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AH-3 Thunderstrike

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Title Screen

AH-3 Thunderstrike

Also known as: Thunderhawk (EU/JP)
Developer: Core Design
Publishers: Core Design (EU), Victor Entertainment (JP), JVC Music (US)
Platform: Sega CD
Released in JP: September 17, 1993
Released in US: October 1993
Released in EU: September 1, 1993

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Remnants of Borland C++

A large amount of text from Borland C++ Version 3.1 can be found within the disc.

e descriptM  the selected Transfer item Delete the selected Transfer item Use cursor keys to examine the list of Transfer items Enter title you want assigned to the Transfer item Enter the path and program name associated with this item Enter the parameterized command line to be passed to this item Choose hot key to associate with this Transfer item Create a new Transfer item with the given characteristics Modify the existing Transfer item with the given characteristics Check this box if Transfer item is a translator Stop a project-make on any warning message Stop a project-make on any error message Stop a project-make on any fatal error message Stop a project-make after attempting to compile all sources Stop after project-make is complete Link project items into an EXE or DLL Put project items into a LIB Don't generate an import library after the link Generate an import library of exports in the DLL Generate an import library of exports in the DEF file Check dependencies for .OBJ files Generate no map file Create map only of program segments, start address, and messages Add a list of public symbols to the map file for debugging Add detailed segment map to the map file Output uninitialized trailing segments into .EXE file Use default libraries Link GRAPHICS.LIB to use BGI graphics Include libraries to generate a Turbo Vision application Do not link Container Class library StaticadD lly link Container Class library Dynamically link Container Class library Do not link ObjectWindows library Statically link ObjectWindows library Dynamically link ObjectWindows library Do not link standard run-time library Statically link standard run-time library Dynamically link standard run-time library Warn if a symbol appears in more than one library file Warn if the executable does not define a stack segment Differentiate lowercase and uppercase letters in symbols Differentiate lowercase and uppercase letters in DEF file symbols Pack code segments Compress debug information Pack code segments into blocks of this size Segment alignment to be used, used by new executable format only Output is a standard DOS executable Output is an overlaid DOS executable Output is a Windows executable Output is a Windows dynamic link library (DLL) Set librarian options (list file, case sensitivity, etc.) Generate a library list file at time of library creation Case can be used to distinguish symbols in library Purge Borland comment records from modules added to library Generate an extended dictionary for the library Indicate page size of records in the library Include debug info for both integrated debugger & Turbo Debugger Include debug info for Turbo Debugger only Place no debugging information in the .EXE file Don't let debugger change display windows when running a program Swap display windows only if the code does screen output Swap display windows every time a statement executes Show inheritance of an object Show methods of an object Show numeric values in decimal Show numeric values in hex Show numeric values in both decimal and hex Specify your program's extra heap size in 16 byte paragraphs The directories to search for your include (.H) files The directories to search for your library (.LIB) files The output directory for your .OBJ, .EXE, and .MAP files The directories that store source for included .OBJ and .LIB files Display 25 lines by 80 columns Display 43 lines by 80 columns (EGA) or 50 lines by 80 columns (VGA) Save modified editor files when you shell to DOS, run, or debug code Save config file when you quit, shell to DOS, run, or debug code Save desktop when you quit, shell to DOS, run, or debug code Save project when you quit, shell to DOS, run, or debug code Open a new window to track messages Replace the contents of the current window when tracking messages Use CUA menus and hot-key selections Use Borland's alternate menus and hot-key selections DOS IDEs use alternate set, Windows IDEs use CUA set Preserve