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AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative/Developer Comments

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This is a sub-page of AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative.

To do:
Add comments from the remainder of the game.

The Windows Store version of nirvanA Initiative contains uncompiled source code for every scene, complete with detailed developer contents. These comments include descriptions of animations, sound effects, and camera movement, as well as additional story background information and line-by-line comments with kanji readings, voice direction, and additional clarification on what certain details mean. In the interest of avoiding redundant information, this page will document supplemental story information, extra line clarifications, and notes about cut or altered content.

Comments on individual lines of dialogue include the English text for context.


a0 (Chapter 0: A Strange Tale)


Ryuki's dream in the opening sequence.

Ryuki is dreaming, but it purposely doesn't look like a dream.

All of the scenery feels realistic (just like it is in the investigation part)

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
Host: The New Cyclops Serial Killings... The incident in which many victims got their eye gouged out and murdered... //この世界線は前作のGrand Finaleと繋がっているので、第2サイクロ事件で殺されたのは硝子と沖浦の2人だけ。 Since this world line is connected to the previous game's Grand Finale, the only two people killed in the New Cyclops Serial Killings were Shoko and Renju.
Only b2 is not split. It's a metaphor for the number of victims in the main story. (During cutscene at the end of Ryuki's dream. "b2" refers to the blue figure sitting to Boss's right.)
Supplement: Behind the scenes

This file pretends to be Ryuki's dream in the past (6 years ago), but is actually Ryuki's dream in the present. Ryuki has this dream after drinking and getting drunk at Brahman. So, the blue people and Boss being halved is not a "precognitive dream," but rather caused by past trauma.


Mizuki's first appearance at the Stadium.

//・正式名称『Evolver-MC』//MCは『Mizuki Custom』の略。
There is a gun at Mizuki's left armpit (inside the uniform jacket). Usually unseen.

The gun is like Date's Evolver. The official name is "Evolver-MC," MC short for "Mizuki Custom." It transforms like Date's Evolver. It can also be loaded with various bullets such as fire rounds and explosive rounds in the same way.

Masked Woman.

Carries a rifle. No scope (She has Marco, so the scope is unnecessary)


The body appearing at Studio Dvaita in the past.

//・看板には『Fray to Free!』という文言と『QRコード』が記されている。//◎inc確認。別案:『Be Frayed to Be Free』『Be Frayed, Not Afraid』
"Fray to Free!" and a QR code are on the signboard. Alternatives: "Be Frayed to Be Free," "Be Frayed, Not Afraid"


Mizuki's investigation at the stadium.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
Mizuki: It changed my life forever... //左目と伊達を失った She lost her left eye and Date.


Ryuki's investigation at the studio.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
元気2倍、半パンマン!! Ryuki: Two times as energetic, Hanpanman!* //ちなみに正規の時系列順に倍々になっていきます By the way, this doubles in normal chronological order.

*Japanese equivalent of Ryuki's "Half Might" reference. Every time this line comes up, the number is a different multiple of 2. A ticket number on every Hanpanman line suggests it was changed from something else.

Mizuki: I'm fine... I've seen worse. //『サンポケで吊り上げられた沖浦の死体のこと』ではない。それは別の世界線でのこと。この世界線でみずきが見たのは『犀人のアジトに転がっていた沖浦』と『頭が吹っ飛んだ犀人』 Not Renju's body suspended at Sunfish Pocket. That was in another world line. In this world line, what Mizuki saw was Renju's body lying in Saito's hideout, and Saito's head blown off.
Detective: Metro P.D., Major Crimes. Name's Ushidera. //6年のあいだに牛寺はコールドケースを専門に扱う『特命捜査対策室』に移動することになった In the 6 years, Ushidera will transfer to the Special Investigations Unit, which specializes in cold cases.


Mizuki visiting Golden Yokocho before entering Brahman.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
何度も来たことがあるからね Mizuki: Yeah, I've been here a bunch of times. //亜麻芽の紹介で知った。6年前から知っている。 She knows [Brahman] through Amame's introduction from 6 years ago.


Mizuki visiting Brahman to find Ryuki.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
鏡の世界にでも旅立ったんじゃなぁい…? Ryuki: Maybe to the mirror world...? //直前に龍木は『もうひとりの袋男』を目撃している Just before, Ryuki witnessed "another sack man"*

*Comments often call Gen "sack man" to account for Date wearing his disguise. Likely referring to the both of them here.

あいつの…居場所も… Mizuki: Maybe I can figure out...where he is... //伊達のこと About Date


Mizuki speaking to Pewter before Psyncing with Ryuki.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
6年前に古衛の右半身から採取されたDNA… Pewter: The DNA extracted from Jin's right half six years ago... //臓器から採取した Collected from the organs


Optional item dialogue in the Psync room.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
手足が生えた44歳の鯖のことだ Aiba: She's a 44-year-old mackerel that grew limbs.* //前作では38歳。6年後なので44歳。 38 years old in the previous game. 6 years later, she's 44.

*Direct translation. In AI1's Japanese text, the "Sabako" Aiba jokes about coming from the Psync Room TV is a 38-year old mackerel with limbs.


This appears to be a placeholder file where Ryuki's Somnium would be. The actual code is stored in M0_somnium, but all placeholder Somnium files have detailed background information.





