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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content/Unused Models/Characters, Enemies, and Items

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Modding Tools Content/Unused Models.

AHatIntime badge star 02.png
Even shinier Badges

Old Toilet of Doom

AHatIntime boss toilet.png
The original model for the Toilet of Doom, seen in very early prerelease footage. It has a few animations, such as barfing, jumping, slamming, and looking around. It has a socket on its top for something called a 'Head Blister', although no such model is present in any public build of the game or in the Modding Tools. The fact that this socket on is on its top, however, is indication that the version of the Toilet of Doom used in the Beta builds' version of its boss fight is in fact different from this model, as that version had this 'Head Blister' inside of it rather than on its head.

Cactus A

AHatIntime cactus a.png
AHatIntime cactus A body d.pngAHatIntime cactus a crown.png
A small, potted cactus character with a relaxed composition. Called "cactus_a", internally. It has a few animation poses for it sticking its tongue out to varying degrees. This character can be seen in the Starting Village location for Sand 'n Sails in prerelease footage.

Unused LOD Models

Base Model: 1846 Polygons, 1461 Vertices.

AHatInTime CactusA LOD1.png LOD 1: 745 Polygons, 694 Vertices.
AHatInTime CactusA LOD2.png LOD 2: 366 Polygons, 367 Vertices.

Skeletal Security Camera

AHatIntime camera animated.png
A skeletal mesh version of the security camera, intended for a scrapped laser turret enemy that was completely removed before the final game released. The camera inside can rotate completely around, which was used to track the player's position.

Prototype Coffee Clerk

AHatInTime coffeeclerk(Prototype).png
AHatIntime coffeeclerk Body(Prototype).png
The version of the Coffee Clerk NPC used in builds of the game that predate the Alpha. Compared to the final version, it is significantly lower-poly. He has only two animations.

Placeholder Cat

AHatIntime Cat Placeholder.png
A placeholder static model that was used in very early stages of Nyakuza Metro's development. The model is actually a heavily-modified Hat Kid with big eyes attached.

Static Mesh Bow Kid

AHatIntime CoopCharacter Static.png
AHatIntime CoopCharacter Face.pngAHatIntime CoopCharacter Eyes.png
A static mesh version of Bow Kid found in the Modding Tools right after DLC 1 released, and was quickly removed in subsequent updates. The face textures applied to this model are normally unused. The model is higher-poly than the normal version of Bow Kid, with its poly count at exactly 28566 polygons, whereas the final's is 27982, and the 'full' mesh used for Online Party is 15251. The reason for the increased polygon count is likely due to the bow being part of the model, instead of a separate mesh. The import date for this model is June 19 2018, while the final's is June 24 2018. It's unknown what this mesh was meant for, but it could've simply been a test import to see how the character looks in-game.

Hat Adult

AHatIntime HatAdult Body.pngAHatIntime HatAdult Hat.pngAHatIntime eyes pupils.pngAHatIntime face idle.pngAHatIntime eyes idle.pngAHatIntime eyes idle white.png
A grown-up version which was first seen when the player has completed the Alpha build of the game. Surprisingly, the model still has animations and a working script for summoning Hat Adult in the game's files, albeit deprecated. Other than that, this isn't the only case that we see this grown-up Hat Kid, as Hat Adult can also be seen on a scrapped collectible called the Moon Tablet.

Hat Kid Greg

AHatInTime HatKidGreg.png
The older version of Hat Kid used in the Prototype builds of the game, although it should be noted that this version of the model is actually an updated version made after the Prototype builds, but before the Alpha builds. It maintains its large amount of animations, with a grand total of 51. A few cutscene animations, however, were deleted from its Animset before the final game released. Unlike the models for Hat Kid in the Alphas, Betas, and final game, the model is one whole model, as opposed to three separate models.

Basic Movement

Climbing Ladders

Queen Vanessa

Although work on Queen Vanessa's Manor wouldn't start until after the Prototype builds, this version of Hat Kid has a complete set of animations for interacting with her and various objects in her house. This means that this version of Hat Kid's model was likely still in use during development of level, which began in September/October of 2013.



This Hat Kid has punches and umbrella swings like the final game does, although the animations themselves look a little different.

Misc. Movement

HQ Rat

AHatIntime hq rat.png
AHatIntime hq rat d.png
A strange-looking rat character that was intended for Mafia HQ, according to its filename. It sports a green color scheme alongside a more skinny, simplistic design, compared to the final's purple and more detailed appearance. It has two animations: one for idle, and one for moving. Its movement animation looks somewhat unnatural and a bit creepy.

