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Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.

Graphics that Zero just didn't quite know what to do with.

Seriously though, if you haven't finished the game then you should stop viewing these pages. If you are able to put 2 and 2 together then you'll be spoiled. You have been warned.

Seek a way out!

Ally... ...or betray?

Unused sprite versions of Seek a Way Out!. In the final game they were replaced with a movie featuring Junpei and the same text. It is unknown whether or not the sprites above were mere placeholders for the movie or if the sprites were scrapped in favor of the movie. The two videos below attempt to compare both versions. The left video is a ROM hack restoration of how the sprites may have been intended to be used. The right video is what is actually seen in the final game.

Interestingly, the two sprites do get used in an unused engine test that is documented here. That engine test was the basis and starting point for the left video.

Sprite Restoration Final Version

(Source: Cuber456 (Graphics Rip, ROM Hack Restoration, Videos))

Bottom Deck Map

Junpei will always make his way to the Bottom Deck in every timeline but he never actually receives a map for it. Despite this, maps for the Bottom Deck do exist and we even have some peculiarities to go along with them.

First Map

999 US deck bottom.png

Second Map

999 US deck btm.png

For some reason, there are two versions of the map shown above. The information they represent is the same but the paper of each map is slightly different. The first map is contained in the file path root\bg\minigame\map\resource\deck_bottom and the other is contained in root\bg\minigame\map\resource\deck. Of the two maps, the first map's “style” is more similar to that of the other maps that are used in the game. Evidence of this is shown below.

(Source: Cuber456 (Graphics Rip))

First Map's Resources

In the final game, you can bring up deck maps you have collected by pressing X during novel sections. On those maps, plot important areas are highlighted green. Clicking those highlighted areas will bring up a much more detailed top view of the areas.

These are all the resources grouped together with the top map. Below would be those same type of highlighted areas but instead for the Bottom Deck.

Sprite File Name Translation
999 US ゼロの書斎.png ゼロの書斎 Zero’s Study
999 US 拷問室.png 拷問室 Torcher Chamber
999 US 書庫.png 書庫 Archive/Library
999 US 焼却炉.png 焼却炉 Incinerator
999 US 監禁室.png 監禁室 Confinement Chamber
999 US 蒸気機関室.png 蒸気機関室 Steam Engine Room
999 US 貨物室.png 貨物室 Cargo Room
(Source: Cuber456 (Graphics Rip), Bast (Translation))

Second Map's Resources

These resources are a little odd compared to the resources of all the other maps. Instead of just being solid blocks of color, like in the preceding section, they look like sections of the map cut out and translated to a different (paper) background as to highlight them.

File Name Translation
保健室 Infirmary/Hospital
999 US deck btm 保健室.png
体育館 Gymnasium
999 US deck btm 体育館.png

These rooms by themselves are interesting. There is a Large Hospital Room on Deck C but not once is any sort of hospital found on the Bottom Deck. Even stranger, the game never even mentions that a gym exists on the ship.

(Source: Cuber456 (Graphics Rip), Bast (Translation))


999 US deck bottom label.png

This is the label the map would have used had it been given a chance to appear on the map screen. This is located in the following directory root\bg\minigame\map\resource\deck_bottom.dat.

(Source: Cuber456 (Graphics Rip))


999 US Bottom Deck Recreation.png

Above is a recreation of where all the sprites in the previous sections would fit on the map of the Bottom Deck. From left to right, the rooms are the Incinerator, Infirmary, Gymnasium, Steam Engine Room, Cargo Room, Library and Zero’s Study. The Confinement Room and the Torcher Chamber are absent from the recreation because it isn’t obvious where to place them. In fact, even the Zero Escape art book that showcases this unused map, on pages 52-53, does not point out where these two rooms exist.

(Source: Cuber456 (Recreation))


While there exists a flag check to load the Bottom Deck map into the player’s inventory, the flag is called nowhere in the game. It might be possible to use the flag to force the map to load but the efforts so far have only resulted in crashes.

(Source: Cuber456 (Research))

Top Views

These are detailed top views of rooms.

Steam Engine Room

999 US 蒸気機関室 Top View.png

This could have been used on the map for the Bottom Deck. Of course, you never get that map so this goes unused. This room has two separate, horizontal variants of this map that do get used during the escape. Fun Fact: The Zero Escape artbook, on the top of page 52, showcases this picture.

(Source: Cuber456 (Graphics Rip))

Confinement Chamber Room

999 US 監禁室 Top View.png

This top view is very similar to the top views used during this room's escape. In fact, it is almost the exact same top view that is used for the room Seven is in during this escape sequence. There are two notable differences:

  • This image is rotated 180 degrees.
  • This image lacks a door that used versions have.
(Source: Cuber456 (Graphics Rip))


999 US 焼却炉 Top View.png

This could have been used for either the Bottom Deck map or during the escape from the Incinerator. In the former case, you are never able to obtain that map. In the latter case, you aren’t able to bring up the map screen. Fun Fact: The Zero Escape artbook, on the bottom of page 52, showcases this picture.

(Source: Cuber456 (Graphics Rip))

Escape Rooms

Third Class Cabin

This room would have been really easy if the door was open!

An image of the number [5] door open. The only opportunity there would have been to display this sprite is after Junpei unlocks the door. However, the door is only shown opening during a pre-rendered cut scene where the player is directly in front of it. Once that cut scene ends, Junpei leaves the escape room and the next novel section begins which renders this sprite unused.

(Source: Cuber456 (Graphics Rip))


999 US Incinerator 1.png 999 US Incinerator 3.png 999 US Incinerator 6.png 999 US Incinerator 9.png Don't be negative. Get your mind out of the gutter and conquer.

If you are wondering why some of these sprites are upside-down then you clearly haven't finished the game. The sprites above are intended to have appeared on the "bottom screen". It should be pretty obvious to you as to why the numbers 1,3,6,9 do not get used. The -, x and ÷ operations are never used either.

(Source: Cuber456 (Graphic Rips))