// 身を切り刻まれるような思いで煩悶している。



// * 龍木編4章R2_endで『犯人の上の名は『ダリア』だ』と聞いた。
// * 龍木編5章R1_endで『犯人の下の名は『ボート』だ』と聞いた。

// もう一度このステージをプレイすることになります。
// *『 龍木 編ルート』の難易度はSuper Very Easy、
// *『みずき編ルート』の難易度はそこそこHardに設定して下さい。


*Psyncer: Mizuki
  • Subject: Ryuki
  • Location: Naix Underground Cathedral (West)

  • Before the Psync

Ryuki was in charge of the HB case 6 years ago. He might know something... That's Mizuki thought, so she went to ask him, but he was drunk and not able to hold a proper conversation. So, she decided to Psync...

  • In his heart

Ryuki is in agony like he's being chopped to pieces over losing Date in the explosion 6 years ago. He thinks, "it's my fault Date was killed." In fact, it is his fault for getting everyone involved in the explosion, but but will not be revealed yet. Ryuki has always been suffering mentally, but that's why his condition has gotten worse. His mental state got even worse and he became an alcoholic.

  • Supplement:

Ryuki was already suffering even more Side Ryuki (prior to 6 years ago) because of the aftereffects of seeing the scene of his brother's accident.
Branch: Yes
Divides into Side Ryuki route and Side Mizuki route.

  • Supplement:

Please do not try to enter Side Mizuki route without clearing both endings of Side Ryuki. There is no flag. "The culprit's last name is Dahlia" is heard in Side Ryuki chapter 4 R2 end. "The culprit's first name is Boat" is heard in Side Ryuki chapter 5 R1 end. If you don't hear these, you can't enter Side Mizuki. I think a "What is the culprit's name" password input is good. If you can enter "Dahlia Boat," you'll go to Side Mizuki route.

  • Supplement:

This means this will be the 8th Somnium for players. They'll play this stage a secong time. So... please set the difficulty of "Side Ryuki route" to Super Very Easy, and "Side Mizuki route" to moderately hard.

  • Final facts revealed: Side Ryuki

A blue person appears. #Uchi (12/26): At first, I supposed the blue person would be Tearer or Tokiko, but because of the Somnium's connection, the blue person became Date.

  • Final facts revealed: Side Mizuki

"Dahlia Boat" itself is the last fact to be revealed. Mizuki (Aiba?) should not know "Dahlia Boat," but somehow she does. (Aiba was at the scene of the explosion, but after that all her memories were erased.) Even though Mizuki (and Aiba) don't know, the player knows. This implies the player's position in relation to this game. (Tokiko's ultimate goal is to contact the player.)

R1_Somnium (New Investigation)

Fade in from white. A blue eyeball drops and rolls on the desk. (Eyeball that looks like a blue person’s) (Mizuki’s lost left eye)
#Uchi: Mizuki was in the cathedral at the time, so she knows about the cathedral.

#Uchi: Aiba has lost her memories, but she also knows there was an explosion at the cathedral.

Suddenly, when you look at the ceiling, the rubble has all become red left hands. (Palms facing down) (Uru's left hand)

(Note: The hands in game appear green.)

With a deep sense of regret, Ryuki once put the muzzle of a gun to his temple in the past. (In the end, he didn’t shoot)
Fade in from white. The blue lower half of a body drops at Ryuki’s side. (Left half looks like a blue person’s) (Kizuna’s lower half that has stopped moving}
Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
僕は!! あいつを許さない!!
絶対にあいつを!! あいつを!!
Ryuki: No, no, no, no! No forgiveness, no mercy, never! //あいつ=鉄仮面の男のこと Referring to the man in the iron mask.
あれ…この警察のIDって… Mizuki: Hey, this police ID is... //見覚えがある。伊達のものだから She recognizes it because it belongs to Date.
The rubble from the ceiling falls, burying Ryuki. The rubble piles up on Ryuki, showing only his head and right arm and shoulder. Ryuki imagined how painful it would be if he were in Date’s position, and dreams of it often…
#Uchi: By the way… In the plot, it says the blue person who reaches out here was Tearer. But, I’ll match it with the investigation part with the above development. The plot also says “the blue person says some memorable words,” but please forget this. We’ll figure something out.
Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation


Mizuki: Tama was Ryuki's anchor... She kept him tethered to the real world.

Aiba: Right…

//ちょっと伊達のことを思い出す感じで Feels like she remembers Date for a moment


Aiba: Awfully strange advice...

Mizuki: Yeah...

//伊達のそういうとこ好きだけど認めたくない強がり含めての『ふーん…』 Mizuki likes that side of Date but doesn’t want to acknowledge it so she bluffs and says “Yeah…”
かぼちゃ美味しいな、龍木! Aiba: Pumpkins sure are yummy, huh Ryuki? //#打:内側から食べてるって意味ですかね…? // *Uchi: Does she mean she’s eating it from inside?
Time Bomb @ M

This was wrapped around Kizuna in Side Ryuki Chapter 5. // #Uchi: Kizuna was only restrained to a chair, not with a bomb wrapped around her body. The bomb was behind Kizuna. We’ll interpret it as that bomb and move forward.

a1 (Ryuki Chapter 1: Anyone Imagines)


Ryuki meeting with Boss and Date on 2/11 (in the past).


“6 years ago” cannot be written on the title screen, since Side Ryuki Chapters 2 and 4 are not “6 years ago.”

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation


Ryuki: You went to a host club in Kabukicho after the investigation, didn't you?

