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4x4 Evolution (Windows, Mac OS Classic)/Unused Sounds

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This is a sub-page of 4x4 Evolution (Windows, Mac OS Classic).

There are a lot of unused sound effects packed in 4x4 Evolution's SOUND.POD file. Some of them have been used exclusively in alpha and beta versions, but are even stored in the final release's SOUND.POD file possibly as space fillers.


File Name Notes
ABCYOTE.01 A stock cartoon sound effect of a coyote, but it is nowhere to be heard.
ABCYOTE.02 Another stock cartoon coyote sound effect.
ABJETS.01 A couple sound effects of jets passing by.
AIRHORN3 A stock sound effect of a long air horn, which was part of the checkpoint sound effect previously used in Monster Truck Madness 2 (another racing video game developed by Terminal Reality). This time, it doesn't serve any purpose whatsoever.
ASOWL.02 A mix of stock sound effects of crickets and an owl.
ASOWL A standalone stock owl sound effect, which would have been used when driving at night or pitch black, but it never plays.
FMBIRD.01 Some bird sound effects for Farm Road 109.


File Name Notes
BAR-IN-CANCEL The intended purpose of this sound remains unknown. Perhaps it could have been used as a placeholder UI sound in the alpha versions, judging from its file date (5/1/2000).
BAR-IN-OK Same as the other bar-in sound above.