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1602 A.D.

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Title Screen

1602 A.D.

Also known as: Anno 1602: Creation of a New World
Developer: Max Design
Publisher: Sunflowers Interactive
Platform: Windows
Released in US: 2000
Released in EU: April 1998

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Your people want a TCRF page.

To do:
Add more revisional differences and be more detailed:
An additional island size "large", volcanic eruptions, etc.

Investigate the cheat mode's edit mode.

Confirm if the Shift + x cheat codes work in the German version.

Native Soldier Oddity

Anno1602 NativeOddities.png

Due to a programming oversight, native soldiers can be clicked on and commanded to stop moving, as though it was your own unit. Interestingly, their name will show up as Unused.

Placeholder Text

Anno1602 PlaceholderGoods.png

When editing the goods on your ship to be ID 42, 43 or 44 (decimal), it will show up with the name Unused.

Revisional Differences

This game has several different versions as a result of having received two expansions, having been released in different countries and having received various bugfix patches.

Game version Notes
Anno 1602 - Creation of a New World The base game.
Anno 1602 - Expansion: New Islands, New Adventures Includes a level editor, and new missions and music files.
Anno 1602 - Expansion: By Royal Command Also known as Gold Edition and King's Edition. Includes a level editor, and new missions and music files.

Audio Differences

These sound effect tracks are exclusive to the German version. Some, if not all of them, appear to be unused.


These sound effect tracks are exclusive to the British version:


The order of the music tracks was changed. In the British version, Ballad Of Hope is the first track played when starting the game, whereas in the German version, it is In The Beginning.

The German version includes various unused narrator voice lines:

  • "Anno sechzehn null zwo" (colloquial saying in place of the proper "Anno sechzehnhundertzwei").
  • "Lade Spielstand" (lit. "Loading Savegame").
  • "Bildschirmauflösung wird geändert" (lit. "Screen resolution will be changed").
  • "Spiel verlassen" (lit. "Game left")
  • "Ein Denkmal wurde errichtet" (lit. "A statue was built")
  • "Ein Triumphbogen wurde errichtet" (lit. "An arc of triumph was built")
  • "Eine Kathedrale wurde errichtet" (lit. "A cathedral was built")
  • Some files of the narrator saying
    • you need a doctor
    • you need a fire department
    • you finished researching an island
    • your people are rebelling
    • there are criminals in your city and you should build gallows
    • there are new buildings available and you should upgrade your warehouse
    • you are lacking resources
    • you can now create new resources
    • your people are leaving the city
    • the taxes are too high
    • resources aren't picked up from a building
    • certain types of weapons are missing
    • certain war-related shouts
    • etc.

Graphical Differences

HUD elements:

British German
Anno1602-Saving-Eng.png Anno1602-Saving-Ger.png

The German version removed menu option subtitles and added graphical icons for the savegame select menu.

Closing the Game

When closing the game, the British version asks if you really want to quit. The German version doesn't.

Cheat Codes

To enable the game's cheat mode, follow these steps:

  • hold Shift + Alt + Ctrl + W. A console will open in the bottom left.
  • Type 2061 and press Enter.
  • To toggle on cheat mode, press A.
Code What it does
Shift + M Adds 500 gold.
Shift + K Adds 5 cannons to the selected city, or equips 1 cannon to the selected ship.
Shift + T Adds 5 tools to the selected city or ship.
Shift + H Adds 5 wood to the selected city or ship.
Shift + Z Adds 5 bricks to the selected city or ship.
Shift + ? Toggles Coordinate Display mode. When hovering over an map object such as an island or fishing grounds, shows ID and size.
Shift + F8 Octuple speed. (Normally you can only use quadruple speed at most.)
Open the console again and type 1 ~ 24
Press Enter
You can now press A repeatedly for the desired effect
Adds 5 goods to the selected city depending on number.
1	Goods in building(?)
2 	Ore
3	Gold
4	Wool
5	Sugar
6	Tobacco
7	Cattle
8	Grain
9	Flour
10	Iron
11	Swords
12	Muskets
13	Cannons

14 Food 15 Tobacco products 16 Spices 17 Cocoa 18 Liquor 19 Cloth 20 Clothes 21 Jewelry 22 Tools 23 Wood

24 Bricks
E Toggles Edit mode. It shows the text Edit on the screen, but it is unknown what you can do while in this mode.

Additional Codes

These codes do not require cheat mode to be turned on.

Note that on the German version, using the version code brings up a screen with empty information, and the screenshot code does not work.

Code What it does
Shift + F Toggles Framerate mode.
Shift + V Brings up a window that tells the game's version and date.
Shift + P Saves a screenshot in .PCX format.