Boss: Who would do such a thing...?

//誰も言ってない。ピュータが言ったのは『みずき編(現在時間)』でのこと。 No one said it.* Pewter said it in Side Mizuki (the present time)

*Direct translation of Boss’s line would be “Who said that?”


Ryuki visiting Sekiba High to meet Iris, Amame, and Gen.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation


Iris: Don't you know today is February 11? National Foundation Day?

Ryuki: Oh, right...

//時間感覚障害のため、前に聞いてても覚えてない Because of Ryuki’s time blindness, he wouldn’t remember even if he’s heard it before.
Iris: Supposedly, people who saw it suddenly vanished. //ただの都市伝説 Just an urban legend. (Referring to Bats490)
うん、イリスから話を聞きに来たんだ Ryuki: Yes, I was talking to Iris about it. //※厳は年上だがタメ語 Gen is older, but Ryuki uses casual language.
私、ちょっと用事ができちゃって… Amame: Something came up... //今夜、父の米治と会う約束をしている She’s promised to meet her father Komeji tonight.
一番大事な調味料が欠けてるんだ、あいつの料理には… Gen: His dishes are missing the most important condiment... //『愛』という名の調味料 A condiment called “love.”


Ryuki visiting the Kumakura office and speaking to Moma and Chinpei.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
親分に、昨日の礼をしに来たんだよ//チェケロッチョを渡しに来た Chinpei: I came to say thanks to the boss for yesterday. //チェケロッチョを渡しに来た He came to give him the Vochlocho.


Ryuki visiting the Enda Residence and speaking to Shoma.


After this, Shoma goes out. Komeji comes home and takes his place, and Amame comes to the home too. There, they talk about Jin’s left half (in the suitcase) hidden under the floor. Amame takes it and goes to Brahman.


Ryuki visiting the Horadori Institute to speak with Chikara.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
Chikara: I know of him, but I haven't met him in person. //嘘。古衛迅は法螺鳥の息子。 A lie. Jin Furue is Chikara’s son.


Placeholder file for Chikara’s Somnium.




// Aの左側とBの右側を融合させたらどうなるのか?について知りたがっている。


*Location: Horadori Institute of Genetics lab

  • In Chikara’s heart 1

Chikara is shaken because his child (Jin Furue) was killed. He’s also terribly sad. He also knows the culprit. It’s Uru, who was confined in the basement. But his lips are sealed no matter what.

  • In Chikara’s heart 2

Chikara has an insane level of interest in immortality.

  • In Chikara’s heart 3

Chikara is a crazy mad scientist. He wants to know what would happen if you cut two bodies, A and B, into left and right halves, then fused the right half of A with the left half B, or the left half of A with the right half of B. He was attempting to carry out an experiment for that purpose.

  • Branch: No

  • Final facts revealed

A person wearing a Naix uniform (with the Nonuple-X with “Naixatloz” written on it) enters. The Naix member heads for the PC and makes a video. Approach the video → it turns out to be Bats490. Or, the opposite sequence, Bats490 → Naix follower → Nonuple-X mark and Naixatloz, is also fine.

R1_Somnium (Nefarious Institute)

// この状態を法螺鳥は『エピジェネティックエクスタシー状態』と呼ぶ
// (『エクスタシー!!』と叫んだりする)
// 『このシミュレーション世界はなんでもできるし、なにをやっても許される素晴らしい世界だ!』
Because of the experiment’s success, and Chikara’s inspiration, his brain floods with pleasure-inducing chemicals. Chikara calls this state “Epigenetic Ectasy.” (He shouts something like “Ectasy!”) “This simulation is a wonderful world where you’re allowed to to anything!”
Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
Tama: It is said he can control the rules of reality itself and is looked up to as the father of God. //#打:『%』の印を持つ者が創造者。法螺鳥はその父。 #Uchi: The person with the “%” mark is the Creator. Chikara is his father.

a1 (Ryuki Chapter 1: Ought to Know)


Ryuki visiting Naix to meet Tokiko. The dialogue below refers to the nil number input.

// * 突如プログラムが狂い出して、ゲームが『バグモード』になる。
// * その後の流れは本編とは無関係なので、すべて執筆してから書きます。
// * 詳しくはプロットをご参照下さい。
If the answer is correct:

The program suddenly starts malfunctioning and the game enters “bug mode.” The events after that are not related to the main story, so I’ll write them after everything. Please refer to the plot for details.

a2 (Ryuki Chapter 2: Nothing to Be Done)


Ryuki visiting the shrine (in the present) before viewing Chikara's body in VR.

Supplement: Chikara’s murder was 6 years ago, but Ryuki thinks it was yesterday.
//・みずき編11日の 龍木 :様子がヤバかった。意味不明な言葉をつぶやき『神社に行こう…』と言っていた。
Memo: Relevant Connections
  • Mizuki in on the 11th, Side Mizuki: She was shocked to learn that she had been genome-edited.
  • Ryuki on the 11th, Side Mizuki: He was in bad shape. He muttered incomprehensible words and said “Ikume Shrine… I’ll go there…”
Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
そう… Tama: I see... //タマは不安気な様子。龍木の精神状態について心配している。 Tama looks worried. She’s concerned about Ryuki’s mental state.


Ryuki: I've been thinking about Chikara's murder.

Tama: …

//タマは『6年前のことをなんで今さら…』と思っている。 Tama’s thinking, “That was 6 years ago, why now?”