messages before a compile or make Show all options in Search dialog box Position cursor at text while search string is being entered Create a backup (.BAK) file whenever you save Characters typed are inserted into edit text Auto-indent to previous indentation level on each new line Insert actual tab characters into file Optimally replace consecutive spaces with tabs The Backspace key will unindent, based on previous starting columns Allow cursor to move through tabs one column at a time Syntax elements are highlighted in editor windows Group similar editor actions into one Undo action Selected text remains highlighted when cursor moves Inserting new text deletes (overwrites) selected text Change the number of columns to use for tab width Use this file extension if you don't provide one Right mouse button does nothing Right mouse button invokes Help|Topic search Right mouse button invokes Search|Find... Right mouse button invokes Search|Search again Right mouse button invokes Search|Replace... Right mouse button invokes Run|Go to cursor Right mouse button invokes Debug|Toggle breakpoint Right mouse button invokes Debug|Inspect... Right mouse button invokes Debug|Evaluate/modify... Right mouse button invokes Debug|Watches|Add watch... Adjust the double-click speed of your mouse Make the active mouse button the rightmost one, not the leftmost Save all history lists Save Clipboard contents Save all watch expressions Save all breakpoints Save state information for all open windows Save state information for closed windows Chooses general color group to modify Chooses specific item in color group to modify Sets the foreground color for selected item Sets the background color for selected item Preserve entire EGA color palette Use second monitor for the environment Perform snow checking during video output Autodetect and use the currently active monitor Always use CGA/EGA/VGA/XGA in black and white mode Always use CGA/EGA/VGA/XGA in color mode Always use monochrome mode Amount of EMS memory to use Kilobytes of extended memory to use Set number of 16K EMS pages to use as a swap device Sets drive to use for swap file Save state of environment options Save state of desktop Save state of project Use cursor keys to examine windows in windows list box Remove the selected entry from the windows list box Generate standard DOS prolog/epilog code Generate DOS prolog/epilog code that can be overlaid Generate standard Windows prolog/epilog code for all functions Generate Windows prolog/epilog code for explicitly exported functions Generate Windows prolog/epilog code with smart callbacks Generate Windows DLL prolog/epilog code for all functions Generate Windows DLL prolog/epilog code for explicitly exported functions Specify what kind of prolog/epilog code you are compiling for Generate a standard DOS executable file Generate an overlaid DOS executable file Generate a standard Windows executable file Generate a Windows dynamic link library (DLL) Specify properties of target file Generate a DOS executable file Generate a Windows executable file (EXE) Generate a Windows dynamic link library (DLL) Help on the IDE and C++ Language Help on the Windows API Help on the ObjectWindows API Help on the Turbo Vision API ~~~Borland's C++~team members~~Don Ahn~Mark Alexander~Robert Arnson~James Bach~Joanne Bealy~Pete Becker~Latesh Bhatia~Eli Boling~Scott Bosso~Keimpe Bronkhorst~Ken Burgett~Lee Cantey~Garnet Chaney~Liang-Jye Chang~David Ching~Bonnie Cohen~Bradford Cottel~Hank Cox~Michael Cuff~Scott Derrick~Charles Dickerson~Steve Drake~David Draper~Pete Eden~Greg Ellison~Judy Fitzgerald~Lynn Flink~Lars Frid-Nielsen~Paul Fussell~Alastair Fyfe~Carol Geary~Bret Gillis~Laura Grenyo~Paul Gross~Arthur Guo~Craig Hansen-Sturm~Judi Heher~Paul Hinks~John Ho~Dan Horn~Jon Howell~Michael Hyman~David Intersimone~Dana Jeffries~Linda Jeffries~S. JeyaRajan~Philippe Kahn~Spencer Kimball~Peter Kukol~Alex Lane~G bor Ligeti~Sin Lew~James Lok~Linda Lowther~Barry Lulas~Scott Lund~Sidney Markowitz~K.A. McCord~Mike Malone~Sylvio Marcondes~Kathy Money~Sekaran Nanja~Rob Pearson~Dirk Pellett~Matt Pietrek~Loan Pham~Christine Phan~Rick Potts~Brian Russell~Phil Rose~Robin Rosenberg~Jeff Stock~Victor Stone~Rick Schell~Tamra Selfridge~Tayloe Stansbury~Linda Stevens~Eric Swenson~Tamah Swenson~David Taylor~Abel Torres~Bruce Tribbensee~Eugene Wang~Mike Weisert~Pat Williams~Nancy Wood~Chopin Yen~~and the fantastic~Technical Support team!~~~~~~ Borland C++  Version 3.1  Copyright (c) 1990, 1992 by Borland International, Inc.