Unused LOD Model

Base Model: 7484 Polygons, 4163 Vertices.

AHatInTime HQRat LOD1.png LOD 1: 3742 Polygons, 2197 Vertices.

Strangely, this Rat has a 2nd LOD model, but it's the same as the base model! How this happened and why it did is unknown.

Light Plant

AHatIntime light plant.png
AHatIntime light plant stem.pngAHatIntime LightPlantRim.pngAHatIntime light plant head.png
The Light Plant, showing an updated appearance since it was last seen in the Beta builds. The plant is now purple instead of white, shorter, and has a spiky mane. The mane can be hidden or revealed through its morph targets. Its animations are all the same from the Beta, except it gained a new animation: digging. No known public version of the game has this version of the Light Plant that is coded to be able to dig through the ground. Digging is a feature that would later be given to the scrapped Forest Plant enemies, the yellow one in particular.

Venus Trap

AHatIntime venustrap.png
AHatIntime venustrap(texture).png
The Venus Trap, a scrapped enemy meant for Subcon Forest. Can be seen in footage from a developer stream from February 27, 2016. This toothy guy would wait for the player to approach, coaxing the player into coming closer by having a collectible item attached to its long tongue, then munch on them if the player fell for the trap. An earlier design for this enemy can be found in the Alpha builds of the game.


AHatIntime MoonJumperGreg.png
AHatIntime moonjumper.png
AHatIntime moonjumper head.pngAHatIntime moonjumper body.pngAHatIntime moonjumper upperarm.pngAHatIntime moonjumper lowerarm.png AHatIntime moonjumper chains.pngAHatIntime moonjumper hand.pngAHatIntime moonjumper monocle.png
Perhaps the most infamous cut character from the game, the Moonjumper is present, just as he appeared in very early prerelease media, in the files for the Modding Tools...twice. There are two different versions of the Moonjumper, and only one has an animation. The main difference between the models is the bone structure. The top one is the one that appears to have been seen in the game's Prototypes, as its the only one of the two with an animation.

Old Snatcher

AHatIntime Snatcher(2014).png
An unused 3D model of Snatcher, imported in 2014. The used model for Snatcher was imported in 2016. This version of Snatcher is far higher-poly than the final version (10514 polys vs 3462 polys), and has several unique animations. The animations used by this version of Snatcher for talking, appearing, and idling more closely resemble the animations for his 2D appearance in the Alpha and Beta builds than the final does.

Unused Nomad Variations

Unused Used
Ahatintime-Nomad.PNG Ahatintime-usedSunburntA.png
Unused Used
Ahatintime-Nomadshorty.PNG Ahatintime-usedSunburntB.PNG

AHatIntime Nomad-Short1024px.pngAHatIntime Nomad-normal1024px.png

No, these unused variations aren't wrongly marked as 'unused'. The alternate appearance intended for the chapter "Alpine Skyline" goes completely unused. Instead, it strangely uses their "Sand 'n Sails" designs. These alternate variations don't have the ability to change their colors and the heads in the unused version have been tilted slightly downwards. Upon replacing the models, these guys will look at the ground when attempting to look at you as some sort of weird side-effect!

Static Mesh Goat

AHatIntime Goat StaticMesh.png
A static mesh of the Goats in Alpine Skyline. The model is dated February 23 2017, while the final skeletal model is dated April 3 2017. This model has long since been removed from the Modding Tools, and was replaced with a static mesh Goat model in the statue pose, which is now used throughout the game.

Prototype Forest Dweller

AHatInTime forestdweller(Prototype).png
The original model for the Forest Dwellers, which has an animation for being stringed by Moonjumper. This animation can be seen in very old prerelease footage.

Club Raccoon

AHatIntime ClubRaccoon.png
AHatIntime Headset1024px.pngAHatIntime Jacket1024px.pngAHatIntime ChipBag1024px.png
A groovy Raccoon enemy with a jacket, chips instead of a pillow, and a headset. This variant of the enemy had an unused class file in the initial release of the game, and was intended for the original boss plan for Trainwreck of Science.

Groovy Mafia

AHatIntime GroovyMafia.png
AHatIntime GroovyMafiaDiffuse.png
Much like the groovy Raccoon above, this Mafia was also meant for the enemy gauntlet boss concept planned for Trainwreck of Science.

