tone not unlike Silent Hill.

This page covers Version 0.194.

To do:
  • Detail when maps were added in a Notes page.
  • Detail the many bugs and changes between 0.193/0.194.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Debug Room

.flow-0.194 Debug Room.png

The game contains a rather extensive debug room, accessible either by interacting with an out-of-bounds event in Sabitsuki's room, manually changing values in the game's editor, or by replacing the file MAP0002.lmu (Sabitsuki's real world room) with MAP0003.lmu (the debug room).

Going roughly from top to bottom, left to right:

  • The sign above Sabitsuki's computer literally says "Debug Room". Interacting with the computer and chair is the same as the ones in the normal bedroom.
  • The doorway leads back to Sabitsuki's real world room, and removes the debug speed option from the player's inventory.
  • The icons at the top enable a few debug features. The Entrance icon changes which of the three default looks the Entrance will use when going to sleep, the Cat allows multiple options to change Sabitsuki's speed (from "ordinary" to "god speed"), the dot enables saving at any time without the need for a bed, the box frame allows changing the menu type graphic, エフェクト (Effect) gives you every effect in the game, and finally the second cat option gives you the option to have a skill which lets you change Sabitsuki's speed from the menu at any time.
  • The NPCs in the lower-left primarily change Sabitsuki's appearance when interacting with them, the Scarf Sabitsuki giving her a Santa hat for instance. The Kaibutsu facing right has no functionality.
  • Interacting with Rust puts you in the otherwise-unused MAP0280 (see below).
  • Interacting with Oreko puts you in Submarine World, somewhat close to Submarine Village.
  • Interacting with the downwards-facing Kaibutsu puts you into the Erosion Nightmare event.
  • Interacting with the Cleaner puts you in the Town.
  • The characters to the right all give and remove their individual effects.

Unused Maps

MAP0280 and MAP0285

MAP0280 MAP0285 地獄 (Hell)
.flow-0.194 MAP0280.png .flow-0.194 MAP0285.png .flow-0.194 Hell.png

Two maps added in v0.193/v0.194 are unlabeled, but bear resemblance to the used Hell map (Map0153) and appear unfinished. Two FC Sabitsukis are present with the same coding in each map. The plant one on the left displays a picture overlay titled "blooooo", used as a background in a map within Disposal, while the other teleports you to MAP0285 at coordinates (030,016). These maps can only be accessed by interacting with Rust in the debug room, suggesting they were under testing before being scrapped.

The overlay in question.


.flow-0.194 MAP0244.png

A map that used to be accessible via speaking with a Cleaner in the Sweet Sugar Hotel, but was rendered unused when it was replaced with a newer map. Speaking with the north Cleaner sends you to the same spot it would normally.

Unused Events

Debug Room Warp

.flow-debug room warp.png

As stated above, Sabitsuki's real room has an unused event to warp to the Debug Room, located in the wall next to the door. This was most likely placed here for quick access in the game's editor, as later versions of the game have functionality for the door that replaced the original debug room's warp event. The text displayed simply states "Debug Room" followed by Yes and No options.

Disposal Passage Light Event

.flow-disposal passage lights.png

An odd event is present out of bounds in the passage leading to Disposal from Snow World. It's activated via touching it when variable 34 共通ランダムイベント (Common Random Event), a variable that is set every time you enter flow, is between 20-59.

Once activated, it will turn on switch 387 地下階段電気OFF (Underground stairs electricity OFF), flash the screen once, and then change the graphics of the lights in the staircase to be off. Why this functionality was disabled is unknown, but presumably it would've been used randomly when walking through the passage.

Unused Graphics

Sugar Girl/Yellow Dress Girl

A strange character known by the above names in the community actually has a full set of walking sprites! These go unused, however, as only one left-facing and right-facing sprite from this set is seen in different events, and her third event uses completely unique sprites unrelated to these ones.

.flow-sugar girl walking.png

Twintail Gas Mask Sabitsuki

.flow-sabitsuki twintail face.png .flow-sabitsuki twintail.png .flow-sabitsuki twintail pinch.png .flow-sabitsuki twintail 8bit.png .flow-sabitsuki twintail 8bit pinch.png

An alternate version of the Gas Mask effect with Sabitsuki's hair in twintails. Like most of these different graphics for Sabitsuki, they can be obtained in the Debug Menu but are otherwise unused.

Scarf Sabitsuki

.flow-sabitsuki scarf.png

Scrapped effect for Sabitsuki wearing a scarf. Only the walking sprite appears to exist.

Santa Hat Sabitsuki

.flow-sabitsuki santa face.png .flow-sabitsuki santa.png .flow-sabitsuki santa pinch.png .flow-sabitsuki santa 8bit.png .flow-sabitsuki santa 8bit pinch.png

Scrapped effect for Sabitsuki wearing a Santa hat. Unlike the scarf, this one's implementation is mostly complete, with 8-bit sprites, pinch sprites, and a face graphic.