Ryuki visiting Naix.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
私は彼のことをとても信頼しているのですよ Tokiko: I have complete trust in him. //時雨は『亜麻芽恐喝用の暴露文書』を牡丹井に託している Tokiko has entrusted Mamoru with documents for blackmailing Amame.
ええ、そうですが… Ryuki: Yes, but… //戸惑い(マスコミがもう嗅ぎつけたのか?) Disoriented (Has the media already gotten wind?)

(Referring to Tearer being on the news)


Ryuki preparing to Psync with Tokiko.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
龍木くん、なんか体調も悪いみたいだし… Pewter: Besides, you don't look so good, Ryuki... //龍木が長期休暇してるのを知っている He knows Ryuki is on extended leave.
いや、だけどきみは… Pewter: But you... //事件の担当じゃないでしょ? You aren't on the case anymore, right?


Placeholder file for Tokiko's Somnium.







//『ニルヴァーナ構想(Nirvana Initiative)』
//その計画の名は『ニルヴァーナ構想(Nirvana Initiative)』という。
  • In her heart 1

Tokiko is a believer in simulation theory. Her ultimate goal is to cause glitches in this world and achieve Moksha. Tokiko is aware of the player's existence. She wants to confuse and disturb players and cause the world's program to malfunction.

  • In her heart 2

She is worried about a certain person (Amame). "Can she do everything as I said?" she wonders. Tokiko is going to cut her body in half with the slicer in the Horadori Institute basement. Then, she'll have Amame carry the right half of her body to the president's office.

  • Person appearing 1: Sack man

6 years ago, the person in the sack is Gen. Gen's face and skeleton are warped and unsightly due to Chikara's genome editing. Tokiko is not involved with the genome editing, but she knows about it through Chikara, and feels pity for Gen. Somewhere in her heart, she may have put her feelings towards her real son Jin Furue onto Gen.

  • Person appearing 2: Shoma

A child who, like Gen, had his genome edited. (His growth was slowed down after a certain point in time.) While she feels pity for him, he is also a precious follower of NAIX's teachings. Somewhere in her heart, she may have put her feelings towards Uru onto Shoma.

  • Branch: No

  • Final facts revealed

She knows that someone (Uru) has a plan called the "Nirvana Initiative." Ryuki heard about the Nirvana Initiative six years ago, so it feels familiar to him.

R12_somnium (Naixatloz's Intentions)

Suddenly, a blue figure and "Tokiko B" appear in the center of the bridge. "Tokiko B" is different from "Tokiko A sitting in the chair." Both exist at the same time. Tokiko A sitting in the chair is just sitting and not moving. The blue figure represents Amame.

The blue figure and Tokiko B are standing perfectly still in silence. The camera alternates between them motionlessly. After alternating several times, the left half of Tokiko B's face slides straight down for a moment.
A metaphor for her interaction with Amame. Change the camera to Tama's shocked face for a second. When it retuns to Tokiko B again, she is standing there and not cut. (Huh? Was the cut a mistake...?)

When you read it, 9 skulls (skulls A-I) will suddenly appear. Gen's skeleton and body have become distorted... She thinks of the many children whose skeletons were changed by Chikara's experiments. That's the metaphor.
[The black figures] don't do anything. If you leave, they disappear. If you don't get close, you won't see anything. (It's the opposite of the amusement park gameplay, you can't see it if you don't get close. Looks like a BT from Death Stranding.)
Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
この世は虚構…わかりますか? Tokiko: This world is a lie... Do you understand? //(祥磨入信時の時雨の言葉) (Tokiko's words to Shoma when he joined.)
よろしい、私に従うのです Tokiko: It's settled. You will follow my orders. //(数週間後、祥磨が目覚めたときの時雨の言葉) (Tokiko's words to Shoma a few weeks later when he had awoken.)
ともに超えましょう、世界を… Let's transcend this world, together... //(数か月後、祥磨が弟子のようになったときの時雨の言葉) (Tokiko's words to Shoma a few months later when he had become like her disciple.)
Tama: It says..."When the eyes are met, death is born"... //→◎洗脳動画を見て大量死が発生することの暗喩 A metaphor for the large number of deaths from watching the brainwashing video.
// →◎これからニルヴァーナ計画で死ぬことになる大量の人たち(をただ無感情に見ているだけ)
Outside the window, falling blue figures slowly flow from top to bottom. (6-8 people at most in a loop.) Tokiko is just staring at the bizarre scene outside her window. These are the many people who will die from the Nirvana Initiative (she just watches apathetically.)

a2 (Ryuki Chapter 2: Go)


Ryuki speaking to Tama after psyncing with Tokiko.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
Tama: We already did that yesterday. No more for a while. //ほんとに昨日した。現在時間の11日。 It really was yesterday, the 11th in the present time.


Ryuki: Maybe Shoma is at school?

Tama: No, he hasn't been there in a while.



Meaning elementary school. (Ryuki)

Meaning high school. (Tama) Shoma is 18 in the present. However, because of his young appearance, he hasn’t been attending school.

ええ、あいつも、この観覧車がごっつ好きでして… Komeji: Yes, he really loves this Ferris wheel too. //回想//既出//6年前に聞いた A recollection. Ryuki heard this 6 years ago.


Ryuki visiting the Enda Residence and speaking to Shoma.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation


Ryuki: Shoma, the director of Horadori Institute, Chikara Horadori, was killed. Did you know about that?