Groovy Squid Clothes

AHatIntime SkwidHeadband.pngAHatIntime SkwidGlasses.png
AHatIntime Wristband1.pngAHatIntime Wristband2.png
AHatIntime Wristband3.pngAHatIntime Wristband4.png
AHatIntime Wristband5.png
AHatIntime SkwidHead1024px.png
A whole bunch of clothes for the Shocking Squid enemies. The enemy has over 30 sockets for putting all of this on its body. The model preview for the squid even has all of them attached:

AHatIntime Groovy Squid.png
Much like the other groovy enemies above, this was meant for the original idea for the Trainwreck of Science boss.

Phantom Head

AHatIntime PhantomHead Placeholder.png
The PhantomHead, a scrapped "enemy" that appeared in the Twilight Dungeon for Sand 'n Sails. Its appearance is placeholder, according to the filenames for its model and material.

Prototype Thor

AHatInTime thorinventor.png
An older version of Thor's model, the version used in the Prototype builds. It has no animations of any kind.

Older Forest Plants

AHatIntime PinkPlant.png AHatIntime YeloPlant.png
Oddly, although there is a dedicated package for both of the scrapped Forest Plants, there exists duplicates that are both a month older than the versions used in the scrapped enemy coding. The older version of the Pink Plant has exactly 2 more vertices than the newer model, while the older Yellow Plant has 10 more vertices than the newer one.

Sand Serpent

AHatIntime sandserpent.png
AHatIntime sandserpent d.pngAHatIntime sandserpent eye.png
The Sandserpent, a character or enemy intended for Sand 'n Sails. It has a single animation, which is it slithering with its body moving in a stylized motion. According to some developers of the game, this snake was never intended to be a living character, and was instead meant to be a simple statue. Other developers, including the person who modeled, rigged, and animated it, claim it was to be an enemy. It appears in prerelease screenshots and footage, motionless, seeming to imply that it was filling its statue role at the time. This discrepancy has never been officially resolved.

Unused LOD Models

Base Model: 619 Polygons, 613 Vertices.

AHatInTime SandSerpent LOD1.png LOD 1: 308 Polygons, 344 Vertices.
AHatInTime SandSerpent LOD2.png LOD 2: 155 Polygons, 206 Vertices.
AHatInTime SandSerpent LOD3.png LOD 3: 92 Polygons, 131 Vertices.


AHatIntime janitor d.pngAHatIntime janitor head.pngAHatIntime janitor eye yellow.pngAHatIntime mop d.png
A robotic janitor that is implied to have been built by Thor. This big guy appeared in the Beta builds of the game, guarding certain pathways in Mafia Town at night. The Janitors normally only used three animations, but triple that amount was actually made for them. With the exception of the 'exhausted' animation, all of its unused animations are actually marked as unused in the animation names, even in the Beta builds. The Janitor has unused coding in its class file to not only play the 'exhausted' animation, but also for some unfinished attacks that might've used some of these animations. The unused animations include an alternate twitchy idle animation, a much larger mop attack, a charging stance, a melee attack with its mop, and an attack where he'd throw a bucket at you!

Mafia Robo

AHatIntime MafiaRobo(Model).png
AHatIntime robot screen.png
A scrapped robot character seen flying around parts of Mafia Town in the Beta builds. It was an enemy similar to the Mafia that Hat Kid chases around the fountain in the final game. Killing them would sometimes unlock a secret in the level. They used voice clips that would end up being recycled for Rumbi.

Prototype Seagull

AHatIntime seagull.png
The version of the seagull seen in all prerelease builds except for the Speedrun builds. All of its animations are present, as well.

Mail Room Oldster

AHatInTime OldMailMan.png
A version of Oldster covered in letters, intended for the Mail Room on the Spaceship. His place in there was once again taken by Goofy Mafia in the final game. He has animations for talking, sleeping, cheering, and being idle. He also has 4 LOD models, none of which are actually used by the model due to their Display Factor variables not being set. Exactly why he would need so many is unknown, as the inside of the Mail Room in the Spaceship cannot be viewed from far away.

Unused LOD Models

Base Model: 6113 Polygons, 4307 Vertices.

