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4x4 EVO 2 (Windows, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X)

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Title Screen

4x4 EVO 2

Developer: Terminal Reality
Publisher: Gathering of Developers
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X
Released in US: October 30, 2001 (Windows), February 15, 2002 (Mac)
Released in EU: June 20, 2002 (Windows)

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

4x4 EVO 2 was the second and final 4x4 Evolution series video game, and Terminal Reality's fourth video game codenamed "Metal Crush."


Unused Dialogue
Unused Sounds

Unused Music

File Name Notes
BUILD1D This music was originally heard in the alpha and early beta versions when driving in all tracks, but was cut from the final release.
EVO1 One of the original music files from the first game.
EVO2 The beta main menu music from the first game.
EVO3 The rest of the original music files from the first game.
INDIAN-MUSIC Part of a stock Indian music track, which unfortunately doesn't play anywhere.