Shoma: Why are you asking me?
Shoma: Of course I know.
Shoma: A killer calling himself "Tearer" did it...but he hasn't been caught yet.



It’s too late…that was 6 years ago.

Even though he’s really 18, he still looks 12.
Angrily, because his own father was killed by Tearer.

そんなこと、どうだっていいじゃないか… Shoma: Why does that matter? //犯人が捕まっても父親が帰って来るわけじゃないし…。 Even if the culprit is caught, there’s no way his father can come back…
思い出したくないんだ… I don't want to be reminded of him. //米治はすでに亡くなっている Komeji has already passed away.
見ればわかるじゃん、そんなこと… Shoma: Can't you tell? //成長してない姿を見れば …by seeing that he hasn’t grown? (Re: Shoma not attending school)
あの人の体調、ずっと悪かったんだって… He had been sick for a long time... //6年前の話 Story from 6 years ago (about Jin)


Optional item dialogue at the Enda Residence.

Amame stole the one-wheeled robot, so it is not here.


Ryuki visiting Brahman to speak with Gen and Amame.

[People present]
  • Ryuki: Sitting at a table. The kitchen is visible from his position.
  • Amame (24): Sitting at a table. Facing Ryuki. Looks depressed. (Because she killed Uru) // Personal clothes. 24 years old, but her face looks the same.
  • Gen: sack man. On the opposite (kitchen) side of the counter. Doing cooking prep.

Since this is the present time, the sack man’s identity is Date.
However, since he will be played by Gen’s voice actor, he will be referred to as “Gen” below.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
そっか、麻芽ちゃんも来てたんだね Ryuki: Oh, Mame is here too. //しれっと『麻芽ちゃん』と呼ぶ。6年前からそう呼んでいた。だからタマもツッコまない。 Ryuki calls her “Mame” casually. He’s called her that since six years ago, so Tama doesn’t point it out.
どうしてここに…? Amame: Why are you here...? //自分を捕まえに来たんじゃないかと思っている。 She thinks he’s here to arrest her.


Ryuki: There's something I wanted to ask Gen...

Gen: And what would that be...?

//※中の人は伊達。6年前、龍木のせいで爆発に巻き込まれたため、龍木のことを恨んでいる。なので最初はつっけんどん。だが『厳』として振る舞わなければならないため、しだいに普通の感じになっていく。 The person inside is Date. Since he got caught in the explosion 6 years ago thanks to Ryuki, he holds a grudge against him. So, he’s blunt with him at first. But, since he has to behave as Gen, he gradually starts to act normal.


Ryuki: Gen, do you know a woman named Tokiko Shigure?

Gen: Never heard that name before.

//嘘。本当は知ってる。 A lie. He does know.
NAIX…NAIXってあの、秘密結社の…? Gen: Naix... You mean that secret society or whatever? //中の人は伊達。前作絡みで知ってる。 The person inside is Date. He knows about them because of the previous game.
残念ながら、聞いたこともないですね… Gen: Sorry, I don't know what that is. //これは本当。伊達はニルヴァーナ構想のことを知らない。 This is true. Date doesn’t know about the Nirvana Initiative.


Gen: Uh... Did I say something like that before...?

Ryuki: Yeah, I think you did...

//プレイヤーはまだ聞いてない The player hasn’t heard [about Gen liking the warehouse district] yet.
あの倉庫街は思い出の場所なんです Gen: I have fond memories of the warehouse district. //伊達にとっての Date does.


Amame: But you don't want Matsushita Diner to show you up, right?

Gen: Of course not!

//応太に負けたくないと伊達は思っている Date doesn’t want to lose to Ota.
ちょっと、ネットで名前を見かけただけです… Amame: I only know her name from the internet. //嘘 A lie. (Re: Tokiko Shigure)
Amame: I read about that on the internet too... It was on an occult news site. //嘘 A lie. (Re: Nirvana Initiative)
パチンコで5万スッただけです!! Amame: Lost 50,000 yen on pachinko! //嘘//ちなみに現在時間なので亜麻芽の年齢は24。合法です。 A lie. By the way, since it’s the present, Amame’s age is 24. It would be legal.
私、前にとても、つらいことがあって… Amame: I was going through a very painful time of my life... //米治が亡くなったこと When Komeji passed.


Ryuki: You mean he wrote it?

Gen: Um, well, yes...

//中の人は伊達なのでよく知らない Since it’s Date inside, he doesn’t really know.


Ryuki: I didn't realize that not only are you a good cook, but you can write songs too.

Date: Ahaha, this is a bit embarrassing...

//伊達は作れない Date can’t make them.


Ryuki visiting the warehouse district and encountering the Masked Woman.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
前にちょっとだけ、見かけただけって言うか… Tama: I've just seen them around before... //過去時間で会ってる They met her (Masked Woman) in the past.
Masked Woman turns to Ryuki and glares sharply at him. Since she’s wearing a mask (her eyes aren’t visible), so you won’t know that she’s glaring…





The Bibi here now has experienced Side Mizuki Chapter 4 M1, the abandoned factory event 6 years ago on 2/14. So, she should know the following information:

Connection to Jin Furue
Jin Furue is Chikara and Tokiko’s son. There is a person with an identitcal face to his. Bibi has only seen the left half of his face, but she would never expect that the right half of his face was made of chitin. That person is the culprit, and she hasn’t heard his name. He called Tokiko “Mom” and held an unhealthy affection for her.