AHatInTime OldsterMail LOD1.png LOD 1: 4513 Polygons, 3372 Vertices.
AHatInTime OldsterMail LOD2.png LOD 2: 2973 Polygons, 2410 Vertices.
AHatInTime OldsterMail LOD3.png LOD 3: 1469 Polygons, 1282 Vertices.
AHatInTime OldsterMail LOD4.png LOD 4: 593 Polygons, 629 Vertices.

Important: LOD 4 is not normally visible in the Modding Tools' content browser, as only LODs 1 through 3 can be selected. Thus, this image was taken from a version of Mail Room Oldster that was re-imported alongside all of its LODs so that the Display Factor variable for LOD 4 could be set, allowing it to be seen in the content browser's window. No changes were made to the models during the export and import processes.

Moon/Mafia Egg

AHatInTime moon egg.png
A tiny egg character that was either meant for Mafia Town or the Moon; there's two versions of his model in the Modding Tools, both of them the exact same, but one is labeled for Mafia Town and the other is labeled for the Moon. In the end, the character ended up being the main collectible in Moon Stars before it got scrapped, as can be seen in the initial release of the game. He's still present in Hat Kid's toy chest, though.

Unused LOD Models

Base Model: 1752 Polygons, 1255 Vertices.

AHatInTime MoonEgg LOD1.png LOD 1: 1295 Polygons, 925 Vertices.
AHatInTime MoonEgg LOD2.png LOD 2: 841 Polygons, 635 Vertices.
AHatInTime MoonEgg LOD3.png LOD 3: 399 Polygons, 356 Vertices.

Early Shady Sunburnt

AHatIntime shadysunburnt(Peter).png
AHatIntime shadysunburnt d.png
A different version of the Shady Sunburnt than the one that's frozen in Queen Vanessa's manor. The model is bigger than the other one, its UV map is completely different, and has only two animations. One of them T-Poses the model, while the other makes it strike a ninja pose, which can be seen in one of the earliest screenshots of Sand 'n Sails. Unlike the used version of the Shady Sunburnt, this model's LODs do not have texture UV issues, indicating that the LOD models for the other Shady Sunburnt model originally came from this one.

Unused LOD Models

Base Model: 4149 Polygons, 2899 Vertices.

AHatInTime ShadySunburnt(Old) LOD1.png LOD 1: 2074 Polygons, 1539 Vertices.
AHatInTime ShadySunburnt(Old) LOD2.png LOD 2: 1037 Polygons, 865 Vertices.
AHatInTime ShadySunburnt(Old) LOD3.png LOD 3: 603 Polygons, 546 Vertices.

Snatcher Hand

AHatIntime snatcherhand.png
A strange, purple model that is called "SnatcherHand" internally. It has a single animation, which makes it throw its hand in an arc. Its purpose is unknown.

Tim's Friend

AHatIntime timhaunter.png
AHatIntime timhaunter body.pngAHatIntime timhaunter body alpha blur.pngAHatIntime timhaunter eye.pngAHatIntime timhaunter head.png
Tim's Friend, as was seen in the Beta, Alpha, and Prototype builds, as well as numerous bits of prerelease media.

Mafia Cutout

AHatIntime chef mafia cutout skel.png
AHatIntime chef mafia cutout tex.png
A cutout of the Mafia, seen in very early prerelease footage, as well as in the Alpha build, where they were meant to be part of a scrapped shooting minigame. There are two versions of it: a skeletal mesh version and a static mesh version. Its texture is unique.

Mafia Shark

AHatIntime MafiaShark.png
AHatIntime MafiaShark(texture).png
Everyone's favorite robotic shark from the Alpha and Beta builds. This robot would patrol the waters of Mafia Town, making sure you couldn't swim too far out. ....It didn't work.


AHatIntime kitten eye.pngAHatIntime kitten d 1.pngAHatIntime kitten d 2.pngAHatIntime kitten d 3.pngAHatIntime kitten d 4.pngAHatIntime kitten d 5.pngAHatIntime box cardboard.png
A box of kittens meant for a Mafia Town scene. They only have an idle animation. According to Habboi, Jonas was considering allowing the player to adopt kittens and keep them onboard the Spaceship. This box of kittens, along with several unused animations for Mafia, suggest this idea was at least partially developed before being scrapped.

AHatIntime Umbrella(Mafia).png
AHatIntime Mafia Umbrella.png
The umbrella that a Mafia would hold over them during the alleged cutscene they were slated for.

Hat Kid Statue Base

AHatIntime StatueBase.png
The statue base used by the strange unused "Statue Player" character class.