Connection to the Nirvana Initiative
On 2/14 6 years ago, the Masked Woman (Bibi) heard about the Nirvana Initiative. She doesn’t know specifically what the plan is about. However, she does know it’s “a plan to cause many bugs and drag the Creator into this world,” or so Uru said. Tokiko was there, so NAIX is involved. It’s probably a very dangerous plan. That’s why she doesn’t want to get her little sister involved.

Why Bibi didn’t tell anyone about the above
On 2/14 6 years ago, the culprits (Uru and Tokiko), said this as they left the abandoned chemical plant: “Don’t tell anyone what you saw here today. If you do, we’ll kill your sister.” Because of that, she can’t report any of it to ABIS. Of course, she didn’t tell her sister either. She doesn’t want to involve her in the case.

Connection to Ryuki
Ryuki is a traitor. On 2/14 6 years ago, Ryuki fired a super-powerful stun bullet at Bibi. Because of that, she hasn't been able to investigate properly for the last 6 years. That's why she strongly resents Ryuki. But, as a result of her investigation, she has learned that Ryuki does not have a close tie to the culprits. Even if she beat him to a pulp, she wouldn't find any clues. And, because of the explosion 6 years ago, Ryuki is suffering mentally. Ryuki likely appears calm right now because of his memory disorder and disorientation. Ryuki can't bear the sin he committed, so he detatches himself and tries to escape from it. Telling him the truth like that won't help him. For that reason, she keeps silent and doesn't tell him various things.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation


Masked Woman: The day to take action is approaching...

Masked Woman: And I must stop the plan.



Talking to herself about the Nirvana Initiative.


Ryuki visiting Yoyagi Park and speaking to Lien.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation


Ryuki: Lien...

Lien: Oh, it's you...

//6年目から知ってる They know each other from 6 years ago.


Lien: I was watching the sky.

Ryuki: The sky?
Lien: Yeah, like I told you.

//6年前に言った He told him 6 years ago.
Lien: You want to get inside that facility and take a look around... //23時30分頃に行く They left at around 11:30 PM.
もしかしたらあそこに、なんかあんのかもしんねえな… Lien: Maybe there's something there... //地下室のこと//6年前にみずき姉と行った Referring to the underground room. 6 years ago, he went with Bibi.


Ryuki investigating the cathedral underneath the NAIX building.


At the time, Ryuki didn’t feel like anything in particular happened. But, in that moment, he was infected with TC-PERGE, created by Uru. As a result, his mental state has become extreme in present time chapters: Mizuki Chapter 3, Ryuki Chapter 4, and Mizuki Chapter 5. As his hallucinations get worse, he starts to believe, “Maybe this world really is fictional…”

Then, on the left, a blue figure (Amame) appears from the shadow of a nearby pillar.
Supplement: Ryuki sees a blue figure because of his hallucinations, but Tama sees Amame normally.

The bad ending that occurs when Ryuki is hit by a torch is because there are no cardboard boxes on the floor. Because of that, Ryuki crashes into the floor and is seriously injured, requiring him to be hospitalized. The events of Ryuki Chapter 4 in the present then do not happen. Since there were cardboard boxes under the bridge, no bad ending happens and the story goes on. The events of Ryuki Chapter 4 occur.

a3 (Ryuki Chapter 3: Farewell)


Ryuki visiting Boss’s office to speak with Boss.

//・みずき編12日の 龍木 :大失態を犯した。//※青人間捕り逃しの件とは別。みずき編2章で民間人に対して発砲した。
Memo: Relevant Connections:
  • Bibi on the 12th, Side Mizuki: Bibi (and Lien) went to the underground living space.
  • Ryuki on the 12th, Side Ryuki: Made a big mistake. (Distinct from the incident where he failed to catch Amame. He fired at a civilian in Side Mizuki Chapter 2.)

Ryuki’s “mistake” is that of firing as a civilian in Side Mizuki Chapter 2. The event where he fails to catch a person who seemed to be the culprit (Amame) happens in the future, so it can’t be mentioned here.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
Boss: She's a grown woman now. She's capable of handling her business. //昨日は見事風船をすべて探し出したしね She (Bibi) did an excellent job finding all the balloons yesterday.
Boss: Nothing, other than what you already know. //みずき編2章の出来事をぼかす Making the events of Side Mizuki Chapter 2 ambiguous. (Re: Any new information about the investigation?)
長いからみんな『HB事件』って呼んでるけど… Boss: But that's pretty long, so we've just been calling it the "HB case." //時系列的には『HB事件』の名称が出るのはここが初 This is the first time the name “HB case” appears chronologically.


Optional item dialogue in Boss’s office.

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
くっ… Tch... //みずき編2章の失態を思い出した Ryuki remembered his mistake in Mizuki Chapter 2. (Appears when selecting the balloons)


Ryuki visiting the shrine and speaking with Tama.




Information gained in Side Ryuki Chapter 2 cannot be used here, since it is from the future.
  • Tokiko is not dead yet. Naturally, no body has been found.
  • Ryuki cannot go to the president’s office. There will be no police officers or signs of an investigation.
  • Ryuki also cannot go to Yoyagi Park. The left half of Chikara’s body has been discovered (in Side Mizuki Chapter 2) at Yoyagi Park. The investigation should still be ongoing at the scene.


Ryuki visiting Aioen and speaking with Kizuna, Mizuki, Riichi, and Lien.

You will only be able to “Look” at Mizuki and Kizuna. Or, even if you can talk to them, they’ll reply, “Don’t you have something to talk to Chieda-san (father) about?”

Nakazawa comment: Add each “talk” command as necessary

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
It's Kizuna. She's looking at Mr. Chieda with concern. //事件に関与しているのではないかと心配している Concerned he may be involved with the case
だが、警察も無能なのではないか? Riichi: But wouldn't you agree that the police should take most of the blame? //憤りのあまり、矛先を他所に向ける Angrily turning the focus elsewhere


Mizuki: I’ve been here before, but this was my first time meeting Mr. Chieda.

Mizuki: Though...
Mizuki: Hm...

//物心つくまえ、愛緒園で暮らしていた頃、稚枝さんと会っていたことを朧げに覚えている She vaguely remembers meeting Riichi from the time she lived at Aioen, before she would have full awareness of her surroundings
いや、だから昨日はここに来ちまったから… Lien: Yeah, but I was here yesterday, so... //過去時間12日にライアンは絆に会いに愛緒園に来た Lien came to Aioen to meet Kizuna in the past on the 12th.
Kizuna: ... //考える。そしてみずき姉からの言いつけを思い出す。絆ソムニウム参照。


She considers it. Then, she remembers what Bibi said to her. See Kizuna’s Somnium for reference.

“Big Sis found out about Cinderella's dream and started panicking. ‘Cinderella, even if someone proposes to you, you can't just accept it right away. Don't answer until you know who they really are. Wait five or six years.’”

  • Aioen orphanage garden

Lien, Mizuki, and Ryuki are near the tree. Kizuna is near the center of the garden. The music starts, and Kizuna begins to dance. Mizuki and Lien get pumped up. Lien is so overcome with emotion, he might cry. Ryuki is baffled at first, but midway through he starts looking on Kizuna’s dance with a smile.
The dance continues... Everyone loves it. Nothing could be happier than this moment. A dreamlike space. They want it to go on forever and forever... But the dance will end before they know it. The magic cast on Cinderella will be undone.
Then, the dance ends... Mizuki and Lien burst into applause. Ryuki claps too. Then, a strong breeze fiercely shakes the tree’s branches. A single leaf flutters and falls through the air. There is slight unrest in the air... As if waking from a dream, they return to reality.

Yikes, this file got crazy-long...


Ryuki visiting Misetan and speaking to Shoma in the Ferris wheel.

Ryuki met Shoma at the Enda residence in a250, but that was in the present time (6 years later). That should make the player think, “Did he get in a fight after that meeting and run away from home?” and feel like something is slightly out of place.
Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation


Shoma: The day after he goes on air, I always get made fun of by my friends.

I hate it. I'm sick and tired of it!

//本当は米治のことが大好き。ただ友だちにバカにされるのが嫌なだけ。 He really does love Komeji. He just hates being made fun of by his friends.
Shoma: When he sobers up, he remembers what he did when he was drunk and squirms under the blankets. //あれ、俺のこと言われてる…?(打越) Huh, is he talking about me...? (Uchikoshi)
Shoma: Like, major electronics companies make one-wheel robots to show off their advanced tech. //村田製作所のチアリーディング部ロボとか Such as Murata Manufacturing’s cheerleader robots


Ryuki visiting Marble and speaking to Mama, Gen, and Amame.

This is “6 years ago,” so the person in the sack is the real Gen.


Ryuki visiting Lemniscate and speaking with Iris, Ota, Moma, and the Masked Woman.

// 仮面の女はa265(現在時間)にも登場しているが、過去時間で会うのはここが初めて。なので、初見とも二度目とも見える書き方に気を付ける。
Masked Woman has also appeared in a265 (present time), but this is the first time in the past. So, I’ve been careful to write it so it could be seen as the first or second time.
Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
今週の失踪者は1700人ほどよ Tama: About 1,700 people have gone missing this week. //a250(現在時間)と違うのは意図的なもの。過去時間なので平均程度の人数。たぶん数字をかっちり覚えているユーザーはほとんどいないはず。 The difference from a250 (present time) is intentional. Since this is the past, the number of people is average. A large majority of players probably shouldn’t remember the exact number.
//・AI Sight:『シミュレーテッドリアリティ』であることを示す写真その2
//車から生えた木 https://tocana.jp/2019/11/post_126101_entry.html
//空を覆う四角い雲 https://tocana.jp/2018/03/post_16406_entry.html
//上空に浮かび上がる空中都市 https://matome.naver.jp/odai/2144648192728498201?&page=1
AI Sight: Photos showing a simulated reality

Tree growing from a car: https://tocana.jp/2019/11/post_126101_entry.html
Square cloud covering the sky: https://tocana.jp/2018/03/post_16406_entry.html
City floating in the sky: https://matome.naver.jp/odai/2144648192728498201?&page=1

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
え、えーと…どうも初めまして… Iris: U-Um... It's nice to meet you... //世島の家に招待された時の記憶 A memory of when she was invited to the Sejima residence. (Iris’s Wink Psync)
So actually knows that Iris is his daughter with Manaka. He doesn't intend to "erase" her or anything, he simply wants to meet his daughter. (Iris, Ota, and Moma don't know that Iris is So's daughter.) By the way, in the previous game, Iris went to the Sejima residence on the route where she dies, so it's not connected to the history of this game.


Placeholder file for Komeji’s Somnium.



// 警備員に無理を言って、未明に屋上遊園地へ…。






//それは犯人にとって、とても大事なものだった。//古衛の左半身 //古衛の左半身
  • In his heart

Komeji used to be a quiz king. He became an entertainer, but he had no chance at moving up. His wife fell out of love with him and left. Komeji raised his son Shoma as a single father.

  • In his heart

Komeji is proud to be an entertainer. At the same time, it's a pity that he's an unpopular comedian. He truly wants to let Shoma live a better life. He feels guilty that things have been hard on Shoma because of his selfish dream.

  • In his heart

In the early dawn of 2/11, Komeji retreived Jin's left half at the rooftop amusement park (after Jin's right half appeared at the studio). (He also hosted the quiz, saw the right half appear, and saw the thermite explosion. He couldn't help but get drunk, so on the morning of 2/11 he was dead drunk.) Komeji stole the left half because he thought it would get him money. He hasn't seen the culprit. But, he thinks the fact that such a brutally murdered corpse was left here is proof that the culprit wants to show off the body. It's probably the same culprit from the incident at the studio... Komeji thought the culprit would surely contact him, having been robbed.
No one but Komeji stopped here before dawn on 2/11. He remains in the guard's record. Because he left something important on the rooftop amusement park's stage, he had no choice but to come to there in the early morning. There, he found the left half of Jin's body. (After that, he hid the left half in a suitcase and took it. Now, the body is in the international restaurant Brahman's freezer.) By checking the guard's records, you'll immediately realize that he stole the body. When the culprit contact him, Komeji followed his instructions and went to Horadori Institute.

  • In his heart

By the way, why did Komeji do something so rash and dangerous? If he were to come into contact with the culprit, it's extremely likely he would be killed himself. Didn't he consider that? Or what if the police discovered him in the middle of transporting the body?

  • In his heart

Now, Komeji has a large amount of debt. A number of loan sharks are pressuring and threatening him to repay them. "If you can't repay it within a month, we'll abduct your son and sell him off overseas." He couldn't talk to the police, because he was complicit in selling and smuggling firearms for the yakuza. That's why Komeji needed money no matter what. What's more, he was dead drunk when he stole Jin's left half. He had lost all reason and made a daring move without thinking. Now he deeply regrets it, but there's no going back... If something happens, he'll have no choice but to run as far as he can go!

  • Branch: Yes

Divides into R2 and R1. R2 is the Komeji and Shoma Route. R1 is the Explosion Route.

  • Contents:

Komeji’s feelings of love for Shoma are faintly moving. Expresses the comically melancholic state of a man who did something foolish to save his son.

  • Final facts revealed: R2 route

Shoma somehow seems to know about Horadori Institute’s secret. It still isn’t clear what the secret is.

  • Final facts revealed: R1 route

On the early morning of the 11th, it seems Komeji obtained something at the rooftop amusement park. That something is very important to the culprit (Jin’s left half). It would seem Komeji was trying to use that important thing to blackmail the culprit for money.

R13_somnium (Need Info)

SomniumMap.SetMapName(("屋上遊園地", "R13_somnium:mapname_500"));//「セジマ地方屋敷」とかの方がいいのかな…?
Maybe something like “Sejima Manor” would be better?

(An identical comment appears on the map name in Iris’s Somnium, indicating it was likely copied and pasted from there.)

Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
前に営業で知り合うた暴力団の連中… Komeji: Those yakuza guys I met at one of my shows... //熊倉組ではありません Not the Kumakura family.

a3 (Ryuki Chapter 3 R2: Joy for Anguish)


Scene following Ryuki’s Psync with Komeji on Komeji + Shoma Route.

Nakazawa comment: Since Shoma will be kidnapped on this route, I’d like to delay their arrival at the Enda Residence (protection will arrive in time on the R1 route). So, I made it so that Komeji awakens later here.
R2 ignores the matter of Komeji having a gun. Refer to R1.


Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation
『返してほしければ…わかるな?』 "If you want him back...you know what to do." //閏からのメッセージ。死体を返してほしい。 A message from Uru. He wants the body returned.


Cutscene/QTE sequence of Ryuki and Komeji going to the warehouse district to rescue Shoma.

// * 銃+パルクール的な感じで敵と戦う。
// * バク転で攻撃をかわしたり、バンやコンテナの上に駆け上がったり、そこから宙返りつつ攻撃したり、等々。
// (ちょっと無駄な動きですが、派手さ重視で)
Ryuki’s fighting style is something like “gun fu.” He fights enemies with a gun and a parkour style. He backflips to dodge attacks, rushes up onto vans and containers, then somersaults from there and attacks, etc. (Those moves are a bit useless, but it’s important to be flashy)
Line (JP) Line (EN) Comment Translation


Mizuki: I'm not a kid!

Masked Woman: Hm, then do as you wish.

//逃げろと言っても、どうせみずきのことだから聞かないに決まってる。だから説得をあきらめた。 Even if she tells her to run, Mizuki wouldn’t listen no matter what. That’s why she gave up on trying to convince her.


Masked Woman: But you have to protect yourself... Got it? //本心じゃない。ほんとは死んでもみずき妹を守るつもり。 Not her true feelings. She really intends to protect Mizuki even if it kills her.
研究員S Scientist S* //(『S』には特に意味はないです) “S” has no particular meaning.

(Character is only labeled as “Scientist” in the English version.)